Duluth News Tribune

Newspaper in Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth News Tribune
DNT logo 2019.png
DNT front page, 4-27-18.pdf
Front page from April 27, 2018
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Forum Communications
PublisherNeal Ronquist[1]
EditorRick Lubbers[2]
LanguageAmerican English
Headquarters424 W. First St.
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
CountryUnited States
OCLC number17221576

The Duluth News Tribune (known locally as The Tribune or DNT) is a newspaper based in Duluth, Minnesota. While circulation is heaviest in the Twin Ports metropolitan area, delivery extends into northeastern Minnesota, northwestern Wisconsin, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.[2] The paper has a limited distribution in Thunder Bay, Ontario.[2] The News Tribune has been owned by Forum Communications since 2006.

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