Ashley Norris: Gadgets

Ashley Norris takes a look at this week's must-have technology.

Ashley Norris

27, Apr, 2006 @10:28 AM

Less is more

Not a week goes by without some press release heralding a new mobile game's 3D graphics or console quality action. Rubbish. As Keef rightly points out in today's Technology supplement, mobile games should be quick, easy and able to load in less than 15 seconds.

Greg Howson

27, Apr, 2006 @9:54 AM

Game unveils political attitudes

A research team at Stanford University in the US have adopted an experimental approach to gauge the cathartic effects of smacking images of a range of leading American political figures. In conjunction with US newspaper The Washington Post, they challenged players to "Whack-a-Pol", "Whack-a-Dictator" and "Whack-a-Celeb".

Aleks Krotoski

27, Apr, 2006 @8:45 AM

The coming death of itemised billing, is NHS data free?, the 'guestbook spammer', Digg's achilles heel, and much more

This week's print edition of the Technology supplement is online too...

Charles Arthur

27, Apr, 2006 @6:46 AM

Atari does an urban Wario Ware

I can't work out if this is a great idea, or a really bad one. Atari has just officially announced Hot Pxl, a collection of 200 mini-games for the PSP, "based on a quirky and original story premise and drawing inspiration from street culture and the digital lifestyle." Yes, it's FIFA Street meets Wario Ware!

Keith Stuart

27, Apr, 2006 @6:44 AM

Inside IT: Home network storage will be the talk of the town, I bet

You might think you're never going to buy NAS for your home. But did you ever think you'd want to put all your CDs on to a hard drive and listen to them?

Charles Arthur

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

Inside IT: An unwelcome guest of spam

Michael Pollitt: I've been battling a spammer who has been using my name and email address to spam guestbooks. The result? An inbox choked with guestbook acknowledgment emails and a fight with internet companies.

Michael Pollitt

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM


News in brief

Jack Schofield

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

Is NHS data there for any company - or just one?
Competitors claim a commercial joint venture with the official custodian of health data puts level playing field at risk, writes Michael Cross.

Michael Cross

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

Charles Arthur: Newly asked questions

Social search has an achilles heel: any system that relies on people clicking buttons (on websites, for example) can be subverted by smart programmers writing 'scripts'. But is this a storm in techno-teacup?

Charles Arthur

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

Charles Arthur: Newly asked questions

What is more likely is that eBay's newly acquired web-based phone service will find out whether there's any market for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ringtones.

Charles Arthur

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

Wear your heart on the screen

Using grid computing, scientists have developed models of the body's most vital organ to devise better treatment methods.

William Knight

27, Apr, 2006 @1:01 AM

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