• Ice Cream Shop
    Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop

    631 S Higgins Ave (at S 5th St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.94 km

  • Gym
    Missoula Family YMCA Gym

    3000 S Russell StMissoula, MT 59801United States

    0.94 km

  • Brewery
    Imagine Nation Brewing Co Brewery

    1151 W Broadway StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.79 km

  • Diner
    Paul's Pancake Parlor Diner

    2305 BrooksMissoula, MT 59801United States

    0.34 km

  • Gift Shop
    Rockin Rudy's Gift Shop

    237 Blaine StMissoula, MT 59801United States

    1.61 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Black Coffee Roasting Co. Coffee Shop

    525 E Spruce StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.28 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Liquid Planet Coffee Shop

    223 N Higgins Ave (Broadway)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.72 km

  • Movie Theater
    The Wilma Theater Movie Theater

    131 N Higgins AveMissoula, MT 59801United States

    2.43 km

  • Bakery
    Le Petit Outre Breads Bakery

    129 S 4th St WMissoula, MT 59801United States

    1.97 km

  • Brewery
    Kettlehouse Brewing Company North Brewery

    313 N 1st St W (at N Orange St.)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    3.25 km

  • Brewery
    Draught Works Brewery

    915 Toole AveMissoula, MT 59802United States

    3.02 km

  • Grocery Store
    Good Food Store Grocery Store

    1600 S 3rd St W (S Russell St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.84 km

  • American Restaurant
    Hob Nob American Restaurant

    531 S Higgins Ave (S Higgins and S 3rd Ave)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    2.05 km

  • Frozen Yogurt Shop
    U-swirl Frozen Yogurt Frozen Yogurt Shop

    1220 39th St #1 (Russell)Missoula, MT 59803United States

    1.87 km

  • Park
    Bonner Park Park

    1798 RonaldMissoula, MTUnited States

    1.62 km

  • Lounge
    Finn & Porter Lounge

    100 Madison St (Front St.)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.74 km

  • Dive Bar
    Missoula Club Dive Bar

    139 W Main StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.62 km

  • Bakery
    Caffe Dolce Bakery

    500 Brooks St (Beckwith St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.24 km

  • Bar
    James Bar Bar

    127 W Alder StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    3.05 km

  • Indie Movie Theater
    The Roxy Theater Indie Movie Theater

    718 S Higgins AveMissoula, MT 59801United States

    1.92 km

  • Pizza Place
    Bridge Pizza Pizza Place

    451 N Higgins AveMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.04 km

  • Park
    Caras Park Park

    Carousel DrMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.38 km

  • Rock Club
    Top Hat Lounge Rock Club

    134 W Front StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.52 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Catalyst Cafe & Espresso Bar Breakfast Spot

    111 N Higgins Ave (@ W Main St)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.56 km

  • Bar
    Iron Horse Brew Pub Bar

    501 N Higgins Ave (At W. Spruce St.)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    3.01 km

  • Beer Garden
    The Dram Shop Beer Garden

    229 E Front StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.56 km

  • Bookstore
    The Book Exchange Bookstore

    Brooks St (Russell St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    0.35 km

  • Brewery
    Western Cider Brewery

    501 N California StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.78 km

  • Asian Restaurant
    Mustard Seed Asian Restaurant

    Southgate Mall Access Rd (Southgate mall)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.33 km

  • Café
    Market on Front Café

    201 E Front St (at N Pattee St)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.54 km

  • Gastropub
    Tamarack Brewing Company Alehouse And Grill Gastropub

    231 W Front St (at Carousel Dr)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.5 km

  • Bar
    The Rhino Bar

    158 Ryman St (at Front St)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.53 km

  • Grocery Store
    Orange Street Food Farm Grocery Store

    701 S Orange StMissoula, MT 59801United States

    1.65 km

  • Café
    clyde coffee Café

    Missoula, MTUnited States

    2.02 km

  • Park
    Jacob's Island Bark Park Park

    University of MT Missoula (Washington - Grizzly Stadium)Missoula, MT 59812United States

    2.96 km

  • Tea Room
    Butterfly Herbs Tea Room

    232 N Higgins Ave (E Broadway St)Missoula, MT 59802United States

    2.71 km

  • History Museum
    Fort Missoula History Museum

    Fort Missoula Bldg 322Missoula, MT 59804United States

    3.84 km

  • Brewery
    Kettlehouse Brewery

    602 Myrtle St (btwn 4th St & 5th St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.98 km

  • Brewery
    Great Burn Brewing Brewery

    2230 McDonald AveMissoula, MT 59801United States

    1.95 km

  • Bakery
    Bernice's Bakery Bakery

    190 S 3rd St W (Myrtle St)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    2.06 km

  • Grocery Store
    Pattee Creek Market Grocery Store

    704 SW Higgins AveMissoula, MT 59803United States

    1.69 km

  • BBQ Joint
    The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ BBQ Joint

    247 W Front StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.52 km

  • Café
    The Shack Cafe Café

    222 W Main StMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.62 km

  • Trail
    The "M" Hiking Trail Trail

    1020 Campus DriveMissoula, MT 59803United States

    2.81 km

  • Sushi Restaurant
    Asahi Sushi Restaurant

    Missoula, MT 59801United States

    0.17 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Taco Sano Mexican Restaurant

    115 1/2 S 4th St W (S 3rd & Higgins)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.97 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Taco del Sol Mexican Restaurant

    422 N Higgins AveMissoula, MT 59802United States

    2.92 km

  • Grocery Store
    Rosauers Grocery Store

    2350 S Reserve St (South Ave W)Missoula, MT 59801United States

    1.82 km

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