• Resort
    The Estate Resort

    CaliforniaUnited States

    1.06 km

  • Resort
    Narnia Resort

    2511 Parker St (Regent)Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    1.17 km

  • Resort
    The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa Resort

    41 Tunnel Rd (at Claremont)Berkeley, CA 94705United States

    2.02 km

  • Resort
    Rispin Wellness Center Resort

    Berkeley, CAUnited States

    2.18 km

  • Resort
    Jordans at the Claremont Resort and Spa Resort

    41 Tunnel RdBerkeley, CA 94705United States

    2.24 km

  • Bar
    Bill's Bar & Grill Bar

    Euclid Ave (Marin Ave)Berkeley, CAUnited States

    2.55 km

  • Historic Site
    Berkeley/Kensington Border Historic Site

    355 Rugby Ave (Vermont)Kensington, CA 94708United States

    3.75 km

  • Resort
    Hotel California Resort

    752 55th StOakland, CA 94609United States

    3.96 km

  • Resort
    The Sandsmith Resort

    Emeryville, CAUnited States

    5.43 km

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