Sewell World Heritage Site

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Sewell, Chile
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Official nameSewell Mining Town
LocationMachalí, Cachapoal Province, O'Higgins Region, Chile
CriteriaCultural: (ii)
Inscription2006 (30th session)
Area17.2 ha (43 acres)
Buffer zone33 ha (82 acres)
Coordinates34°5′4″S 70°22′58″W / 34.08444°S 70.38278°W / -34.08444; -70.38278Coordinates: 34°5′4″S 70°22′58″W / 34.08444°S 70.38278°W / -34.08444; -70.38278
Sewell, Chile is located in Chile
Sewell, Chile
Location of Sewell, Chile in Chile
Sewell, Chile

Sewell is an uninhabited Chilean mining town located on the slopes of the Andes in the commune of Machalí in Cachapoal Province, Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Region, at an altitude of between 2,000 and 2,250 metres. In 2006, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[1] It is known as a former company town, developed by Braden Copper Company for housing the workers (and their families) associated with the operations of El Teniente, the largest underground copper mine in the world.

At the town's peak in 1960, some 16,000 people lived here. After the government acquired a majority interest in the mine, and even moreso after copper mining was nationalized in 1971, the government company moved workers into the valley. It built the Copper Highway to provide commuting access for them to the mine and related operations. While some buildings were demolished in the 1980s, others have now been renovated for contract workers, and restored as part of preservation of this historic site. The Chilean government designated it in 1998 as a National Monument.

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