Black Lives Matter movement

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US cities to pay record $80m to people injured in 2020 racial justice protests
Exclusive: At least 19 cities will pay settlements to protesters who sustained injuries as a result of law enforcement action

Gloria Oladipo in New York

25, May, 2023 @10:00 AM

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The staggering omission that led to Deaths Inside, the tally tracking Indigenous deaths in custody | Ten years of Guardian Australia
The question was, ‘How many people have died since the 1991 royal commission?’ Nobody knew – so a Guardian Australia team spent eight months trawling through inquests and media reports, striving to highlight human stories behind shocking statistics

Caitlin Cassidy and Marni Cordell

16, May, 2023 @3:00 PM

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Trinity College Dublin to ‘dename’ George Berkeley library over slavery links
University said 18th-century philosopher and bishop bought enslaved people to work on his Rhode Island estate

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

27, Apr, 2023 @11:52 AM

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From dress codes to equality, Phil Jackson is exactly who we thought he was
The former Bulls coach didn’t like how NBA players dressed 20 years ago. And now he objects to them making basic requests for humanity

Etan Thomas

26, Apr, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Sydney BLM and trans rights protesters fail to overturn Covid fines using freedom of speech argument
Pair’s lawyer says supreme court’s decision highlights ‘need for much stronger protections of civil and human rights’

Christopher Knaus

20, Apr, 2023 @7:51 AM

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Is a British pub racist for displaying golliwogs? Think how that question makes people of colour like me feel | Nesrine Malik
We cope with the micro slights and othering. But openly racist attitudes are being exploited for political gain, says the Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik

Nesrine Malik

17, Apr, 2023 @5:00 AM

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US army sergeant found guilty of murdering BLM protester in Austin
Texas governor moves to pardon Daniel Perry, who was convicted of shooting Garrett Foster during rally in 2020

Maya Yang

08, Apr, 2023 @8:05 PM

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Those who tore down Colston’s statue helped lead us to the truth about slavery and the monarchy | Kojo Koram
BLM protesters in Bristol were accused, in 2020, of ‘erasing history’. Now we know they have flooded it with light, says law lecturer Kojo Koram

Kojo Koram

07, Apr, 2023 @2:36 PM

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Adidas backtracks on opposition to Black Lives Matter trademark request
Sportswear company had initially said three-stripe design would create confusion with its own logo

Mark Sweney

29, Mar, 2023 @9:05 AM

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London to pay tribute to victims of slave trade with memorial, says mayor
Memorial to be built in London’s Docklands, close to warehouses built to house goods produced through slavery

Esther Addley

24, Mar, 2023 @3:28 PM

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Black Lives Matter UK gives £350,000 in funding for black-led organisations
Exclusive: Total amount given to campaign groups around the UK passes £500,000 since 2020

Aamna Mohdin Community affairs correspondent

05, Mar, 2023 @6:00 PM

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‘Just the tip of the iceberg’: Kimberlé Crenshaw warns against rightwing battle over critical race theory
Exclusive: Author and academic cautions pushback against racial justice education feeds revival of segregationist policies

Gloria Oladipo in New York

04, Mar, 2023 @7:00 AM

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