St. Joseph River

Tributary of the Maumee River in Ohio and Indiana

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St. Joseph River
Little St. Joseph River, Bean Creek, Kochisahsepe
Map of the Maumee River watershed showing the St. Joseph River.
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationHillsdale County, Michigan
 • coordinates41°38′53″N 84°33′56″W / 41.6480556°N 84.5655556°W / 41.6480556; -84.5655556 (Saint Joseph River origin)
 • elevation856 ft (261 m)
 • location
Maumee River, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
 • coordinates
41°05′00″N 85°07′56″W / 41.0833333°N 85.1322222°W / 41.0833333; -85.1322222 (Saint Joseph River mouth)Coordinates: 41°05′00″N 85°07′56″W / 41.0833333°N 85.1322222°W / 41.0833333; -85.1322222 (Saint Joseph River mouth)
 • elevation
751 ft (229 m)
Length100 mi (160 km)
Basin features
 • leftWest Branch St. Joseph River
 • rightEast Branch St. Joseph River
GNIS ID2678706
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St. Joseph River near Newville in DeKalb County, Indiana.
Floodwall along St. Joseph River in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The St. Joseph River (Miami-Illinois: Kociihsasiipi)[1] is an 86.1-mile-long (138.6 km)[2] tributary of the Maumee River in northwestern Ohio and northeastern Indiana in the United States, with headwater tributaries rising in southern Michigan. It drains a primarily rural farming region in the watershed of Lake Erie.

The St. Joseph River of Lake Michigan is an entirely separate river that rises in western Michigan, dips into Indiana, and flows west into Lake Michigan.

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St. Joseph River

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