Strictly Come Dancing 2021: week three results show – as it happened

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James Bond! Bodyguard! Er, Shrek! It was Movie Week on the Strictly dancefloor, but which couple were gone when the credits rolled?

Katie and Gorka take to the floor for their final spin, this week to ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

And…that’s it for Movie Week, which means we get a couple of weeks of normality before they unleash the prop hounds for Halloween. I’m off to lie down in a dark room – thank you as ever for joining in and being amazing. Next week’s show kicks off at 7pm, and like Eliud Kipchoge in Vienna in 2019, we’ll be running sub-two hours for the first time. Have a brilliant week and I’ll see you then! Hx

Katie thanks Gorka for being an amazing partner, and teaching her his funny ways. Meanwhile Gorka thanks Katie for making his job enjoyable and easy, which when I write it down sounds a bit ‘woohoo I’ve got nine weeks off’ but was actually considerably more heartfelt.

Which means KATIE AND GORKA are leaving the Strictly dancefloor, and my terrible prediction that Gorka would have to leave Strictly dressed in a suit fashioned from a selection of polyester dog blankets has come true. Paw Gorka.

Craig saves Judi and Graziano, as does Motsi. But Anton saves Katie and Gorka, because he lives for the drama. So Shirley has the deciding vote, and decides to save Judi and Graziano because it had ‘more edge and rhythm’.

I mean, I don’t disagree with your decision, Shirley, but if Katie had done an American Smooth with edge and rhythm you’d be sucking lemons.

Time for Katie and Gorka to have another go at their American Smooth. I think the biggest issue with these two is lack of chemistry; Katie is a decent dancer with loads of potential, but there’s no spark, sadly. They both look like they’d rather be organising their sock drawer. It’s a shame, but I guess not every Strictly pairing can be a great fit.


DANCE OFF TIME! Judi and Graziano are up first and still love the characterisation of this dance. Definitely some improvement in Judi’s footwork too – she’s not going home without a fight.

Also big up the Dave Arch singer giving Queen Latifah both barrels. Outstanding.

I’ve never seen Avatar. Are the characters human/fish hybrids, like Kevin Costner’s Waterworld?

Next week Adam and Katya are dancing the first Argentine Tango of the season. He loves to live life on the edge, does Adam.


I mean, neither Judi nor Katie was the worst dancer on Strictly last night, but clearly the Dan and Adam fandoms have both stepped up. The big question is, which one of them is going to stay? They both scored 24 points and they both were a bit shaky in places. So it’s all going to come down to who improves most in this dance off. EXCITING.

Anyway deep breath. Who’s joining Judi and Graziano in the dance-off? Tilly and Nikita are safe, along with Sara and Aljaz, Adam and Katya and Dan and Nadiya.

Which means…KATIE AND GORKA in the dance off.

Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of star of stage and screen Ben Platt, singing ‘You Will Be Found’ from the movie Dear Evan Hansen. I’ve never seen this, but apparently it’s based on the original stage musical. Why is doing Movie Week with movies so hard? Why are we even here? What’s the actual point of anything?

A few more through to next week - Ugo and Oti, Tom and Amy, John and Johannes and Greg and Karen.

First couple in the bottom two: JUDI AND GRAZIANO. Had kind of hoped that wouldn’t happen, but that’s the way Strictly goes sometimes.

Oh Claudia, you know I love you but that outfit really is ill-advised on SO many levels. And I say that as a woman wearing rainbow pyjamas and a fleece with a hole in it.

So which couples are safely through to next week? Robert and Dianne are safe (and she can finally remove that pig snout), along with Rose and Giovanni, Rhys and Nancy and AJ and Kai.

We’ll find out who’s the first couple in the bottom two later, because tension.


Last night on Strictly: Week Three Movie Madness.

Highlights: Some brilliant dancing, Aljaz’s Shrek belly, Paso Pirates, Rose’s dreamy Foxtrot, AJ does Whitney, Motsi’s Bantu knots, the return of Tom and Amy, Adam being blue, Craig being Craig.

Lowlights: Robert’s Ker-helmit, Couple’s Choice generally, unhinged scoring, Shirley being Shirley.


TESS AND CLAUDIA DRESS WATCH: Tess in a rather fabulous sleeveless black tux, Claudia in a sparkly cardigan, shorts and no lipstick. It’s quite baffling.


Tonight’s opening pro dance is *checks notes* inspired by the 2021 film In The Heights, which was based on the stage musical of the same name. Strictly is just trolling us now.

Nice to get a look at new Strictly dancer Cameron Lombard and Jowita Prytzal, as well as some incredible breakdancers.

And we’re off! The Oti/Ugo nose boop in the credits is still making me itchy, but at least there are only nine weeks to go.

I popped out to load the dishwasher, and I’m reliably informed there was another appearance from another female farmer talking about being replaced by robot tractors. It was brief but beautiful.

Tonight’s Countryfile Casual Weatherperson is the delightful Matt Taylor. 8/10 from the waist down – solid denim and leather belt combo. But the prison shirt needs a button undone and rolled-up sleeves. It’s like he got half-dressed for Casual Weather then bottled it. 5/10 overall.


Quick Countryfile update in case you’re not watching: potatoes are doomed. I’ve just eaten a shepherd’s pie and given thanks for every spuddy mouthful.

Hold the phones, there’s a woman on Countryfile. She’s a bio-stimulant expert doing something to potatoes involving seaweed.


The Countryfile Calendar costs £9.99 this year and features a recumbent otter.

It’s a harvest special on Countryfile, and a man is using a giant machine to jiggle his cherries. It’s been on for 40 minutes and we’re yet to see a woman. Keep your eyes peeled, I’m reliably informed that female farmers exist.

Oh wait, a pink box in a car park! That could be promising. Nope, it’s a man called Jamie.


Evening all, and welcome back for tonight’s Strictly Results show! We all went to the movies last night, and it was an Elstree blockbuster pretty much from start to finish. Tonight it’s time for the credits to roll for another Strictly pairing – who will it be? This is a rhetorical question, so if you’ve seen a spoiler please keep it to yourself.

Tonight’s show kicks off at 7.10pm, so join me then. Or stick around now for a little Countryfile ramble. I live in Wiltshire and it’s very much my rural jam, but mostly we like to pass gentle judgement on the outfit worn by the Casual Weatherperson, usually around 7pm. Jeans and plaid shirts get bonus points, particularly if the sleeves are rolled up. One day Tomasz Schafernaker is going to turn up looking like he’s off to a hoedown and we’re all going to spontaneously combust.

And that’s it for tonight’s show, thank you so much for joining in and being Oscar-winning levels of fabulous. I’ll be back here for the Results tomorrow evening at 7.10pm, with a bit of a ramble around Countryfile beforehand if you fancy it. See you then!

Is anyone else feeling a bit emotionally drained? John and Johannes are at the top of the leaderboard, with Adam and Katya at the bottom. VOTING IS OPEN.

Time for a recap - so much great dancing tonight, I want to watch it all again. Highlights for me include AJ and Kai, Rose and Giovanni, Tom and Amy and John and Johannes.

Who do we think is going to be in the dance-off? It should be Adam and Dan according to the official leaderboard, but I think the public might save both of them. Katie and Sara, maybe? Robert? Greg? It’s a really tough one to call.


Scores: 9,10,10,10 - a total of 39 for John and Johannes. Drink everything.

Anton thought it might be a bit camp but instead it was the best dance of the night. Craig thought it was seriously hot, and Motsi agrees - what a night, and John and Johannes were a highlight. Shirley loved the magnetic energy and she’s never seen anything like it before.

This is a brilliant Paso - John has incredible power and intent and he really is the most superb dancer. Great lines, amazing jumps, I’m absolutely in awe of this partnership. Outstanding work in hold too - theatrical, fierce and fabulous. LOVED that.

John and Johannes
John and Johannes Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


And finally, it’s JOHN AND JOHANNES! Their Movie Week choice is the Paso Doble to ‘He’s a Pirate’ by Klaus Badelt, from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a proper orchestral banger and JoJo make fabulous pirates. I feel like I’ve definitely watched a BIT of this film, although probably not all the way through. So, I don’t know, have half a drink if you’re still coherent after all the mad scoring.

Scores: 9,10,9,9 - a total of 37 for Rhys and Nancy. OK, sure. Are we still drinking? Motsi clearly is.

Shirley has never seen anyone jump that high before, and she loved it. Anton thought it was brilliant, and Craig agrees - is was a professional standard. Motsi loved the details and accents and Rhys had swag and energy and a gorgeous smile.

Rhys has got some serious moves and has brought every one of them to the Strictly dancefloor. Street/Commercial is very much his thing, and now I’m wishing he’d been paired with Karen because it very evidently isn’t Nancy’s thing. Could have done without the lifts and I don’t really understand why Rhys isn’t actually dressed as Spiderman, but great job.

Rhys and Nancy
Rhys and Nancy Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


Only two left! Next it’s RHYS AND NANCY. This week they’re dancing Couple’s Choice to ‘Spiderman Main Theme’ by P. Webster and J. Harris, from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Obviously I’ve never seen this, so DRINK.

Scores: 5,7,6,6 - a total of 24 for Katie and Gorka.

Motsi was really entertained, Katie did a great job with a character. She wanted better footwork in hold, but it was fun to watch. Shirley thought Katie came out on a mission, and definitely doesn’t want to go home. Anton liked the dancing out of hold, but the in-hold stuff was a bit tricky. Craig thought it needed finesse and refinement and grace, but seeing Gorka on all fours has made his night. HAHAHA.

I LOVE Katie as Cruella De Vil, but Gorka’s dalmatian suit looks like it cost £15 off Amazon. I hope for his sake they don’t get eliminated this weekend, because leaving Strictly dressed in that dogawful furry horror would be too humiliating.

Katie’s actually doing a decent job of this – bags of attitude and character, and plenty of Cruella sass. A little bit wobbly in the footwork and flags at times, but way better than last week.

Katie and Gorka
Katie and Gorka Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


Next up it’s KATIE AND GORKA! Their Movie Week choice is the American Smooth to ‘Cruella De Vil’ by Mel Leven (Dr John version), from Cruella. Never seen this, because it’s about an evil puppy killer and my fragile emotional state can’t handle it.

Katie had a narrow escape in the dance-off last week, and she could be in serious trouble unless she ups her game. But I think she’s got what it takes to pull this off.

Scores: 4,5,5,6 - a total of 20 for Adam and Katya.

Craig thought the Rumba looked a bit awkward on Adam, but the lifts were beautiful and he told the story well. Motsi liked the tension in Adam’s arms and she felt Adam’s energy. Shirley loved Adam’s centre line but he was truly exposed without a floaty shirt on. Anton does an impression of a jellyfish to show Adam what body movement he’d like to see.

This is an athletic Rumba rather than a sexy Rumba, and there are some issues with Adam’s hip action and foot pressure. But I never really know what I’m looking for in a Rumba, so don’t ask me. There’s a lot of bending, I guess.

I’m blue, ba-ba-dee.

Adam and Katya
Adam and Katya Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


It’s time for ADAM AND KATYA! This week they’re dancing the Rumba to ‘I See You’ by Leona Lewis, from the movie Avatar. Are we ready to Rumba? Absolutely not, even if Adam Peaty has has been sprayed blue and forgotten his shirt. I have never seen this film, even though my mum has it on 3D Blu-Ray and has repeated urged me to watch it. DRINK.


Are we there yet? Is there an interval? Stay strong, everyone.

Scores: 8,8,8,8 - a total of 32 for Tom and Amy.

Anton enjoyed that enormously, the side-by-side bits had great energy but in hold was a bit flatter. Craig thought it was flat-footed at the beginning but it got better and better. Motsi loved the connection between Tom and Amy, and Shirley thought it had great kicks and flicks and she’s glad to have Tom and Amy back. ME TOO.

Tom’s got his guitar out, and looks very much at home here. Kind of wish he’d get rid of it sooner, because it detracts from his brilliant footwork and outstanding Jive energy. Great leg action, proper Jive content, outstanding partnering skills. Possibly one of my favourite Jives ever on Strictly.

Tom and Amy
Tom and Amy Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA

Next up it’s TOM AND AMY! Lovely to see them back on the Strictly dancefloor, Covid-free and dancing the Jive to ‘Johnny B Goode’ by Chuck Berry, from Back To The Future. Great song, fab film, I have very high hopes for this.

Scores: 7,8,8,8 - a total of 31 for Ugo and Oti.

Shirley thought it was joyful and it was absolutely on time today. Anton thought Ugo killed it (in a good way, I think). Craig thought it lacked musicality but he loved the hair on Ugo and the characterisation. Motsi loved the improvement in Ugo’s performance skills, but she’d like her wig back.

I mean, is anyone looking at Ugo’s feet right now? I have no idea what dance style this is, but I feel like they binned off the options some time ago. It’s all good fun, and Ugo’s giving it both barrels. Thank you, and you’re welcome.

Ugo and Oti
Ugo and Oti Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


It’s time for UGO AND OTI! This week they’re dancing Couple’s Choice to ‘You’re Welcome’ by Dwayne Johnson, from Moana. One of my favourite Disney films ever, and I’m very open to Ugo going full bare-chested demigod.

He’s dancing this for his two gorgeous little girls, who are insanely cute.


Scores: 9,9,9,9 - a total of 36 for Rose and Giovanni.

Motsi thought it was beautiful and a magic moment. Shirley thought it was absolutely exquisite and very moving. Anton is feeling emotional, and is reminded of when he danced to Titanic with Anne Widdecombe. It was exquisite, and Craig agrees - A-MAY-ZING.

Rose looks absolute stunning, I just did a gasp. This has lovely romance and a gorgeous top line from Rose - it’s beautifully understated on an inherently over-the-top night, and all the more incredible for it. Outstanding.

Rose and Giovanni
Rose and Giovanni Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


Next up it’s ROSE AND GIOVANNI! Their Movie Week choice is a Foxtrot to ‘Rose’s Theme’ by James Horner, from Titanic. Of course I’ve seen it, it’s a great film and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. Also nice to pick a song with Rose’s name in it, like it’s a throwback to Week One.

Scores: 6,7,7,7 - a total of 27 for Tilly and Nikita.

Craig thought it was heavy of foot and the footwork was haphazard, but Tilly’s personality shined through. Motsi felt Tilly’s nerves and loved the energy. Shirley is ignoring mistakes today and Tilly did really well. Anton enjoyed the performance, but there were definitely mistakes.

Tilly descends from the heavens in a can of hairspray, like she’s on her way back from Button Moon (ask your mum). This starts really well, but Tilly makes a few mistakes and her leg action isn’t great. Love the energy though.

Tilly and Nikita
Tilly and Nikita Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC


Who’s next? It’s TILLY AND NIKITA. This week they’re dancing the Jive to ‘Nicest Kids in Town’ by James Marsden, from the STAGE MUSICAL AND ALSO SUBSEQUENT MOVIE Hairspray. Drink, but only a single because I have actually seen this.

Not sure how I feel about doing a Charleston/Jive back to back, can we not break things up a bit? We’re very Salsa/Cha Cha/Tango light this week.

Scores: 6,6,7,7 - a total of 26 for Greg and Karen.

Anton didn’t mind it, and he really likes Greg from the waist up, but he needs to make his legs the driving force of his dancing. Craig thought the lead was questionable at times and Greg was too placed, but the Spanish arms were good. Motsi enjoyed Greg in character but she wanted to see more of the Spanish line coming through. Shirley liked that there were no mistakes but she wants Greg to lead more powerfully.

Next up it’s GREG AND KAREN! Tonight they’re dancing the Paso Doble to The James Bond Theme by Monty Norman, from every James Bond movie ever. I think I read somewhere that Greg Wise once auditioned for Bond after Timothy Dalton, but lost out to Pierce Brosnan. I mean, it’s not too late.

I’ve definitely seen a Bond film or twenty, albeit not the new one. I heard it’s three hours long and my local cinema doesn’t do intervals. Can’t go that long without a loo break, even for Daniel Craig and Rami Malek.

Greg’s on a snowmobile, so this is very much a Roger Moore Paso Doble. He looks spectacularly hot, even if this Paso lacks a bit of attack and has zero Spanish line. Needs more drive and not nearly fierce enough, sadly.

Greg and Karen
Greg and Karen Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC


Scores: 6,6,7,6 - a total of 25 for Robert and Dianne.

Shirley loves frogs, and Rob looks adorable in that suit. There were a few mistakes there, but she’s going to forgive them because he picked them right up. Anton agrees there were mistakes, but generally Robert has improved. Craig thought it was a bit jerky but the timing was very good. Motsi agrees that Robert is improving and on the right track.

I can’t take Robert seriously in a Kermit cycle helmet and a green suit. Couldn’t they have done the makeup, or did they use it all up on Aljaz? As a Quickstep this is fine, if a little stilted and scrappy in places.

Robert and Dianne
Robert and Dianne Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


It’s time for ROBERT AND DIANNE! This week they’re dancing the Quickstep to’ The Muppet Show Theme’ by The Muppets, from The Muppets Movie. Drink everything.

Robert and Dianne are going to be Kermit and Miss Piggy, which is just wrong and weird. I’ve seen this film, but I now fear that this dance is going to spoil it forever. They want to bring the muppet love.


Scores: 8,9,9,9 - a total of 35 for AJ and Kai. DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK.

Motsi was spellbound, there was so much pure quality in there. Shirley loved the portrayal of the character and she really felt the love story. Anton loved the fleckerl, and Craig can’t believe that AJ has never danced before - that was spectacular.

Well this is lovely, despite the ankle fog. AJ has a beautiful ballroom frame and is making this look easy. Gorgeous chemistry between these two as well, and some spectacular lifts. LOVED that.

AJ and Kai
AJ and Kai Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC

Next up it’s AJ AND KAI! Their Movie Week choice is the American Smooth to ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston, from The Bodyguard. So far AJ is proving to be the best all-rounder on this year’s show, and I can’t wait to see if she and Kai can deliver more chemistry than Whitney and Kevin Costner. Although that was a low bar, to be fair. Obviously I have seen this movie, it’s got Whitney in it.

Incidentally, Georgia and Giovanni did a Smooth to this song at Blackpool, I vaguely remember Georgia descending from the heavens on a giant moon. The song definitely lends itself to a Smooth with Viennese twist, especially since AJ and Kai did a Foxtrot last week.

Scores: 7,7,7,7 - a total of 28 for Sara and Aljaz.


Craig really loved it, it had great energy and great performance. Motsi also loved the content and enthusiasm. Shirley thought Sara had an inner timing clock that kept her on time, and it was very well executed. Anton thought it was terrific, Sara’s latin has massively improved.

OK, maybe I’m just grumpy. I’ll watch it again later.

The best thing I can say about this is that Aljaz’s Shrek makeup is SO much better than Pasha’s was. Sara is having a fabulous time but it’s stompy and her timing is all over the shop. That said, this might make it through on votes for Aljaz’s belly. The CGI is back!

Sara and Aljaz
Sara and Aljaz Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


It’s time for SARA AND ALJAŽ! This week they’re dancing the Samba to ‘Best Years of Our Lives’ by Modern Romance, from Shrek. I mean technically this version was Baha Men, but I’m not going to pick a fight with the BBC about it. I’ve obviously seen this film, who hasn’t?

Sara’s dancing a Samba in the Slot Of Death this evening. Unless this is amazing, she’s going to Samba roll straight into the dance-off.

Scores: 3,5,7,6 - a total of 21 for Dan and Nadiya. Oh Shirley, really?

Anton is mortified because Dan went wrong, but it wasn’t a bad effort. Craig felt like Dan lost his confidence, and Dan really needs to work on his arms - it wasn’t great. Motsi felt like the nerves got to Dan, so he needs to fix his crown and crack on. Shirley wasn’t disappointed with Dan at all, and is going to give him an extra point for picking himself up after making a mistake. If only she deployed that consistently, eh?

Tess’s plastic horse from the launch show is back, along with the pinkest canopy bed ever. Dan looks the part of the handsome prince, but his dancing is a bit stiff and lacks swing and sway. Also in that uniform he has a bit of Rolf from The Sound of Music about him. It’s got a lot of mistakes, not a great routine from Dan.

Dan and Nadiya
Dan and Nadiya Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA


Next up it’s DAN AND NADIYA! This week they’re dancing the Foxtrot to ‘Once Upon a Dream’ by Seth MacFarlane, from Sleeping Beauty, which I have definitely seen. I think we’ve had more Foxtrots already this year than we had in the whole of last year put together. Definitely not complaining, though - love a Foxtrot.

I listened to Seth’s version of this and it’s…jazzy, which makes me sad that they haven’t gone for the incredibly dark Lana Del Rey version from Maleficent. Also: Dan Walker in leather and horns.

Scores: 4,7,7,6 - a total of 24 for Judi and Graziano.

Shirley is in love with Judi, and she is ‘actually really quite sexy’ - honestly Shirley, please just stop. Anton thought it was tremendous, but Craig thought Judi’s left foot swivel was lacking and the dance needed more Charleston content (agreed). Motsi thought it was the perfect dance to show the range of Judi’s personality.

I LOVE Motsi’s hairdo. She looks fabulous.


Judi looks spectacular in silver fringing, and she’s absolutely owning this stage. The swivel could be sharper and have more welly, but the characterisation and storytelling is outstanding. Needed more Charleston basics, but a great start to the show.

Judi and Graziano
Judi and Graziano Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC

First up tonight it’s JUDI AND GRAZIANO! This week they’re dancing the Charleston to ‘When You’re Good to Mama’ by Queen Latifah and Taye Diggs, from Chicago. I have seen it and have very high hopes for Judi absolutely smashing this, but I’m afraid it was a stage musical long before it was a movie so you have to drink anyway.

Out come the stars! Notable outfits include a blue Adam Peaty, Robert Webb in in a Kermit motorbike helmet, and Ugo in a handful of fig leaves and absolutely nothing else. Good LORD.


Out come the judges! Motsi is wearing Tess’s judo outfit from last week. It’s good to recycle.

TESS AND CLAUDIA DRESS WATCH: Claudia back in black, Tess in strapless lilac bandages.

And we’re off! Because it’s a feem week, we get a bonus pro dance with a movie twist. Johannes is inviting everyone to a ball to dance to Taylor Swift’s Love story, but it feels more Bridgerton than Cinderella to me. Johannes and Kai are waltzing and the whole thing is incredibly dreamy. 100% would watch this movie.


And we’re off! All the Strictly stars are at a pretend movie premiere, which by coincidence seems to have been recorded in the foyer of a Premier Inn. I mean, I hope tonight’s show is less underwhelming than this.

I’ve just glanced up at the telly (it’s on mute, obviously) and Rochelle Humes appears to be wearing a pleather darts shirt. Is she OK?

This week’s Strictly Come Bingo – a swig of something from your festive stockpile (I’ve already cracked open the Croft Original) for any occurrence of the following:

  • A song choice from a movie I haven’t seen. I strongly recommend you bring extra drinks
  • Movies that were stage musicals first, thus making a mockery of November’s Musicals Week. I’m now convinced that Strictly slips in a couple every year just to annoy me.
  • Any score of eight or over
  • Any mention of the word ‘muppets’
  • VTs that sacrifice training footage for cheesy movie-themed nonsense.

So after last week’s surprise bounce-backs I’ve had to give Heidi’s Hunches a cabinet reshuffle, not least because ‘Battling for Blackpool’ was so very 2019. Tilly and Robert have both gone up a group, Katie, Adam and Greg have all gone down. I would have put Sara up too after last week’s fabulous Foxtrot, but she’s got a Samba this evening and that’s invariably a disaasaaster, darling. I’ve also moved Ugo and Oti up because they’re playing their Couple’s Choice Joker this evening, along with Rhys and Nancy who were never in danger anyway. Use your free pass wisely, people.

Group 1: gunning for the Grand Final – AJ and Kai, John and Johannes, Rose and Giovanni, Rhys and Nancy

Group 2: driving for December – Adam and Katya, Tilly and Nikita, Tom and Amy, Judi and Graziano, Robert and Dianne, Ugo and Oti

Group 3: happy to see Halloween – Dan and Nadiya, Sara and Aljaz, Katie and Gorka, Greg and Karen

Evening all, and welcome to this week’s Strictly Come Dancing liveblog! Despite our annual grumblings that Week Three is FAR too early for a theme, the Strictly gods persist in emptying out the BBC prop cupboard for a night at the Movies. Suspend all expectation of actual technique in favour of a hot mess of gimmicks and nonsense, although I admit that in previous years we’ve actually quite enjoyed it in the end. But I feel like the liveblog chuntering has become as much Strictly tradition as the wobbly lamppost and the Flavia Wig.

Kick-off is at 6.45pm, and it’s still two hours ten minutes – we may have lost Nina and Neil, but Tom and Amy are back. Like an M.C. Escher drawing, Strictly only gives the ILLUSION of getting smaller.

Grab snacks, drinks and loved ones, and I’ll see you in a bit!


Heidi Stephens

The GuardianTramp

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