• Cocktail Bar
    Hidden Harbor Cocktail Bar

    1708 Shady AvePittsburgh, PA 15217United States

    0.31 km

  • Bistro
    Independent Brewing Co Bistro

    1704 Shady Ave (Forbes)Pittsburgh, PA 15217United States

    0.31 km

  • Bar
    Squirrel Hill Cafe Bar

    5802 Forbes Ave (at Murray Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15217United States

    0.01 km

  • American Restaurant
    Murray Avenue Grill American Restaurant

    1720 Murray AvePittsburgh, PA 15217United States

    0.09 km

  • Brewery
    Copper Kettle Brewing Company Brewery

    557 Greenfield Ave (at Winterburn Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15207United States

    1.96 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Mad Mex Mexican Restaurant

    220 S Highland Ave (btw Ellsworth & Alder)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.26 km

  • Restaurant
    Urban Tap Shadyside Restaurant

    216 South Highland AvenuePittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.28 km

  • Asian Restaurant
    Soba Asian Restaurant

    5847 Ellsworth AvePittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    2.2 km

  • Hot Dog Joint
    D's Six Pax & Dogz Hot Dog Joint

    1118 S Braddock AveSwissvale, PA 15218United States

    2.58 km

  • Bar
    Hough's Bar

    563 Greenfield Ave (at Winterburn Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15207United States

    1.98 km

  • Bar
    Shady Grove Bar

    5500 Walnut StPittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    1.7 km

  • Sushi Restaurant
    Umi Sushi Restaurant

    5849 Ellsworth AvePittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    2.19 km

  • Brewery
    East End Brewing Company Brewery

    147 Julius St. (btw Frankstown and Hamilton)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.55 km

  • Burger Joint
    BRGR Burger Joint

    5997 Centre Ave (at S Highland Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.44 km

  • Cocktail Bar
    Lorelei Cocktail Bar

    124 S Highland Ave (Balm Blvd)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.5 km

  • Bar
    Kelly's Bar & Lounge Bar

    6012 Penn Cir S (btw S Highland Ave and Penn Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.44 km

  • Gastropub
    The Yard Gastropub

    736 Bellefonte St (at Walnut St)Pittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    1.75 km

  • Restaurant
    Acorn Restaurant

    5528 Walnut StPittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    1.71 km

  • Bar
    Butterjoint Bar

    214 N Craig St (at Bayard St)Pittsburgh, PA 15213United States

    2.71 km

  • American Restaurant
    Fuel and Fuddle American Restaurant

    212 Oakland Ave (btwn Forbes Ave & Sennott St)Pittsburgh, PA 15213United States

    2.88 km

  • Asian Restaurant
    China Palace Asian Restaurant

    5440 Walnut StPittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    1.72 km

  • Lounge
    Ace Hotel Bar Lounge

    120 S Whitfield St (Penn Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.6 km

  • Mexican Restaurant
    Mad Mex Mexican Restaurant

    370 Atwood St (at Bates St)Pittsburgh, PA 15213United States

    2.63 km

  • Pub
    Voodoo Homestead Pub

    205 E 9th AveMunhall, PA 15120United States

    3.67 km

  • Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
    Apteka Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

    4606 Penn Ave (Cullen St)Pittsburgh, PA 15224United States

    3.8 km

  • German Restaurant
    Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh German Restaurant

    2705 S Water St (at S 27th St)Pittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    3.67 km

  • Gay Bar
    5801 Video Lounge & Cafe Gay Bar

    5801 Ellsworth Ave (at Maryland Ave)Pittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    2.14 km

  • Bar
    Pub In The Park Bar

    7034 Blackhawk StPittsburgh, PA 15218United States

    2.84 km

  • Dive Bar
    Big Jims Restaurant & Bar Dive Bar

    201 Saline St (at Alexis St)Pittsburgh, PA 15207United States

    2.58 km

  • Sandwich Place
    Primanti Bros. Sandwich Place

    5491 Penn AvePittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    3.03 km

  • Pub
    Tipsy Cow Pub

    5741 Ellsworth AvePittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    2.09 km

  • Hotel
    The Mansions on Fifth Hotel

    5105 5th AvePittsburgh, PA 15232United States

    1.7 km

  • Bar
    Duke's Upper Deck Bar

    122 W 8th Ave (Hays Street)Homestead, PA 15120United States

    3.73 km

  • Bar
    Blue Dust Bar

    601 Amity StHomestead, PA 15120United States

    3.49 km

  • Brewery
    Enix Brewing Co. Brewery

    337 E 8th AveHomestead, PA 15120United States

    3.52 km

  • Speakeasy
    Acacia Speakeasy

    2108 E Carson St (S 21st St)Pittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    4.6 km

  • Bar
    Birmingham Bridge Tavern Bar

    2901 Sarah St (Sarah at S 29th)Pittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    3.84 km

  • Brewery
    The Church Brew Works Brewery

    3525 Liberty Ave (at 36th St)Pittsburgh, PA 15201United States

    4.4 km

  • Pub
    Piper's Pub Pub

    1828 E Carson St (at S 19th St.)Pittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    4.9 km

  • Bar
    OTB Bicycle Cafe Bar

    2518 E Carson StPittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    4.07 km

  • Restaurant
    Emil's Lounge Restaurant

    414 Hawkins Ave (at 4th Ave)Braddock, PA 15104United States

    4.53 km

  • New American Restaurant
    Social at Bakery Square New American Restaurant

    6425 Penn Ave (btwn 5th Ave & E Liberty Blvd)Pittsburgh, PA 15206United States

    2.15 km

  • Brewery
    Cinderlands Beer Company Brewery

    3705 Butler StPittsburgh, PA 15201United States

    4.74 km

  • Beer Store
    Bierport Beer Store

    4115 Butler St (Main St.)Pittsburgh, PA 15201United States

    4.78 km

  • Dive Bar
    Nadine's Bar and Restaurant Dive Bar

    19 S 27th StPittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    3.96 km

  • American Restaurant
    Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery American Restaurant

    171 E Bridge StHomestead, PA 15120United States

    3.24 km

  • Winery
    Pittsburgh Winery Winery

    2815 Penn AvePittsburgh, PA 15222United States

    4.91 km

  • Bar
    Fat Head's Saloon Bar

    1805 E Carson St (btw S 18th St & S 19th St)Pittsburgh, PA 15203United States

    4.96 km

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