Rachel Nickell case: where are they now?

Whereabouts of key people involved in the case of Rachel Nickell, 16 years after she was killed by Robert Napper

Andrew and Monica Nickell

The parents of Rachel Nickell now live in Dorset. They gave their last interview in 1998.

Keith Pedder

The detective inspector who conducted the investigation left the Metropolitan police in 1995, taking the papers on the case with him for a book. He was charged with corruption in 1998, relating to an allegation that he tried to get information from the police national computer. The charge was dropped in 1999 after a judge ruled the main evidence against him was unfair. Pedder believed he and other officers involved were dropped by the Met, while more senior figures who had approved the undercover strategy emerged with their reputations intact.

Andre and Alex Hanscombe

Rachel's partner, Andre, and Alex – who was a 35-month-old toddler when she was killed – are now living in southern Europe. Hanscombe moved to France with Alex six months after Nickell's killing. He wanted to give his child a chance of growing up normally. He moved again when the media tracked him down. Alex is now nearly 19 and lives with his father.

Ian Johnston

As deputy assistant commissioner of the Met he was the most senior officer to approve the controversial honeytrap policy of using a policewoman to target Colin Stagg and entice him to confess. Stagg was charged and later cleared over the killing. Johnston is now chief constable of the British Transport police and chairs the Association of Chief Police Officers crime committee.

Lizzy James

The specialist operations undercover policewoman who was used to befriend Stagg and entice him into confessing to murder was awarded £125,000 for stress. She left the police force and lived for a time in Australia.

Paul Britton

The forensic psychologist resigned from the British Psychological Society in 1999. In 2002 he was brought before the society's disciplinary panel to face seven charges of misconduct. The case was dropped by the disciplinary committee. It was so long after the event, they said he would not get a fair hearing. Britton still lives in Leicestershire. He is no longer an approved behavioural investigative analyst on the National Police Improvement Agency. Britton has never apologised to Stagg.


Sandra Laville

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