Sunday with Amanda Lamb: ‘I’m not one of those annoying, early-morning chirpy people’

The TV presenter gets off to a slow start, then later on does some gardening, enjoys a glass of rosé, reads the newspapers

Up early or lie-in? Before children I’d happily roll out of bed at 11.30. With kids you’ve got no chance. I’m not one of those annoying, early-morning chirpy people. Don’t talk to me for at least the first hour.

Then what? I’ve recently got into reformer pilates. I thought pilates was just flapping your arms a bit. Reformer pilates – a bed with lots of pulleys, attached to springs – looks like an instrument of torture.

Sunday brekkie? I do like a little cheeky breakfast out on my way home from pilates. There’s a really good café that does the most amazing coffee and scrambled eggs on toast.

Family activities? In a dream world we’d all be out laughing, joking. In real life, the kids are moaning on a walk, because they’re cold and wet. ‘How much further? We’re hungry!’

Sunday lunch? I hate that it’s too hot for a Sunday lunch in the summer. You don’t want to be in the kitchen cooking, though Sunday lunch would be my death row meal.

Secret ingredient? I’m a big advocate of bread sauce. I know some people find it the spawn of Satan, but I love it.

Sundays growing up? Very regimented. We’d get up, have a big fry-up and go to church. I was allowed to take a Rubik’s Cube because it didn’t make any noise. Father Burt’s sermons put everybody to sleep. We’d wager which member of the congregation would fall asleep first.

Sunday unwind? I’m a seasonal Sunday person. In the winter it’s red wine, Sunday papers, fire on, lots of candles. In the summer it’s garden, rosé, papers.

Sunday TV? In my catalogue world, we’d watch David Attenborough to learn how to save the planet. In reality, we’ll be arguing over which film to watch.

Love or dread Mondays? Mondays are like New Year’s resolutions. I’m excited that it’s the start of a new week, so I’m going to put all those things into action. Then inevitably, it turns into an absolute scramble.

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Rich Pelley

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