• Coffee Shop
    Magnolias Sous le Pont Coffee Shop

    2727 N Harwood St (at Hunt St)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    0.92 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Ascension Coffee Shop

    200 Crescent Ct Ste 40Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.06 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Weekend Coffee Shop

    1511 Commerce St (btwn S Akard & Lane St)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.11 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Ascension Coffee Shop

    1621 Oak Lawn Ave Ste A (at Hi Line Dr.)Dallas, TX 75207United States

    1.7 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Palmieri Cafe Coffee Shop

    Dallas Farmers MarketDallas, TXUnited States

    1.9 km

  • Café
    Otto’s Café

    1321 Commerce StDallas, TX 75202United States

    1.0 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Merit Coffee Coffee Shop

    2639 Main St Ste 140Dallas, TX 75226United States

    2.19 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Ascension Coffee Shop

    1601 Elm St (N. Ervay St.)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.07 km

  • Café
    Bread Winners Café & Bakery Café

    3301 McKinney Ave (at Hall St)Dallas, TX 75204United States

    2.31 km

  • Coffee Shop
    State Street Coffee Coffee Shop

    2907 State St (at Allen St.)Dallas, TX 75204United States

    1.7 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Flying Horse Cafe Coffee Shop

    1401 Commerce St (at S. Akard St.)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.05 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Full City Rooster Coffee Shop

    1810 S Akard St (at Beaumont St.)Dallas, TX 75215United States

    2.62 km

  • Bakery
    Cake Bar Bakery

    3011 Gulden LnDallas, TX 75212United States

    2.04 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Opening Bell Coffee Coffee Shop

    1409 S Lamar St Apt 12 (at Belleview St)Dallas, TX 75215United States

    2.3 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Starbucks Coffee Shop

    1201 Elm StDallas, TX 75270United States

    0.76 km

  • Gourmet Shop
    eatZi's Market & Bakery Gourmet Shop

    3403 Oak Lawn Ave (at Rawlins St.)Dallas, TX 75219United States

    2.94 km

  • Café
    The Hospitality Sweet Café

    400 N. Ervay St., Suite 175 (at N. St. Paul St.)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.03 km

  • New American Restaurant
    Parigi New American Restaurant

    3311 Oak Lawn Ave (at N. Hall St.)Dallas, TX 75219United States

    2.81 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Houndstooth Coffee Coffee Shop

    1878 Sylvan Ave Ste E150Dallas, TX 75208United States

    3.1 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Starbucks Coffee Shop

    500 N Akard StDallas, TX 75201United States

    0.79 km

  • Café
    NM Fashion Cafe Café

    1618 Commerce St. (btwn S. Akard St. & S. Ervay St.)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.16 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Mokah Coffee & Tea Coffee Shop

    2803 Taylor St (at Malcolm X Blvd.)Dallas, TX 75226United States

    2.5 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Fiction Coffee Coffee Shop

    1623 N Hall StDallas, TX 75204United States

    2.14 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Stupid Good Coffee Coffee Shop

    1910 Pacific Ave Ste 2060 (in Skybridge)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.26 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Cafe Victoria Coffee Shop

    Dallas, TX 75219United States

    0.35 km

  • Café
    The Dream Cafe Café

    2800 Routh St Ste 170 (on Laclede St)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.67 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Murray Street Coffee Shop Coffee Shop

    103 Murray St (at Main St.)Dallas, TX 75226United States

    2.86 km

  • Donut Shop
    Sunrise Donuts Donut Shop

    2615 Oak Lawn Ave (Brown St.)Dallas, TX 75219United States

    2.33 km

  • Donut Shop
    Lone Star Donuts Donut Shop

    1725 N Beckley AveDallas, TX 75208United States

    2.53 km

  • Coffee Shop
    LDU Coffee Coffee Shop

    2650 N Fitzhugh AveDallas, TX 75204United States

    3.88 km

  • Breakfast Spot
    Overeasy Breakfast Spot

    1914 Commerce St (St Paul)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.33 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Houndstooth Coffee Coffee Shop

    1900 N Henderson Ave (at McMillan Ave.)Dallas, TX 75206United States

    4.33 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop

    819 Exposition AveDallas, TX 75226United States

    3.9 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Mudsmith Coffee Shop

    Welborn Street (Cedar Springs)Dallas, TX 75219United States

    2.61 km

  • Bakery
    Panera Bread Bakery

    3826 Lemmon Ave (at Reagan St.)Dallas, TX 75219United States

    3.09 km

  • Bar
    The Wild Detectives Bar

    314 W 8th St (btwn N. Bishop Ave. & N. Madison Ave.)Dallas, TX 75208United States

    4.51 km

  • Café
    Start Café

    4023 Lemmon AveDallas, TX 75219United States

    3.21 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Starbucks Coffee Shop

    Commerce St (at S Ervay St)Dallas, TX 75201United States

    1.24 km

  • Bagel Shop
    Einstein Bros Bagels Bagel Shop

    3827 Lemmon AveDallas, TX 75219United States

    3.03 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Davis Street Espresso Coffee Shop

    819 W Davis St (btwn N. Tyler St. & N. Vernon Ave.)Dallas, TX 75208United States

    4.76 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Merit Coffee Coffee Shop

    4228 Oak Lawn AveDallas, TX 75219United States

    3.95 km

  • Café
    Tribal All Day Cafe Café

    263 N. Bishop Ave (W 9TH ST)Dallas, TX 75208United States

    4.66 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Sip Stir Cafe Coffee Shop

    3800 McKinney Ave., Suite 180 (at Blackburn St.)Dallas, TX 75204United States

    2.95 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Starbucks Coffee Shop

    1717 N Akard StDallas, TX 75201United States

    0.68 km

  • Café
    Atrium Market Café

    Roberts Hospital (at Baylor University Medical Center)Dallas, TX 75204United States

    2.64 km

  • Coffee Shop
    La La Land Kind Cafe Coffee Shop

    5626 Bell AveDallas, TX 75206United States

    4.84 km

  • Coffee Shop
    Cultivar Coffee Coffee Shop

    313 W. Jefferson Blvd. (btwn S. Madison Ave. & S. Bishop Ave.)Dallas, TX 75208United States

    4.97 km

  • Café
    Company Cafe Café

    2104 Greenville Ave (at Prospect Ave.)Dallas, TX 75206United States

    4.9 km


  • Dallas

    City in Texas, United States

  • American Airlines Center

    Arena in Texas, United States

  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    1963 murder of the US President

  • Dealey Plaza

    United States historic place

  • Bank of America Plaza (Dallas)

    late-modernist skyscraper located in the Main Street District of downtown Dallas, Texas

  • Renaissance Tower (Dallas)


  • Fountain Place

    Dallas skyscraper

  • Akard station

    DART light rail station

  • West End station (DART)

    DART light rail station

  • Energy Future Holdings

    American utility company


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