• College Quad
    Holcomb Gardens - Butler University College Quad

    5000 Clarendon St. (at Lake Rd.)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    0.62 km

  • Park
    Andrew Ramsey Park Park

    310 W 42ND ST (Boulevard)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    0.92 km

  • Park
    Field Of Deers Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    1.25 km

  • Park
    Tarkington Park Park

    45 W 40th St (40th Street)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    1.67 km

  • Park
    Elwood and Mary Black Park Park

    Crown st (Clarendon Pl)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    1.74 km

  • Park
    Holcomb Garden House Park

    Indianapolis, INUnited States

    1.83 km

  • Park
    Park Of The Laments Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46228United States

    1.87 km

  • Sculpture Garden
    100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park Sculpture Garden

    4000 Michigan Rd (38th and Michigan)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    1.93 km

  • Park
    Major taylor skatepark Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46222United States

    2.3 km

  • Park
    Arsenal Park Park

    4100 e. 46th streetIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    2.36 km

  • Park
    Alice Carter Place Park Park

    5700 N Meridian AVEIndianapolis, IN 46208United States

    2.67 km

  • Park
    Friedmann Park Park

    5670 Stone Hill DRIndianapolis, IN 46208United States

    2.72 km

  • Skate Park
    Lake Sullivan Sports Complex Skate Park

    3649 Cold Spring Rd (near I-65)Indianapolis, IN 46222United States

    3.04 km

  • Park
    Pedal and Parke Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.06 km

  • Park
    Watson Road & 36th Park Park

    900 Watson RDIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.08 km

  • Park
    Major Taylor Velodrome Park

    3647-3711 Cold Spring RdIndianapolis, IN 46222United States

    3.1 km

  • Park
    Watson Road Bird Preserve Park Park

    Watson RD (Winthrop Avenue)Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.2 km

  • Park
    McCord Park Park

    3600 Watson RDIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.21 km

  • Park
    Canterbury Park Park

    5510 N Carvel AVEIndianapolis, IN 46220United States

    3.34 km

  • Park
    Juan Soloman Park Park

    6100 Grandview DRIndianapolis, IN 46228United States

    3.4 km

  • Park
    Talbot & 29th Park Park

    100 E 29TH STIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.67 km

  • Park
    Halo's Bocce in da Hood Park

    Kingsley DrIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.68 km

  • Park
    Holliday Park Park

    6363 Spring Mill RD (at 64th St.)Indianapolis, IN 46260United States

    3.72 km

  • Park
    Ruckle Street Pocket Park Park

    3017 Ruckle StreetIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.73 km

  • Park
    Rev. Charles Williams Park. Park

    3242 Sutherland AveIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.77 km

  • Park
    Broadway & 29th Park Park

    2921 N Park AVEIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.92 km

  • Park
    Double Wide Modular 1 Park

    Indianapolis, INUnited States

    3.95 km

  • Park
    Park Avenue Pocket Park Park

    Park Ave (28th Street)Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.97 km

  • Park
    Al Polin Park Park

    100 E 29th St.Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    3.98 km

  • Park
    Fall Creek & 30th Park Park

    Indianapolis, INUnited States

    4.02 km

  • Park
    George E. Kessler Park Park

    2500 N. Pennsylvania Street (Pennsylvania Street and 25th Street)Indianapolis, INUnited States

    4.17 km

  • Park
    Taggart Riverside Park Park

    2420 E Riverside Dr (29th St)Indianapolis, IN 46208United States

    4.17 km

  • Park
    African Queen Park

    IndianaUnited States

    4.29 km

  • Park
    Corner Mini-Park Park

    2600 N Central Ave (Sutherland Ave)Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    4.33 km

  • Park
    New Jersey & 25th Park Park

    400 E 25TH STIndianapolis, IN 46205United States

    4.37 km

  • Park
    Riverside Regional Park Park

    2420 E Riverside DrIndianapolis, IN 46208United States

    4.49 km

  • Park
    VA Parking Lot Park

    2620 Cold Spring Rd (30th)Indianapolis, IN 46222United States

    4.51 km

  • Park
    Fall Creek Place Park Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46205United States

    4.66 km

  • Dog Run
    Broad Ripple Park Dog Run

    1550 Broad Ripple AveIndianapolis, IN 46220United States

    4.81 km

  • Park
    Douglass Park Park

    1616 E 25th St (at E 28th St)Indianapolis, IN 46218United States

    4.81 km

  • Trail
    Monon Trail Trail

    Monon Tr (bt E 10th & 166th Sts)Indianapolis, IN 46220United States

    4.95 km

  • Park
    Park Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46218United States

    5.29 km

  • Park
    Marott Park Park

    7350 N College AVEIndianapolis, IN 46240United States

    5.87 km

  • Park
    Fall Creek and 16th Park Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46202United States

    5.87 km

  • Park
    Lt.Jr.Grade Graham Edward Martin Park Park

    1500 Fall Creek Pkwy E DR (Fall creek parkway e dr)Indianapolis, IN 46203United States

    5.91 km

  • Other Great Outdoors
    Ransom Place Picnic Area Other Great Outdoors

    801 N. Indiana Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46202United States

    6.7 km

  • Playground
    Colts Playground Playground

    Indianapolis, IN 46202United States

    6.88 km

  • Park
    700 N Pennsyvania Park

    Indianapolis, IN 46204United States

    7.12 km

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