• Hostel
    Dirty Mattress Hostel

    Minneapolis, MN 55401United States

    0.96 km

  • Hostel
    Oslo's Palace Hostel

    607 Washington Ave NMinneapolis, MN 55401United States

    1.14 km

  • Hostel
    The Fraud Haus Hostel

    6th St SE (7th St SE)Minneapolis, MN 55414United States

    1.95 km

  • Hostel
    Minneapolis International Hostel Hostel

    2400 Stevens Ave (at 24th St)Minneapolis, MN 55404United States

    2.39 km

  • Hostel
    The Multi Purpose Room Hostel

    MinnesotaUnited States

    2.99 km

  • Hostel
    The Davenport Hostel

    Minneapolis, MN 55414United States

    3.05 km

  • Hostel
    The Kenwood Hotel Hostel

    Minneapolis, MNUnited States

    3.05 km

  • Hostel
    The 519 Hostel

    519 Huron Blvd SE (Fulton)Minneapolis, MN 55414United States

    3.61 km

  • Hostel
    The Zoo, Floor 2 Hostel

    3345 Emerson Ave SMinneapolis, MN 55408United States

    4.74 km

  • Hostel
    The Banana Hammock Hostel

    Saint Paul, MNUnited States

    4.84 km

  • Hostel
    Coral And Joels House Hostel

    35012 Bryant Ave S apt 2Minneapolis, MN 55408United States

    4.91 km

  • Hostel
    The Northside Rainbow Inn Hostel

    Minneapolis, MN 55412United States

    4.93 km

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