• Fried Chicken Joint
    Pine State Biscuits Fried Chicken Joint

    125 NE Schuyler StPortland, OR 97212United States

    1.62 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe Coffee Shop

    1300 Southeast Grand Avenue (Main)Portland, OR 97214United States

    1.48 km

  • Farmers Market
    Hollywood Farmer's Market Farmers Market

    NE Hancock (44th)Portland, ORUnited States

    4.63 km

  • Southern / Soul Food Restaurant
    Pine State Biscuits Southern / Soul Food Restaurant

    2204 NE Alberta St (at NE 22nd Ave)Portland, OR 97211United States

    4.69 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Pine State Biscuits Breakfast Spot

    1100 SE Division St (at SE 11th Ave)Portland, OR 97202United States

    2.52 km

  • Park
    Lower MacLeay Park Park

    2998 NW Upshur St.Portland, OR 97210United States

    3.34 km

  • Brewery
    Great Notion Brewing Brewery

    2444 NW 28th AvePortland, OR 97210United States

    3.32 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Barista Coffee Shop

    539 NW 13th Ave (at NW Hoyt St)Portland, OR 97209United States

    0.94 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

    1026 SW Stark St. (at SW 11th Ave.)Portland, OR 97205United States

    0.63 km

  • Trail
    Forest Park - Thurman Gate Trail

    3800 NW Thurman St (NW Aspen Ave)Portland, OR 97210United States

    4.33 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Tin Shed Breakfast Spot

    1438 NE Alberta St (at NE 14th Pl)Portland, OR 97211United States

    4.4 km

  • Grocery Store
    Zupan's Market Grocery Store

    2340 W Burnside St (at 23rd Ave)Portland, OR 97210United States

    1.96 km

  • Bakery
    Nuvrei Patisserie & Café Bakery

    404 NW 10th Ave (NW Flanders St)Portland, OR 97209United States

    0.67 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Blend Coffee Lounge Coffee Shop

    2710 N Killingsworth St (at NE Greeley St)Portland, OR 97217United States

    4.73 km

  • Bakery
    Ken's Artisan Bakery Bakery

    338 NW 21st Ave (at Flanders St)Portland, OR 97209United States

    1.63 km

  • Café
    St. Honoré Boulangerie Café

    2335 NW Thurman St (at NW 23rd Place)Portland, OR 97210United States

    2.47 km

  • Grocery Store
    New Seasons Market Grocery Store

    3445 N Williams Ave (N Fremont)Portland, OR 97227United States

    2.84 km

  • Bakery
    Little t American Baker Bakery

    2600 SE Division St (SE 26th)Portland, OR 97202United States

    3.36 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

    128 SW 3rd Ave (btwn SW Ash & SW Pine St)Portland, OR 97204United States

    0.13 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Never Coffee Coffee Shop

    4243 SE Belmont StPortland, OR 97214United States

    4.35 km

  • Trail
    Leif Erickson Trail Trail

    Leif Erickson DrivePortland, OR 97210United States

    4.39 km

  • Bagel Shop
    Eisenhower Bagelhouse Bagel Shop

    4350 N Interstate Ave (Prescott and Interstate)Portland, OR 97227United States

    3.65 km

  • Southern / Soul Food Restaurant
    Screen Door Southern / Soul Food Restaurant

    2337 E Burnside St (at NE 24th Ave.)Portland, OR 97214United States

    2.51 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Coava Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

    1171 SW Jefferson StPortland, OR 97201United States

    1.19 km

  • Park
    Irving Park Park

    3498 NE 7th Ave (at NE Fremont St)Portland, OR 97212United States

    2.92 km

  • Laundromat
    Spin Laundry Lounge Laundromat

    750 N Fremont St (Albina St.)Portland, OR 97227United States

    2.76 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Jam on Hawthorne Breakfast Spot

    2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd (at SE 23rd St)Portland, OR 97214United States

    2.7 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Cup & Bar Coffee Shop

    118 NE M L King Blvd (btw NE Couch & Davis)Portland, OR 97232United States

    0.95 km

  • Bakery
    Petite Provence of Alberta Bakery

    1824 NE Alberta St (at NE 19th Ave)Portland, OR 97211United States

    4.55 km

  • Music Store
    Music Millennium Music Store

    3158 E Burnside St,Portland, OR 97214United States

    3.25 km

  • Coffee Shop
    The Albina Press Coffee Shop

    4637 N Albina AvePortland, OR 97217United States

    3.78 km

  • Gym / Fitness Center
    barre3 Gym / Fitness Center

    2523 SE 22nd AvenuePortland, OR 97202United States

    3.08 km

  • Indonesian Restaurant
    Wajan Indonesian Restaurant

    4611 E Burnside St (47th St)Portland, OR 97215United States

    4.57 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Good Coffee Coffee Shop

    1150 SE 12th Ave (Salmon)Portland, OR 97214United States

    1.84 km

  • Park
    Wallace Park Park

    Wallace City Park (at Raleigh St)Portland, OR 97210United States

    2.61 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Barista Coffee Shop

    1725 NE Alberta StPortland, OR 97211United States

    4.53 km

  • Coffee Shop
    JoLa Cafe Coffee Shop

    5915 SW Corbett AvePortland, OR 97239United States

    4.67 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

    4525 SE Division St (at SE 45th Ave)Portland, OR 97206United States

    4.94 km

  • Trail
    Forest Park - Wildwood Trail Trail

    317 SW Alder St (Wildwood Trail)Portland, OR 97204United States

    3.41 km

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