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Judge puts Biden on the spot over immunity for Saudi crown prince
Court invitation to clarify prince’s status comes as president faces criticism for ditching promise to turn Saudi Arabia into a ‘pariah’

Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington

03, Jul, 2022 @11:03 AM

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Environmentalists condemn Biden administration’s offshore drilling plan
Policy would ban new ocean drilling but allow up to 11 lease sales in Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s south coast

Edward Helmore

02, Jul, 2022 @8:43 PM

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Biden can end Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ program, supreme court rules
Ruling by 5-4 allows administration to terminate policy that forced asylum seekers to return to Mexico while claims are considered

Lauren Gambino and Chris Stein in Washington

30, Jun, 2022 @4:47 PM

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A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says
Survey of 1,000 registered US voters also reveals that most Americans agree government is ‘corrupt and rigged’

Victoria Bekiempis

30, Jun, 2022 @3:48 PM

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Erdoğan gains from lifting Sweden and Finland Nato veto with US fighter jet promise
Analysis: deal between Biden and Erdoğan is sealed in Madrid after Nordic countries vow to control support for Kurdish terrorism

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

29, Jun, 2022 @6:59 PM

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Biden’s proposed federal tax cut on gas could cost dearly in the future
Experts warn cutting the 18 cents will take a toll on highway upkeep and cause prices to rise further when the holiday ends

Edward Helmore

23, Jun, 2022 @8:00 AM

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The Crypto Crash: all Ponzi schemes topple eventually | Robert Reich
We’re back to the wild west finances of the 1920s as the crypto industry pours huge money into political campaigns

Robert Reich

19, Jun, 2022 @6:25 AM

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Federal Reserve announces biggest interest rate hike since 1994
Fed confirms 0.75 percentage-point increase as Americans across country hit hard by rising prices and shortages of key items

Dominic Rushe in New York

15, Jun, 2022 @10:33 PM

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Anthony Fauci tests positive for Covid with mild symptoms
Biden’s chief medical adviser received two booster shots and is working from home, says National Institutes of Health

Erum Salam

15, Jun, 2022 @7:33 PM

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US has not fully investigated own role in Yemen human rights abuses, watchdog finds
Government Accountability Office also criticizes Biden’s move to classify Saudi weapons as ‘offensive’ or ‘defensive’ as meaningless

Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington

15, Jun, 2022 @6:45 PM

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Garland says he is watching January 6 hearings amid pressure to investigate Trump
US attorney general says official guidelines do not prevent him from investigating ex-president

Hugo Lowell in Washington

13, Jun, 2022 @11:37 PM

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The US baby formula shortage isn’t bad luck. It was completely preventable | Matt Stoller
Shortages of vital, life-preserving goods are routine in America – and they’re the product of bad policy

Matt Stoller

13, Jun, 2022 @12:29 PM

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