Colin Stagg

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Deceit review – Rachel Nickell drama probes the ethics of entrapment
Niamh Algar puts in a phenomenal performance in this four-parter about the controversial undercover police operation which followed Nickell’s death, and events that beggar belief

Lucy Mangan

13, Aug, 2021 @9:00 PM

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Phone-hacking: Colin Stagg targeted by News of the World

Man wrongly accused of murdering Rachel Nickell in 1993 says he will fight back aggressively through courts

James Robinson

04, Jul, 2011 @11:55 PM

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IPCC orders police to apologise over Rachel Nickell murderer
Scotland Yard told to apologise for decisions relating to Robert Napper, who killed mother and daughter after Nickell

Vikram Dodd

03, Jun, 2010 @9:32 AM

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'My son was in danger. So was I'
He left Britain after his girlfriend Rachel Nickell was murdered 17 years ago, to escape the trauma and the press. This week André Hanscombe returned – to force the police to face their mistakes

Aida Edemariam

21, Nov, 2009 @12:05 AM

Letters: The consequence of trial by tabloid

Letters: It is obvious that Colin Stagg was a victim of the police's stunning incompetence

22, Dec, 2008 @12:01 AM

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Police errors allowed Nickell murder

Forensics reveal DNA flaws may have left serious criminals at large in at least 15 other cases

Sandra Laville, crime correspondent

19, Dec, 2008 @12:01 AM

Pressure on police to find Wimbledon killer put wrong man in frame

Despite being acquitted, Colin Stagg was pursued by the media up until Napper's conviction

Duncan Campbell

19, Dec, 2008 @12:01 AM

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Duncan Campbell: Trial by tabloid ensured there was another victim in the Rachel Nickell case

Duncan Campbell: Trial by tabloid and police errors framed Colin Stagg for the murder of Rachel Nickell, while Robert Napper went free

Duncan Campbell

18, Dec, 2008 @1:35 PM

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Rachel Nickell killing: Met apology a long time coming, says innocent Colin Stagg

Man who was charged and cleared over killing says he has forgiven case detectives but not profiler who accused him

Sandra Laville, crime correspondent

18, Dec, 2008 @1:34 PM

Rachel Nickell: a case history

Trace the eventful history of the murder inquiry, including the collapse of the trial of Colin Stagg

Matthew Weaver

18, Dec, 2008 @1:05 PM

Emine Saner: Colin Stagg's compensation is well-deserved

Emine Saner: Colin Stagg's compensation is the very least he deserves. He should now receive some high-profile apologies too

Emine Saner

14, Aug, 2008 @10:30 AM

Colin Stag timeline

Early suspect in Rachel Nickell murder case wins £706,000 compensation after 16 years of being haunted by accusations

Jenny Percival

13, Aug, 2008 @5:40 PM

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