Molla Ahmad Mosque

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Molla Ahmad mosque
Azerbaijani: Molla Əhməd məscidi
Molla Əhməd məscidi 1.JPG
LocationWP baku siegel.png Old City, Baku
CountryAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
Molla Ahmad Mosque is located in Azerbaijan
Molla Ahmad Mosque
Location within Azerbaijan
Geographic coordinates40°22′04″N 49°50′08″E / 40.367728°N 49.835475°E / 40.367728; 49.835475
Architect(s)Mаhmud ibn Sad
StyleIslamic architecture, Shirvan-Absheron architectural school
FounderNasraddin Gushtаsi ibn Hasan Hаjibаbа

Molla Ahmad mosque (Azerbaijani: Molla Əhməd məscidi) or Nasir ad-Din Gashtasib mosque[1] (Azerbaijani: Nəsir ad-Din Gəştasib məscidi) is a historical mosque of the 14th century. It is a part of Old City and located on Sabir street, in the city of Baku, in Azerbaijan. The building was also registered as a national architectural monument by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 2, 2001, No. 132.[2]

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