• Lounge
    Storage Closet Lounge

    2647 Durant Ave (College Avenue)Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.16 km

  • Lounge
    The Royal Stoop of Pepper's Palace Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.31 km

  • Lounge
    Floor Seven Rage Cage Lounge

    Berkeley, CAUnited States

    0.44 km

  • Lounge
    401 Lounge

    CaliforniaUnited States

    0.47 km

  • Lounge
    The Suite Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.51 km

  • Lounge
    The Drug Den Lounge

    2521 Regent StBerkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.53 km

  • Lounge
    Mert&Mert Resort Lounge

    2430 Dwight WayBerkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.54 km

  • Lounge
    Jeff's Apartment Lounge

    2540 Benvenue AveBerkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.59 km

  • Lounge
    HiP Living Room Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.6 km

  • Lounge
    The Hive Lounge

    2530 Piedmont AveBerkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.66 km

  • Lounge
    Perimeter Party Bus Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94131United States

    0.71 km

  • Lounge
    The Channing Chateau Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.79 km

  • Indian Restaurant
    East Bay Spice Company Indian Restaurant

    2134 Oxford St (btwn Allston Way & West Entrance)Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.85 km

  • Bar
    Beta Lounge Bar

    2129 Durant Ave (at Fulton St)Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    0.89 km

  • Lounge
    The Lounge - Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology Lounge

    2401 Ridge RdBerkeley, CA 94709United States

    0.93 km

  • Beer Garden
    Cornerstone Beer Garden

    2367 Shattuck Ave (Durant Ave.)Berkeley, CA 94704United States

    1.01 km

  • Lounge
    Granthead Residence Lounge

    Berkeley, CA 94705United States

    1.67 km

  • Lounge
    The Woll Lounge

    Berkeley, CAUnited States

    1.74 km

  • Lounge
    Bishop Kucka Lounge

    Berkeley, CAUnited States

    1.84 km

  • Lounge
    MeloMelo Kava Bar Lounge

    1701 University Ave (b/t Mcgee Ave & Grant St)Berkeley, CAUnited States

    1.88 km

  • Lounge
    44 Bar & Restaurant Lounge

    3290 Adeline St (Alcatraz)Berkeley, CA 94703United States

    2.65 km

  • Brewery
    Hoi Polloi Brewpub & Beat Lounge Brewery

    1763 Alcatraz Ave.Berkeley, CA 94703United States

    2.67 km

  • Lounge
    The Sleinbergers Lounge

    Oakland, CA 94609United States

    2.7 km

  • Lounge
    RockRidge Lair Lounge

    55 Claremont Ave (Forest)Oakland, CA 94618United States

    2.79 km

  • Lounge
    Swag Ave. Lounge

    Oakland, CA 94609United States

    2.83 km

  • Lounge
    The Much Better Lounge Lounge

    2128 WallaceBerkeley, CAUnited States

    3.13 km

  • Lounge
    Tyler's Corner Lounge

    1700 MariBerkeley, CA 94707United States

    3.13 km

  • Lounge
    Ivy lounge Lounge

    Albany, CA 94702United States

    4.02 km

  • Lounge
    2nd Half Sports Lounge Lounge

    4307 Telegraph AveOakland, CA 94609United States

    4.21 km

  • Lounge
    Smushville USA Lounge

    loop 22Emeryville, CAUnited States

    4.31 km

  • Cocktail Bar
    Ivy Room Cocktail Bar

    860 San Pablo Ave (Solano Ave)Albany, CA 94706United States

    4.44 km

  • Lounge
    Lucas Spot Lounge

    Oakland, CA 94611United States

    4.7 km

  • Lounge
    Rae Rae's Cool Kids Club Lounge

    10 Linda Ave (Piedmont Ave)Piedmont, CA 94611United States

    4.71 km

  • Lounge
    The Naughty NURB Lounge

    Emeryville, CAUnited States

    4.89 km

  • Lounge
    Smoking oasis Lounge

    Emeryville, CAUnited States

    5.08 km

  • Lounge
    Oakview Manor Lounge

    Jackson StreetAlbany, CAUnited States

    5.16 km

  • Lounge
    Inner Sanctum Lounge

    Oakland, CAUnited States

    5.43 km

  • Lounge
    Brown Swagger Chair Lounge

    El Cerrito, CA 94530United States

    5.45 km

  • Hookah Bar
    Hookah Hut Hookah Bar

    3288 Pierce St #B108 (at Central St)Richmond, CA 94804United States

    5.53 km

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