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Requiem review – Mozart meets stomping South African movement
A double bill from Phoenix Dance Theatre and Opera North contrasts Mozart’s wretched souls with Neo Muyanga’s After Party – two very different ways of dealing with death

Lyndsey Winship

28, May, 2023 @12:15 PM

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Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations review – Eddie Izzard seduces in charismatic one-woman show
Izzard uses humour instinctively, helped by Dickens’s love of the exaggerated or comic grotesque

Arifa Akbar

28, May, 2023 @11:01 AM

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No Pay? No Way! review – a bubblegum drama of despair
Dario Fo and Franca Rama’s bitterly comic 1974 satire is a timely fit for today’s cost of living crisis, here impeded by a cartoonishly bright set

Clare Brennan

28, May, 2023 @10:30 AM

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The week in theatre: The Second Woman; Brokeback Mountain; Once on This Island – review
Ruth Wilson mesmerises in a 24-hour breakup with 100 different actors; tender moments illuminate a faithful yet distanced adaptation of Annie Proulx’s cowboy love story; and voodoo comes to Regent’s Park

Susannah Clapp

28, May, 2023 @9:30 AM

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Corps extrêmes; Rose Until It Touched the Sky – review
Highliner Nathan Paulin, two extreme climbers and eight acrobats add up to one riveting show, while Three Score Dance throw a new light on ageing

Sarah Crompton

28, May, 2023 @8:00 AM

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Do Not Go Gentle review – a profound exploration of ageing and dementia
Patricia Cornelius’s play co-opts Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the south pole to follow a band of adventurers who are actually in an aged care home

Steve Dow

28, May, 2023 @1:30 AM

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Aspects of Love review – a preposterous blast from the past
Michael Ball returns to sing Love Changes Everything, this time as the uncle, in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical of romantic entanglements

Arifa Akbar

26, May, 2023 @12:26 PM

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John Kearns review – hilarious oddball marvels at the beautiful banal
The standup delivers the finest set of his career – touching on fatherhood, bin bags and Van Gogh Lego

Brian Logan

26, May, 2023 @10:49 AM

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Dougie Squires obituary
Choreographer whose dance troupes were a mainstay of light entertainment TV programmes in the 1960s and 70s

Michael Coveney

25, May, 2023 @5:19 PM

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A Passionate Woman review – Kay Mellor’s wry rummage through middle-aged angst
A year after Mellor’s death, Tess Seddon directs her 1993 play marked by dry northern wit, knowing ridiculousness and deep, understated sadness

Arifa Akbar

25, May, 2023 @12:35 PM

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The Lies review – from tooth fairy fibs to colonial myths
Degna Stone’s ambitious play moves from the imperial to the domestic in its exploration of the legacy of untruths

Mark Fisher

25, May, 2023 @9:40 AM

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream review – giddy shenanigans with a brilliantly chaotic Puck
This bright, bold show tries to balance humour and darkness but tends to land on the silly side of things

Kate Wyver

23, May, 2023 @10:27 AM

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