Letters: Moving stories

Letters: The common mistake people make is not visiting a country beforehand to get to know the culture and communities

Rae Earl's article on emigrating to Australia hit various nails on the head (G2, 26 February). She says Australian TV is "awful", and I must confess we see many customers not lasting abroad because they miss simple home comforts such as BBC Television, with fewer adverts. The culture is also completely different. People move down under for its balance between work and play – the lifestyle can indeed seem healthier. The common mistake people make is not visiting a country beforehand to get to know the culture and communities. I'm often amazed at the number of people who move abroad without ever having been to that country, only to pack up and come straight back. Those thinking about moving to Australia should have a good read of Rae's article. As she says, the spiders are big; the culture can be eye-opening; you probably will get taxed less; and it can get uncomfortably hot. A long list of list of pros and cons. Just make sure you're prepared.
Grant Bishop
International director, Bishop's Move

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