• Italian Restaurant
    Italian Garden Italian Restaurant

    1215 Avenue J Ste 102Lubbock, TXUnited States

    0.66 km

  • Hot Dog Joint
    Flippers Tavern Hot Dog Joint

    1406 Avenue Q (14th and Q)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    0.85 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Pancake House Breakfast Spot

    510 Avenue QLubbock, TX 79401United States

    0.5 km

  • Pizza Place
    One Guy from Italy Pizza Place

    1101 University Ave (at Main St.)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.87 km

  • American Restaurant
    Cast Iron Grill American Restaurant

    620 19th St (I 27 and 19th Street)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.44 km

  • Taco Place
    Torchy's Tacos Taco Place

    2407 9th St Ste 100 (Avenue X)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.7 km

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    Chick-fil-A Fast Food Restaurant

    312 University AveLubbock, TX 79415United States

    1.95 km

  • Steakhouse
    Triple J Chophouse Steakhouse

    1807 Buddy Holly Ave (19th St.)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.3 km

  • Sandwich Place
    Jimmy John's Sandwich Place

    2413 BroadwayLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.82 km

  • Sandwich Place
    Firehouse Subs Sandwich Place

    2510 Marsha Sharp Freeway, Suite 150Lubbock, TX 79415United States

    2.01 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Taqueria Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

    2211 Avenue Q (at 23rd St)Lubbock, TX 79411United States

    1.7 km

  • Fried Chicken Joint
    Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Fried Chicken Joint

    907 University AveLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.81 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Fuzzy's Taco Shop Mexican Restaurant

    2102 Broadway (at Avenue U)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.17 km

  • Pizza Place
    Giorgios Pizza Pizza Place

    1020 Ave JLubbock, TXUnited States

    0.59 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Chipotle Mexican Grill Mexican Restaurant

    2411 Glenna Goodacre Blvd (University Ave. & Glenna Goodacre Blvd.)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.75 km

  • Café
    Cafe J Café

    2605 19th StLubbock, TX 79410United States

    2.47 km

  • Bistro
    The West Table Bistro

    1204 Broadway StreetLubbock, TX 79401United States

    0.5 km

  • Italian Restaurant
    Orlando's Italian Resturant Italian Restaurant

    2402 Avenue Q (24th St)Lubbock, TX 79413United States

    1.86 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Lubbock Breakfast House Breakfast Spot

    2422 19th StLubbock, TX 79401United States

    2.14 km

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    Chick-fil-A Fast Food Restaurant

    15th and AkronLubbock, TX 79409United States

    2.37 km

  • Fried Chicken Joint
    River Smith's Fried Chicken Joint

    406 Avenue QLubbock, TX 79401United States

    0.57 km

  • Chinese Restaurant
    Panda Express Chinese Restaurant

    313 University Ave (Marsha Sharp Frwy)Lubbock, TX 79415United States

    1.87 km

  • Thai Restaurant
    Thai Kitchen Thai Restaurant

    2302 Texas AveLubbock, TX 79411United States

    1.74 km

  • Deli / Bodega
    McAlister's Deli Deli / Bodega

    2415 19th St (btw University Ave and Ave X)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    2.11 km

  • Burger Joint
    Christakis Burgers Burger Joint

    1111 34th St (at Ave. K)Lubbock, TX 79411United States

    2.9 km

  • Pizza Place
    Capital Pizza Pizza Place

    2705 26th St (Boston)Lubbock, TX 79410United States

    3.1 km

  • Sandwich Place
    Potbelly Sandwich Shop Sandwich Place

    2402 9th StreetLubbock, TX 79410United States

    1.68 km

  • Burger Joint
    Spanky's Burger Joint

    811 University Ave (9th St)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.84 km

  • Burrito Place
    Burrito King Burrito Place

    1620 Avenue QLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.08 km

  • Steakhouse
    The Texas Tech Club Steakhouse

    550 University Ave (Marsha Sharp Fwy)Lubbock, TX 79407United States

    1.88 km

  • Burger Joint
    Whataburger Burger Joint

    1702 19th St (Ave. Q)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.29 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Montelongo's Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant

    3081 Clovis RoadLubbock, TX 79415United States

    3.71 km

  • Fast Food Restaurant
    Chick-fil-A Fast Food Restaurant

    3615 19th StLubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.08 km

  • American Restaurant
    Caprock Cafe American Restaurant

    3405 34th St (Indiana Avenue)Lubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.58 km

  • Burger Joint
    Blue Sky Texas Burger Joint

    3216 4th St (at Indiana Ave.)Lubbock, TX 79415United States

    3.29 km

  • Gastropub
    The Crafthouse Gastropub Gastropub

    3131 34th StLubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.16 km

  • Pizza Place
    Papa John's Pizza Pizza Place

    2420 9th St (University)Lubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.82 km

  • BBQ Joint
    Tom & Bingo's Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que BBQ Joint

    3006 34th St (btwn Elgin Ave. and Flint Ave.)Lubbock, TX 79410United States

    3.9 km

  • Thai Restaurant
    Choochai Thai Cuisine Thai Restaurant

    2330 19th StLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.97 km

  • Restaurant
    Schlotzsky's Restaurant

    3715 19th StLubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.35 km

  • Tex-Mex Restaurant
    Chili's Grill & Bar Tex-Mex Restaurant

    607 University AvenueLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.82 km

  • Pizza Place
    Little Caesars Pizza Pizza Place

    2312 19th St Unit BLubbock, TX 79401United States

    1.93 km

  • Thai Restaurant
    Thai Pepper Thai Restaurant

    3702 20th St Ste A (at Louisville Ave.)Lubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.29 km

  • Bagel Shop
    Einstein Bros Bagels Bagel Shop

    703 Flint Ave (Texas Tech University)Lubbock, TX 79409United States

    2.63 km

  • Burger Joint
    Jumbo Joe's Burger Joint

    Lubbock, TXUnited States

    4.26 km

  • Steakhouse
    Bryan's Steaks Steakhouse

    1212 50th StLubbock, TX 79412United States

    4.44 km

  • Wings Joint
    Wingstop Wings Joint

    1803 7th StLubbock, TX 79401United States

    0.6 km

  • Sushi Restaurant
    Hayashi Midtown Sushi Restaurant

    3701 19th StLubbock, TX 79410United States

    4.28 km

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  • Lubbock County, Texas

    U.S. county in Texas

  • Lubbock, Texas

    City in Texas, United States

  • Texas Tech University

    Public research university in Lubbock, Texas, United States

  • Lubbock High School

    Public magnet school in the United States

  • Jones AT&T Stadium

    Lubbock, Texas

  • Lubbock Municipal Coliseum
  • United Supermarkets Arena

    Arena in Lubbock, Texas, United States

  • Lubbock Lake Landmark

    United States historic place

  • National Ranching Heritage Center

    Agriculture museum about ranching in Texas, USA

  • National Wind Institute


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