• Mediterranean Restaurant
    Mediterranean Grill Mediterranean Restaurant

    1025 U St (Downtown)Fresno, CA 93721United States

    0.93 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Adrians Mexican Restaurant

    3060 E Belmont AveFresno, CA 93701United States

    0.29 km

  • Steakhouse
    Richard's Prime Rib & Seafood Steakhouse

    1609 E Belmont Ave (at N Blackstone Ave)Fresno, CA 93701United States

    1.76 km

  • Bakery
    Panaderia La Estrella Bakery

    3855 E Tulare St (btw 9th & 8th st.)Fresno, CA 93702United States

    1.2 km

  • Sushi Restaurant
    UMI Sushi Sushi Restaurant

    2321 Kern StFresno, CA 93721United States

    1.84 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Castillo's Mexican Food Mexican Restaurant

    3659 E Ventura AveFresno, CA 93702United States

    1.51 km

  • Italian Restaurant
    DiCicco's Italian Restaurant Italian Restaurant

    144 N Blackstone Ave (at Voorman Ave)Fresno, CA 93701United States

    1.68 km

  • Asian Restaurant
    B & K Asian Kitchen Asian Restaurant

    1276 N 1st St (btwn E Floradora & E Olive Ave)Fresno, CA 93703United States

    1.28 km

  • Deli / Bodega
    Piemonte's Italian Deli Deli / Bodega

    616 E Olive Ave (at N Echo Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    3.03 km

  • Taco Place
    Zamora Taqueria Taco Place

    619 E Divisadero St (at N Broadway St)Fresno, CA 93721United States

    2.82 km

  • Chinese Restaurant
    Golden Chinese Restaurant Chinese Restaurant

    1135 N Fulton St (at E Olive Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.74 km

  • Vietnamese Restaurant
    Paradise Restaurant Vietnamese Restaurant

    1848 N 1st St (at McKinley Ave)Fresno, CA 93703United States

    2.2 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Zamora's Mexican Food Mexican Restaurant

    CaliforniaUnited States

    1.09 km

  • Bakery
    Frosted Cakery Bakery

    1292 N Wishon Ave (btwn E Hedges & E Fern Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.87 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Country Fare Cafe Mexican Restaurant

    4662 E Belmont AveFresno, CA 93702United States

    2.65 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

    4910 E Kings Canyon RdFresno, CA 93727United States

    3.86 km

  • Diner
    Irene's Cafe Diner

    747 E Olive Ave (at N Linden Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.94 km

  • Sushi Restaurant
    Tokyo Garden Sushi Restaurant

    1711 Fulton St (btwn Amador & San Joaquin St)Fresno, CA 93721United States

    2.46 km

  • Japanese Restaurant
    Central Fish Company Japanese Restaurant

    1535 Kern St (at G St)Fresno, CA 93706United States

    2.73 km

  • Taco Place
    Tacos, Tijuana Taco Place

    4170 E Belmont AveFresno, CA 93702United States

    1.55 km

  • Indian Restaurant
    Standard Sweets & Spices Indian Restaurant

    1819 E Dakota AveFresno, CA 93726United States

    4.66 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    El Toro Cafe Mexican Restaurant

    3404 N Cedar Ave (Shields)Fresno, CA 93726United States

    4.08 km

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    In-N-Out Burger Fast Food Restaurant

    2657 S 2nd St (at E Jensen Ave)Fresno, CA 93706United States

    4.79 km

  • BBQ Joint
    Watts Family Grill BBQ Joint

    1448 N Blackstone Ave (McKinley and Blackstone)Fresno, CA 93703United States

    2.28 km

  • Restaurant
    Shepard's Inn Restaurant

    935 Santa Fe AveFresno, CA 93721United States

    1.46 km

  • Southern / Soul Food Restaurant
    Chef Paul's Cafe Southern / Soul Food Restaurant

    952 F St (Kern St)Fresno, CA 93706United States

    2.82 km

  • Burger Joint
    Fosters Freeze Burger Joint

    3377 N Cedar Ave (at E Fountain Way)Fresno, CA 93726United States

    4.03 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Cuca's Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant

    936 E Olive AveFresno, CA 93728United States

    2.68 km

  • Japanese Restaurant
    Kikku Japanese Food Japanese Restaurant

    2334 Tulare St.Fresno, CAUnited States

    1.79 km

  • Sandwich Place
    SUBWAY Sandwich Place

    855 M St Ste 120 (at Kern St)Fresno, CA 93721United States

    1.92 km

  • Diner
    Chicken Pot Pie Shop Diner

    861 E Olive Ave (at N Wishon Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.77 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant

    1000 Fulton Mall (Tulare St)Fresno, CA 93721United States

    2.21 km

  • Sandwich Place
    SUBWAY Sandwich Place

    3129 E Tulare StFresno, CA 93702United States

    0.47 km

  • Mediterranean Restaurant
    Meze House Mediterranian Grill Mediterranean Restaurant

    552 E Olive Ave (at N Echo Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    3.1 km

  • Burger Joint
    The Habit Burger Grill Burger Joint

    3520 N. Blackstone Ave., Suite 108Fresno, CA 93726United States

    4.04 km

  • Asian Restaurant
    Ming Restaurant Asian Restaurant

    1414 N Van Ness Ave (btwn E Home & E Floradora Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.85 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    La Elegante Mexican Restaurant

    1423 Kern St (Kern St btw E and F)Fresno, CA 93706United States

    2.88 km

  • Greek Restaurant
    Churrascos Greek Restaurant

    1050-1630 N Gateway Blvd.Fresno, CA 93727United States

    4.57 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Chipotle Mexican Grill Mexican Restaurant

    3520 N Blackstone Ave, Ste 102Fresno, CA 93726United States

    4.1 km

  • Pizza Place
    Round Table Pizza Pizza Place

    3262 E Tulare StFresno, CA 93702United States

    0.63 km

  • Diner
    Tower Cafe Diner

    809 E Olive Ave (at N Wishon Ave)Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.86 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Arsenio's Mexican Food Mexican Restaurant

    525 N Chestnut Ave (chestnut and kings canyon)Fresno, CA 93702United States

    3.17 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Robertito's Taco Shop Mexican Restaurant

    3830 N Cedar Ave (Cedar & Dakota)Fresno, CA 93726United States

    4.68 km

  • Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
    Loving Hut Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

    Fresno, CA 93728United States

    2.95 km

  • Burger Joint
    Triangle Drive-In Burger Joint

    1310 W Belmont AveFresno, CA 93728United States

    4.92 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    The Breakfast Hut Breakfast Spot

    Fresno, CAUnited States

    2.13 km

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    Jack in the Box Fast Food Restaurant

    3110 E Tulare StFresno, CA 93702United States

    0.55 km

  • Sandwich Place
    SUBWAY Sandwich Place

    Community Medical Center CafeteriaFresno, CAUnited States

    1.22 km

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