Kursk submarine tragedy

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John Large obituary
Consulting engineer known for his work on nuclear safety who was never afraid to take on such a powerful industry

Paul Brown

14, Nov, 2018 @3:01 PM

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Kursk: The Last Mission review – devastating drama tackles Russian sub tragedy
Thomas Vinterberg’s skillful recreation of the 2000 disaster that saw 118 men die is a film that bristles with rage and sadness

Benjamin Lee

07, Sep, 2018 @3:57 AM

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The most exciting action and thriller films of 2018
Benicio del Toro’s Sicario is set loose in Mexico, Robert Pattinson rides off into the sunset and Robert Redford breaks out of Alcatraz in a canoe

Stuart Heritage

01, Jan, 2018 @6:00 AM

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Can you recreate the experience of immersive theatre on film?
Matt Trueman: As the new film of Sound and Fury's Kursk reveals, capturing live theatre on video is tough – even more so when it's immersive, interactive or promenade

Matt Trueman

01, Aug, 2012 @4:05 PM

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Kursk | Theatre review

Young Vic, London
Immersive theatre is an overused term, but the remarkable Kursk pours cold water on the imitators, writes Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner

31, Mar, 2010 @9:20 PM

Tom Parfitt discusses the Russian submarine accident

Tom Parfitt reports on the political repercussions after 20 sailors were killed on board a submarine

Tom Parfitt

10, Nov, 2008 @11:26 AM

Minister blames carelessness for Russian submarine disaster
The Russian defence minister, Sergei Ivanov, blamed "frivolous" Russian carelessness yesterday for the death of nine crew members after their nuclear submarine sank off the coast of north-west Russia.

Kevin O'Flynn in Moscow

01, Sep, 2003 @10:59 AM

Russian sub sinks with crew aboard
Two dead and seven missing in icy waters as ghosts of Kursk tragedy return to haunt Putin.

Kevin O'Flynn in Moscow

31, Aug, 2003 @11:00 AM

Kursk families demand new inquiry
Investigators' expert evidence defied by conclusion of report to protect navy's top brass, says lawyer.

Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

11, Aug, 2003 @7:55 AM

'We want to ensure the country does not forget what happened'
Anna Soloreva still vividly recalls her late husband, Lt Capt Vitali Solorev, leaving for his last mission crippled by a sense of foreboding.

Nick Paton Walsh

11, Aug, 2003 @12:42 AM

Families fight government to force Kursk prosecutions
The families of the 118 sailors killed in the Kursk submarine will appeal against the Russian government's decision not to prosecute anyone for the "negligence" that caused the disaster.

Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

11, Sep, 2002 @1:09 AM

Review: Kursk and A Time to Die

Peter Truscott and Robert Moore give very different accounts of the sinking of the Kursk - but both agree that the submarine tragedy reveals the problems that beset Russian military culture

Amelia Gentleman

24, Aug, 2002 @2:52 PM

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