Mill Creek Township

Township in Hamilton County, Ohio

Mill Creek Township (or Millcreek Township) was a township of south-central Hamilton County, Ohio that was largely absorbed in the late Nineteenth century by the annexation of suburban villages and outlying settlements by the City of Cincinnati.[1] It extends north from the Ohio River along both banks of the Mill Creek after which it was named. It was bounded by Green Township to the west, Springfield Township to the north, and Columbia Township (as well as the now paper township of Spencer) to the east. Its southernmost section was briefly sometimes known as the mini-townships of Storrs and Cincinnati, but was absorbed by Cincinnati in the early to mid 1800s.[1][2] As the original site of Fort Washington and the settlement of Cincinnati, references to it are frequently encountered by genealogists.[2][3]

The township's territory is encompassed within the Symmes Purchase,[4] included the location of the original settlement of Cincinnati in 1787, as well as the core of Cincinnati's business district and many of its neighborhoods. All territory in the Cincinnati city limits is considered to be in Millcreek Township though the township does not exist as a civil jurisdiction.[1]

Urbanization has been such that the township has been entirely incorporated into the cities of Cincinnati, St. Bernard, and Elmwood Place. It remains only as a survey township, or paper township, since all functions of local government were absorbed by the nearby municipalities in the late 1940s and 1950s.

Coordinates: 39°7′N 84°31′W / 39.117°N 84.517°W / 39.117; -84.517

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