England beat New Zealand by 30 runs: first women’s ODI – as it happened

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An excellent 89 from Heather Knight and some tight new-ball bowling set England up for a narrow victory at Bristol

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The Player of the Match is Heather Knight

“It was a slow pitch and it felt quite tough out there - I think my innings had a bit of the good, the bad and the ugly. Brunty was brilliant and gave us some momentum at the end of the innings. We wanted 10 or 20 more, but it was quite hard to start your innings. It was the kind of pitch where you have to hide your ego a bit.

“It wasn’t perfect but we’re pleased to get the win. It was nice that we had that sort of wicket today as it meant we had to graft for our runs. We’ve committed to managing players through the series and we want to build up a pool of fast bowlers, so there will be a few changes from game to game.”

That was an uncomfortable comfortable win for England. They always looked the likelier winners, but New Zealand gave them a scare by adding 68 for the last two wickets. The superb Amy Satterthwaite was ultimately stranded on 79 not out. All the England bowlers chipped in, with Kate Cross taking the vital wicket of Sophie Devine when New Zealand were mounting a recovery.


It’s all over. Kasperek tried to steal a quick single to mid-off and was fractionally short when Winfield-Hill’s throw hit the stumps. I don’t think anybody on the field thought it was out, but the umpires went upstairs just in case. England are glad they did.


WICKET! New Zealand 211 all out (Kasperek run out 15)

46th over: New Zealand 211-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 79, Kasperek 15) Heather Knight invites Katherine Brunt to finish the job. But for which team? Brunt’s first two deliveries are cracked for four by Satterthwaite and, though she ends the over strongly with only two runs from the last four balls, this is getting very hairy for England.

45th over: New Zealand 201-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 69, Kasperek 15) Satterthwaite has made no attempt to farm the strike, which is a bit of a surprise. Mind you, Tahuhu and now Kasperek have been scoring at a decent rate, and that continues when Kasperek edges the new bowler Cross for four. New Zealand need 41 fae 30 baws.

44th over: New Zealand 195-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 68, Kasperek 10) Sophie Ecclestone bowls a superb final over, conceding only a leg-bye. She finishes with two for 39 and New Zealand need 47 from 36 balls.

43rd over: New Zealand 194-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 68, Kasperek 10) Kasperek has an ODI century against Ireland, so this game isn’t quite done and dusted. Satterthwaite threads Davies towards the point boundary, where the diving Cross does extremely well to save two runs. Three singles make it another decent over for New Zealand.

42nd over: New Zealand 189-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 65, Kasperek 8) Kasperek gets off the mark with a classy scoop for four off Ecclestone, then drives the next ball beautifully to the cover boundary. You shouldn’t be allowed to bat at No11 when you can play a shot like that. New Zealand need 53 from 48 balls.


41st over: New Zealand 178-9 (target 242; Satterthwaite 64, Kasperek 0) Amy Satterthwaite needs 64 from 54 balls.

WICKET! New Zealand 177-9 (Tahuhu b Davies 25)

That’ll do! Freya Davies ends Lea Tahuhu’s cameo with a delightful slower ball that beats Tahuhu’s swipe and bounces into the stumps. It was a valiant innings from Tahuhu, who made 25 from only 14 balls.


40th over: New Zealand 170-8 (target 242; Satterthwaite 62, Tahuhu 20) Lea Tahuhu hasn’t given this up. She fetches Dean over backward square leg for her fourth boundary, the highlight of an over that brings nine useful runs. New Zealand need 72 from 60 balls.

39th over: New Zealand 161-8 (target 242; Satterthwaite 61, Tahuhu 13) Freya Davies replaces Katherine Brunt, whose figures took a battering in that second spell: she now has one for 12 from seven overs.

Satterthwaite clubs another boundary straight down the ground to move into the sixties, then Tahuhu times a superb forcing stroke for four more. She has raced to 13 from six balls.

38th over: New Zealand 151-8 (target 242; Satterthwaite 56, Tahuhu 8) Lea Tahuhu clouts her second ball back over Dean’s head for four and slices the next past short third for another boundary.

WICKET! New Zealand 143-8 (Kerr b Dean 5)

Charlie Dean gets her first wicket in international cricket! It was a beautiful delivery, which turned sharply to beat Kerr and rattle into the top of off stump. There has been no more popular wicket today.

New Zealand’s Jess Kerr is bowled by England’s Charlie Dean.
New Zealand’s Jess Kerr is bowled by England’s Charlie Dean. Photograph: David Davies/PA


37th over: New Zealand 142-7 (target 242; Satterthwaite 54, Kerr 5) Kerr makes room to club Brunt over the leaping Knight at extra cover and away for four. It was a fine effort from Knight but she couldn’t quite reach it.

36th over: New Zealand 136-7 (target 242; Satterthwaite 54, Kerr 0) The debutant Charlie Dean returns to the attack. That’s a smart move from Heather Knight, with the chance of some cheapish lower-order wickets. Satterthwaite survives another run-out chance after being rightly sent back by Kerr; she would have been out with a direct hit. A firm slog sweep brings her a boundary off the next ball, but those are the only runs from the over. New Zealand needs 106 from 84 balls, aka snookers.

35th over: New Zealand 132-7 (target 242; Satterthwaite 50) That was the last ball of the over.

WICKET! New Zealand 132-7 (Rowe LBW b Brunt 1)

No review from Hannah Rowe this time - she works across a straight one from Brunt and is plumb LBW. Despite the excellence of Amy Satterthwaite, who reached a high-class fifty off the previous ball, New Zealand are heading for their 15th defeat in the last 16 ODIs.

Katherine Brunt of England celebrates taking the wicket of Hannah Rowe of New Zealand.
Katherine Brunt of England celebrates taking the wicket of Hannah Rowe of New Zealand. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


34th over: New Zealand 128-6 (target 242; Satterthwaite 48, Rowe 0)

REVIEW! New Zealand 128-6 (Rowe not out 0)

A successful review from Hannah Rowe! She was given out LBW to Ecclestone, having missed a flick to leg, but replays suggested the ball was just - and I mean just - sliding past leg stump.

33rd over: New Zealand 127-6 (target 242; Satterthwaite 47, Rowe 0) Katherine Brunt, who bowled four consecutive maidens with the new ball, returns to the attack. She finally concedes her first run of the match, from her 27th delivery, when Satterthwaite pushes a single into the covers. But that’s one of only three runs from the over, two off the bat to go with a leg-bye. New Zealand need 117 from 102 balls. It’s Satterthwaite or bust.

32nd over: New Zealand 124-6 (target 242; Satterthwaite 45, Rowe 0) A memorable over from Ecclestone: two wickets, six runs and one drinks break.

Hannah Rowe walks out to face the hat-trick ball... and drives it calmly to mid-on.

WICKET! New Zealand 124-6 (Halliday b Ecclestone 0)

Brooke Halliday goes first ball! It was lovely bowling from Ecclestone, a quicker one that skidded straight through Halliday to hit the stumps. New Zealand are in all sorts.

Sophie Ecclestone of England celebrates taking the wicket Brooke Halliday.
Sophie Ecclestone of England celebrates taking the wicket Brooke Halliday. Photograph: Matt Impey/REX/Shutterstock


Drinks That was another smart piece of captaincy from Heather Knight, who moved Davies to short fine leg only a couple of balls before the wicket.

WICKET! New Zealand 124-5 (Martin c Davies b Ecclestone 9)

Kacey Martin dies by the sweep. It brought her four and two earlier in Ecclestone’s over, but she tried again and top-edged a simple catch to Freya Davies at short fine leg.

England’s Sophie Ecclestone celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of New Zealand’s Katey Martin.
England’s Sophie Ecclestone celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of New Zealand’s Katey Martin. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


31st over: New Zealand 118-4 (target 242; Satterthwaite 45, Martin 3) This might be slipping away from New Zealand. Cross concedes only three singles from his seventh over, and the required rate creeps past 6.5 an over as a result.

30th over: New Zealand 115-4 (target 242; Satterthwaite 44, Martin 1) Amy Satterthwaite edges Ecclestone straight through the vacant slip cordon for four. If New Zealand are to win this game, Satterthwaite will have to do a lot of the work. The new batter Katey Martin almost falls later in the over, mistiming a premeditated scoop over the head of the keeper Jones.

29th over: New Zealand 109-4 (target 242; Satterthwaite 39, Martin 0)


Martin is not out! It was comfortably missing leg stump, so England have used up one of their two reviews.

ENGLAND REVIEW FOR LBW AGAINST MARTIN! I’m pretty sure it’s missing leg. But if it is out, Kate Cross is on a hat-trick.


WICKET! New Zealand 109-4 (Devine c Winfield-Hill b Cross 34)

This is a huge moment. Sophie Devine drags Cross towards mid-on, where Lauren Winfield-Hill moves to her left to take a comfortable catch. That ends an excellent partnership of 78 in 16 overs - and makes England big favourites.

28th over: New Zealand 104-3 (target 242; Satterthwaite 34, Devine 34) The boundaries have dried up, at least for the time being. Some effective nurdling brings four runs from Ecclestone’s latest over, which means New Zealand need 138 from 132 balls.

27th over: New Zealand 100-3 (target 242; Satterthwaite 33, Devine 31) These two have played expertly, as is their wont, but the required rate has crept above a run a ball despite that. It feels like something is going to give pretty soon. Devine tries to smash Cross over midwicket and gets a leading edge that lands just short of Ecclestone at third person.

26th over: New Zealand 97-3 (target 242; Satterthwaite 32, Devine 29) Thanks Tanya, hello everyone. That’s enough of the pleasantries, because Satterthwaite was almost out twice in the time it took me to sanitise my hands. First she charged Ecclestone and hit a lofted drive that landed just in front of the fielders running back from mid-off and mid-on; then she was sent back by Devine and would have been miles out had Amy Jones’ throw hit the stumps. It didn’t, she wasn’t.

25th over: New Zealand 93-3 (Sophie Devine 28, Amy Satterthwaite 29) Kate Cross swings back into the attack and is immediately on message, conceding only a wide

More on those lights! Over to Andrew Benton:

“Gloucs have got to put the lights on to justify their existence - they are more than a blot on the gentle hilly landscape of north Bristol, how they got planning permission I’ll never know. For matches like this, probably. “

That’s it from me, but you’re in safe hands with the one and only Rob Smyth.

24th over: New Zealand 92-3 (Sophie Devine 28, Amy Satterthwaite 29) Natty running, as New Zealand pick Ecclestone off for five singles. The hope for England, is that New Zealand’s batting line-up is very top-heavy.

23rd over: New Zealand 87-3 (Sophie Devine 25, Amy Satterthwaite 27) Satterthwaite sweeps and it rattles for four forward of square. Ah, shucks, Dean drops a tricky caught and bowled, it came at her fiercely. Devine, I think.


22nd over: New Zealand 81-3 (Sophie Devine 25, Amy Satterthwaite 22) Ecclestone rattles through her over more quickly than an autumn footstep through crunching leaves. The fifty partnership comes up off 62 balls and these two are starting to look as settled as Brunt and Knight.

21st over: New Zealand 79-3 (Sophie Devine 23, Amy Satterthwaite 21) Glorious from Devine, on one knee and whipped through the covers for four. A little wide, perhaps, from Dean.

20th over: New Zealand 73-3 (Sophie Devine 19, Amy Satterthwaite 21)At the end of 19 overs, England were 80-1, so just a pinch of snuff in it. But the introduction of Ecclestone, and here she comes, will be crucial. And she rattles through her first over with only one coming from it.

19th over: New Zealand 72-3 (Sophie Devine 18, Amy Satterthwaite 21) Satterthwaite sweeps Dean from up high and the ball beats Sophia Dunkley charging round the rope.

18th over: New Zealand 65-3 (Sophie Devine 16, Amy Satterthwaite 16) Beaumont, at backward point, a pint-pot of energy, prevents a four with a superb dive. Just one off a tight over from Davies.

An excellent point by Adam Collins. Just why? In a climate emergency.

Usual gripe: we don’t need to put the lights on automatically at the innings break of a D/N ODI in England. It’s 5:30pm and glorious. @TheNextTest pic.twitter.com/5bMNW4VopI

— Adam Collins (@collinsadam) September 16, 2021

17th over: New Zealand 64-3 (Sophie Devine 16, Amy Satterthwaite 15) Fairly easy pickings for Satterthwaite and Devine from Dean. They shrug off seven from the over.

16th over: New Zealand 57-3 (Sophie Devine 11, Amy Satterthwaite 13) It’s the kind of light now that photographers favour. Davies’s shadow is huge and menacing, sprawling off to the right. Devine slides her away through midwicket for four and it is DRINKS!

15th over: New Zealand 51-3 (Sophie Devine 6, Amy Satterthwaite 13) Charlie Dean, sunglasses ahoy, gets her first over in international cricket. The first player born in the 2000s to play for either England’s men or women’s team. Feeling old yet? She’s quite tall, a six-step approach, and it’s nicely done until the last is tipped down to the fine leg boundary.

14th over: New Zealand 45-3 (Sophie Devine 5, Amy Satterthwaite 8) New Zealand not bleeding urgency here. And as I type that, Satterthwaite sends Davies’ fifth ball through the covers for a beautifully-judged four.

13th over: New Zealand 38-3 (Sophie Devine 5, Amy Satterthwaite 1) A wicket, a no ball, a leg bye and a four, free flowing from Devine through point.

Aa hot air balloon passes behind the stadium.
Aa hot air balloon passes behind the stadium. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


WICKET! Green c Knight b Cross 19 (New Zealand 31-3)

Super catch by Knight, swooped off her shoe-laces, Green bewitched by some tasty late swing from Cross.

England’s Kate Cross celebrates taking the wicket of New Zealand’s Maddy Green.
England’s Kate Cross celebrates taking the wicket of New Zealand’s Maddy Green. Photograph: David Davies/PA


12th over: New Zealand 31-2 (Maddy Green 19, Amy Satterthwaite 1) Freya Davies is Knight’s choice. She looks quick, fast arm action, snappy, ball coming through at about 70mph. Four leg byes and a twinkling of singles

11th over: New Zealand 24-2 (Maddy Green 17, Amy Satterthwaite 0) Seven off the over as a wayward throw skims off the stumps.

10th over: New Zealand 17-2 (Maddy Green 10, Amy Satterthwaite 0) Is Sciver going to bowl straight through? Shirt tucked into her trousers, she splays into Down’s front pad, but it is heading leg-side. But Down fancies the last ball and go for it, only to tickle behind.

Down c Jones by Sciver 5 (New Zealand 17-2)

Expansive drive, neatly taken by Amy Jones already moving to her right in anticipation.

9th over: New Zealand 15-1 (Lauren Down 5, Maddy Green 9) A change of bowling as Knight beckons for Kate Cross. Her first is a little short and Green sighs a giant sigh and pings her through the covers for four.

4 maidens and your skipper takes you off... think Brunt might feel a tad peeved there 🤣 #ENGvNZ

— Raf Nicholson (@RafNicholson) September 16, 2021

8th over: New Zealand 9-1 (Lauren Down 4, Maddy Green 4) You know it felt like England didn’t quite fulfil their potential with the bat? I’m not sure it is going to matter. Four singles from Sciver’s over.


7th over: New Zealand 5-1 (Lauren Down 2, Maddy Green 2) Brunt snorting fire down her nostrils and New Zealand seemingly able to do nothing but defend. A fourth successive maiden from Brunt. So far all New Zealand have done is delve about amongst the tissues in their pocket for the key.

6th over: New Zealand 5-1 (Lauren Down 2, Maddy Green 2) A hint of frustration from Down who throws the bat and sends an edge past the slips. Sciver bleeding runs I tell ya, three off the over.

In the absence of being given the opportunity to actually play Test cricket, New Zealand's cricketers appear to be... playing Test cricket. #ENGvNZ

— Isabelle Westbury (@izzywestbury) September 16, 2021

5th over: New Zealand 2-1 (Lauren Down 1, Maddy Green 0) Beautiful bowling this from Brunt, a third successive maiden, not a ball wrong.

4th over: New Zealand 2-1 (Lauren Down 1, Maddy Green 0) A ring of light blue shirts patrol the ring and Sciver makes the ball sing. The pressure weighs on Bates and it isn’t the pretties shot which carries nicely to Knight. New Zealand approaching this at zimmer-frame pace.

WICKET! Bates c Knight b Sciver 1 (New Zealand 2-1)

A frustrated Bates drives and sends an outside edge into the happy hands of Heather Knight at first slip.

Nat Sciver of England celebrates taking the wicket of Suzie Bates of New Zealand.
Nat Sciver of England celebrates taking the wicket of Suzie Bates of New Zealand. Photograph: Matt Impey/Shutterstock


3rd over: New Zealand 1-0 (Lauren Down 0, Suzie Bates 1) Brunt fires in off her long run. The sun’s on her back and she’s throwing herself into every delivery. Bates, recovered from a rotator cuff injury at the back end of last year, is content to just play her back. A second consecutive maiden from Brunt. Super stuff.

2nd over: New Zealand 1-0 (Lauren Down 0, Suzie Bates 1) A single, but only off the tenth ball, and it is a tight one, would have been out if Tammy Beaumont’s superb pick up and dive had hit. Sciver getting the ball to sing, as Down plays and misses.

1st over: New Zealand 0-0 (Lauren Down 0, Suzie Bates 0) Down darts at Brunt’s outswinger and it passes by the bat by a paper leaf. The Bristol sun still shines, the shadows following the England fielders as they prowl. A maiden, can’t complain about that!

New Zealand innings

New Zealand’s openers are scratching their guard and Katherine Brunt has the new ball....

England all out 241. New Zealand need 242 to win

49.3 overs: England 241 all out (Davies 0) A decent total, but one that promised rather more at 40 overs with both Knight and Brunt well in. Classy from Knight, busy and useful from Brunt and Beaumont. On a nicely-paced pitch, England will need early wickets. Back shortly!

WICKET! Ecclestone run-out 5 (England 241 all out)

Rather a wet rag of a conclusion, as Ecclestone is run-out way out of her ground, after initially trying to grab the strike.


WICKET! Dean lbw Kerr 1 (England 241-9)

A two ball one for Charlie Dean on debut after being hit around the knee. She reviews, as instructed by Ecclestone, but it’s umpire’s call and she’s on her way.

New Zealand’s Jess Kerr appeals successfully for the lbw wicket of England’s Charlotte Dean.
New Zealand’s Jess Kerr appeals successfully for the lbw wicket of England’s Charlotte Dean. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


49th over: England 239-7 (Ecclestone 4, Cross 5) Frustration for New Zealand, as Sophie Ecclestone is caught at long-off off a no-ball. But England can’t make the most of it, the free hit dribbles away for one, and Cross is caught from the next. One over left.

WICKET! Cross c Halliday b Devine 5 (England 240-7)

Cross throws the bat but is swallowed on the edge of the cover circle by Halliday

48th over: England 236-7 (Ecclestone 3, Cross 4) Ooof! Crafty from Kate Cross, sent in ahead of Dean again, who is off the mark with a paddle for four. What can England do with two new batters?

WICKET! Brunt b Kerr 43 (England 232-7)

Brunt falls for a yorker as she tries to whip Kerr into the leg side, but neither her foot nor handiwork is nimble enough.

47th over: England 229-6 (Ecclestone 1, Brunt 42) Brunt, takes a giant stride, as if lunging for the cheese at a wedding, and lofts Kasperek for four, but Kasperek punches back as Knight misjudges and offers a fairly routine return catch. Smartly taken though. England send out Sophie Ecclestone rather than the debutant Charlie Dean - will she be feeling relief or frustration?

WICKET! Knight c and b Kasperek 89 (England 228-6)

Knight, out of nowhere, dollies the ball straight back to Kasperek ... and she won’t make her second ODI century.

Leigh Kasperek waits as Heather Knight picks her straight out.
Leigh Kasperek waits as Heather Knight picks her straight out. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


46th over: England 221-5 (Knight 88, Brunt 36) Devine delivers a full-toss but Knight can only loft it over extra-cover for a couple. A second full toss follows, most generously, this time swept on one knee behind square. Lovely stuff by Heather Knight whose batting can best be described as stress-free.

45th over: England 213-5 (Knight 81, Brunt 35) There’s a wind out there ruffling Rowe’s black trousers as she prepares to run in. She’s frustrating Brunt, who is itching to go big, but a fat outside edge will have to do. Four through third man and some tip and run.

44th over: England 205-5 (Knight 80, Brunt 30) Kerr, long blond hair illuminated by the afternoon sun and England can’t quite get her away, Four singles.

43rd over: England 201-5 (Knight 78, Brunt 28) A picturesque reverse-sweep by Knight, picture-perfect too, sends the ball spinning away for four. Much more urgency now from England, which they’ll need if they can reach 240.

42nd over: England 193-5 (Knight 72, Brunt 26) Knight tucks into a full-toss from Devine, pulling it to the boundary with some elan. A pocketful of singles surround it. And thats’ the fifty partnership from 64 balls, vital for England. A couple of ice-creams being devoured in the crowd. It’s looks a good quality vanilla, not a Mr Whippy in sight.

41st over: England 184-5 (Knight 64, Brunt 24) The accelerator pedal has been pressed. Sudden urgency as Knight lofts Kerr inelegantly through the onside for four. Ten from the over.

Katherine Brunt hits straight.
Katherine Brunt hits straight. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


40th over: England 174-5 (Knight 58, Brunt 22) Brunt has a huge swing at Devine,in an attempt to frying pan a pancake but is beaten. She thunders a couple on the off side then gloves one down to the boundary.

39th over: England 166-5 (Knight 58, Brunt 14) Knight is content to dip in and out, threading a single here, a couple there. Brunt has obviously been given the freedom to have a ping, but she can’t get Rowe away.

38th over: England 162-5 (Knight 57, Brunt 12) Brunt, it seems, is bored with farting about. She postures down the pitch to Tahuhu, swings and hits an outside edge past where a slip would lurk. Four! Then the review.


Yes, a fat inside edge

REVIEW! Brunt lbw....

But Brunt fancies she’s got a bat on it

37th over: England 156-5 (Knight 56, Brunt 8) England in baby blue - my favourite of the white ball kits. The pitch is biscuit coloured and the sun hot. In the crowd, sunglasses have been dug out from holiday suitcase. In my living room, the puppy curls up in the last vestiges of sunshine. And a smashing shot that by Brunt, throwing herself, with bent knee, at Rowe, and sending the ball spinning through mid-off.


36th over: England 149-5 (Knight 54, Brunt 3) England are struggling to get stuck into Tahuhu, jsut three from the over.

35th over: England 146-5 (Knight 53, Brunt 2) There’s an appeal for a run-out - rather wishy-washy. Kasperek tempts Brunt with a tasty lollipop outside off stump and she nearly falls for it, swiping without rhythm.

34th over: England 144-5 (Knight 52, Brunt 2) Brunt’s hair is tucked up in her helmet in a way very similar to my friend’s Sindy doll in a riding hat. I wasn’t allowed a Sindy so these things are memorable from nearly 40 years ago. However Brunt flicks into midwicket firmly, in a very un-doll-like way, for two.

33rd over: England 141-5 (Knight 51, Brunt 0) Knight is beaten and Kasperek fancies a stumping. Umpire Sue asks for a review - but the replay shows that Knight is very much in. Just a single off the over, and England will be hoping for some oommph from Brunt.

32nd over: England 140-5 (Knight 50, Brunt 0) There’s a pause while boot repairs are carried out to Jess Kerr’s boot. Actually it is more of a trainer. Anyway, boot is now fit for purpose and propels Kerr towards a wicket, as Dunkley tries to shovel some runs. A wicket maiden.

Heather Knight cuts to the offside.
Heather Knight cuts to the offside. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


WICKET! Dunkley c Martin b Kerr 5 (England 140-5)

Well taken by Martin as the ball travels down the legside and brushes gently against Dunkley’s bat. Rather a slip-slide this by England.

This sounds like a really interesting study - Ed is currently looking for any families willing to be filmed watching the (women's and men's) T20 fixtures between England & Pakistan on 13 &/or 14 October.

If you'd like to take part, there are contact details in the tweet. https://t.co/r9EBXHKPAR

— Raf Nicholson (@RafNicholson) September 15, 2021

Heather Knight's fifty!

31st over: England 140-4 (Knight 50, Dunkley 5) With a single to mid-on, Knight eases to her 23rd ODI fifty (though she’s only gone on to make one century). And, true to form, Dunkley lays into her third ball, sends it spinning through mid-wicket for four.

30th over: England 132-4 (Knight 47, Dunkley 0) Knight looking rather bemused at the stream of disappearing partners, but the in form Dunkley has already become a reassuring presence at the crease.

WICKET! Jones b Tahuhu 2 (Engalnd 132-4)

Jones, too, fancies a flurry at Tahuhu – but she’s too good for that and she loses her off stump.

The bails fly again.
The bails fly again. Photograph: David Davies/PA


29th over: England 129-3 (Knight 45, Jones 2) New Zealand decide on Satterthwaite, who sounds like she’s walked out of a Yorkshire dairy farm. Seven from the over, including a gorgeous extra-cover number from Knight.

28th over: England 122-3 (Knight 39, Jones 1) Smart bowling by Tahuhu, accurate, on a good length. Knight and Jones push her around for four, but can’t reach the boundary, the sun baking down for September, the shadow from the floodlight protruding onto the pitch like a giant sunflower.


27th over: England 118-3 (Knight 36, Jones 0) Knight makes it look like picking daisies, tips Rowe off the boots and down behind square leg for four.

26th over: England 111-3 (Knight 32, Jones 0) Slight technical hiccup, apologies, an important wicket for New Zealand there.


WICKET! Sciver b Tahuhu 2 (England 113-3)

Sciver attempts a hole in one and gets an inside edge.

Nat Sciver is bowled.
Nat Sciver is bowled. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


25th over: England 111-2 (Knight 31, Sciver 1) That was a timely wicket for New Zealand, which should slow England down for a few overs. Nat Sciver gets off the mark with a single off Rowe.

It’s time for a change at the Liveblog End - Tanya Aldred is coming on for the second half of the England innings. I’ll be back a bit later.

24th over: England 109-2 (Knight 30, Sciver 0) Beaumont made 44 from 75 balls with six fours. She wasn’t quite at her best, though she still played a few majestic strokes.

It was a good delivery from Devine, angling in towards middle stump, and Beaumont was a fraction late on her defensive stroke. The ball hit the pad first and then the bat. Devine didn’t seem particularly keen on a review at first, but the zest of the wicketkeeper Katey Martin’s original appeal must have changed her mind.


WICKET! England 109-2 (Beaumont LBW b Devine 44)

She’s gone!

It was pad first I think this will be out you know.

NZ REVIEW FOR LBW AGAINST BEAUMONT! Devine has an LBW shout against Beaumont turned down. That looked pretty close to me, and Devine - who didn’t seem interested at first - decides to review. If it was pad first, it’ll be very tight.

It looks like a breakthrough for New Zealand.
It looks like a breakthrough for New Zealand. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


23rd over: England 108-1 (Beaumont 44, Knight 29) Beaumont runs down the track to drive Kasperek over mid-off for four, a shot of apparently effortless class. So far this has been an innings of distinct phases: 41 from the first seven overs, then 39 from 12 and now 28 from the last four.

“Great to see more women’s cricket in the spotlight Rob, after what was a nail-biting finish to the T20 series,” says Guy Hornsby. “You’d assume England are strong favourites here, but then we were proven wrong at least once in the T20. I have to say it was a privilege to see a few of the stars playing in the H****** (other series are available) at Old Trafford, especially Sophie Ecclestone and Sophia Dunkley, in front of such a huge crowd, and see the excitement about the game. I know it’s imperfect, but its impact on the women’s game has been beautiful to watch. The challenge is keeping that going between now and next summer.”

Having the Ashes and a World Cup should help.


22nd over: England 101-1 (Beaumont 39, Knight 27) Devine brings herself back into the attack, but her third ball is too straight and runs away for four leg byes. England are starting to move through the gears - they’ve scored 21 from the last three overs - and Knight brings up the hundred with a pleasant drive for two.

21st over: England 93-1 (Beaumont 39, Knight 27) “How much of a weapon is flight for the spin bowler, I wonder?” says Bill Hargreaves. “The obvious and immediate answer might be little - it’s the spin I fear for losing my wicket. But flight makes scoring tough, and I think that can force errors.”

I think you underestimate it slightly, though I appreciate it’s not easy to quantify. What we can say is that watching a slow bowler beat an advancing batter in the flight is one of cricket’s more artful pleasures.


20th over: England 87-1 (Beaumont 36, Knight 23) That’s the shot of the day so far from Beaumont, a gorgeous push-drive through extra cover for four. This looks like a really good pitch, so England will probably want something close to 300.


19th over: England 80-1 (Beaumont 32, Knight 22) An escape for Beaumont, who bottom-edges an attempted cut just past leg stump. It was a lovely delivery from Kasperek, possibly a doosra, and Beaumont was pretty fortunuate to survive.

18th over: England 78-1 (Beaumont 31, Knight 21) Kerr comes on for Tahuhu, who bowled an excellent spell of 5-0-15-0, and concedes four singles. England, who slowed own for a few overs after the wicket of Winfield-Hill, are now going along at a decent rate without taking any big risks.


17th over: England 74-1 (Beaumont 29, Knight 19) No real spin for Kasperek, though she is flighting the ball very nicely. Three singles from her second over.

16th over: England 71-1 (Beaumont 28, Knight 17) Knight clips Tahuhu through midwicket for four, a terrific shot from a ball that was only a fraction too straight. She has 17 from 24 balls, Beaumont 28 from 48.

15th over: England 66-1 (Beaumont 28, Knight 12) Time for a change of a pace, with the offspinner Leigh Kasperek replacing Hannah Rowe (3-0-13-1). She hurries through her first over, conceding only a couple of singles, and that’s drinks.

14th over: England 64-1 (Beaumont 27, Knight 11) Beaumont breaks the shackles with a stylish cover drive for four. That was the only time in the over that Tahuhu gave her any width at all, and Beaumont took advantage.

13th over: England 59-1 (Beaumont 22, Knight 11) Knight, who looks in pretty good touch, gets her first boundary with a quietly emphatic square drive off Rowe. But she moves out on another from the final delivery, slapping a long hop straight to one of the cover fielders.


12th over: England 52-1 (Beaumont 21, Knight 5) Tahuhu’s pace is good, pushing 70mph, but it’s her accuracy that has been most impressive. Another excellent over brings only a single to Beaumont. Since the double bowling change, England are 11 for one from five overs.

Tammy Beaumont starting strongly.
Tammy Beaumont starting strongly. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


11th over: England 51-1 (Beaumont 20, Knight 5) Knight clips Rowe for a single to bring up the England fifty in the 11th over. Then Beaumont, who is having a bit of a sticky spell, is beaten outside off stump; she has scored only three from her last 16 balls.

10th over: England 47-1 (Beaumont 19, Knight 2) If you have access to Sky Sports, the OBO’s Adam Collins is commentating at the moment. You won’t be surprised to read that he’s dead, dead good.

The introduction of Tahuhu and Rowe has stymied England, with only six runs from the last three overs. Tahahu’s line has been terrific, giving Beaumont no chance to free her arms.


9th over: England 45-1 (Beaumont 19, Knight 1) Heather Knight is the new batter.

WICKET! England 44-1 (Winfield-Hill c Martin b Rowe 21)

Ach, Lauren Winfield-Hill will be filthy about this dismissal. She flicked at a leg stump half-volley from the new bowler Hannah Rowe but could only thin-edge it to Katey Martin behind the stumps. That feels like such a missed opportunity for Winfield-Hill in the scramble for a World Cup place.


8th over: England 43-0 (Winfield-Hill 21, Beaumont 18) The rapid Lea Tahuhu, who is back in the side after a pretty horrible time with injury, replaces Kerr. Her first over is excellent, with a really tight line to both right-handers; just two singles from it.

7th over: England 41-0 (Winfield-Hill 20, Beaumont 17) There’s a brief delay while the players sanitise their hands, which apparently is going to happen every six overs. Winfield-Hill flogs a short ball from Devine through midwicket for her third boundary, and the early signs are that this is an excellent pitch. Heather Knight called for England to be ruthless, and this looks an excellent chance for Winfield-Hill in particular to make a significant score. It’s been a while since her last half-century for England, five years I think.


6th over: England 34-0 (Winfield-Hill 15, Beaumont 15) Four more to Beaumont, scrunched through the covers on one knee when Kerr overpitches. She looks of a mind to continue her outstanding record against New Zealand.

5th over: England 30-0 (Winfield-Hill 15, Beaumont 11) Devine’s radar has been slightly askew. She started her previous over with a wide and begins this with three in four balls. It doesn’t end particularly well either, with Winfeld-Hill skimming another lovely drive past extra cover for four. This is becoming a really good start for England.

4th over: England 23-0 (Winfield-Hill 11, Beaumont 11) Winfield-Hill chases a very wide delivery from Kerr, slicing it up and over gully for a single. Beaumont follows that with an immaculate cover drive, punched carefully through the infield for her second boundary.


3rd over: England 15-0 (Winfield-Hill 8, Beaumont 6) Devine surprises Beaumont with a lovely hooping inswinger that beats the inside edge and thuds into the pad. New Zealand appeal for LBW but the umpire Paul Pollard decides it did too much.

And now Beaumont has been dropped by Maddy Green! She drove expansively at an outswinger and edged the ball to the right of first slip, where the diving Green couldn’t hold on to a sharp chance.


2nd over: England 12-0 (Winfield-Hill 7, Beaumont 5) Jess Kerr shares the new ball. She and Devine complement each other nicely - they’re both right-arm seamers, but Devine swings it away and Kerr brings it back into the right-handers. When she overpitches slightly, Winfield-Hill gets her first boundary with a high-class drive through extra cover. That shot takes her past 1,000 ODI runs.

1st over: England 5-0 (Winfield-Hill 1, Beaumont 4) Sophie Devine opens with a series of tempting outswingers. After offering no stroke to the first two, Tammy Beaumont reaches outside off stump to time a square drive for four.

It’s a lovely afternoon in Bristol: little brisk, but sunny and cricket-friendly. The England openers Tammy Beaumont and Lauren Winfield-Hill punch gloves as they stroll onto the field; the White Ferns captain Sophie Devine is going to open the bowling.

The teams

England Beaumont, Winfield-Hill, Knight (c), Sciver, Jones (wk), Dunkley, Brunt, Dean, Ecclestone, Cross, Davies.

New Zealand Down, Bates, Green, Satterthwaite, Devine (c), Halliday, Martin (wk), Rowe, Kerr, Tahuhu, Kasperek.

Charlotte Dean receives her cap from England captain Heather Knight.
Charlotte Dean receives her cap from England captain Heather Knight. Photograph: Michael Steele/Getty Images


New Zealand win the toss and bowl

There’s a bit of moisture in the pitch, and Heather Knight said she would also have bowled first. The 20-year-old Charlie Dean makes her England debut, having been presented with her cap by her hero Charlotte Edwards.



Hello, good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the first ODI between England and New Zealand in Bristol. This is the bit where we tell you how many days there are until the beginning of the World Cup. We are 169 upper meridian transits away from the opening match of the tournament between the hosts New Zealand and TBA in Mount Manganaui. For the five teams who have already qualified - the last three will be decided in November - all roads lead to New Zealand.

This five-match series is another chance for the teams to hone their plans and whittle down their squads. It’s not too late for a bolter, as England have shown with the selection of the uncapped allrounder Charlie Dean. The experienced Danni Wyatt has also been recalled after missing the 2-1 series win over India earlier in the summer. England have had a lot of 2-1 victories lately, in both white-ball formats. But the defeats have irritated their captain Heather Knight and she wants them to be “super ruthless” in this series.

They are certainly strong favourites against a New Zealand side whose ODI form is dreadful. They’ve lost 14 of their last 15 games, a run that is only slightly mitigated by the quality of the opposition. It’s hard to reconcile that level of failure with a team that includes players like Suzie Bates, Sophie Devine, Amy Satterthwaite and Leigh Kasperek.

It’s not all doom and gloom. As Charles Dederich famously said, today is the first day of the rest of their World Cup cycle. If the tournament goes well for New Zealand next spring, nobody will care about the preamble.

Play starts at 1pm in Bristol, midnight in Auckland - and, I swear to you, the weather forecast is pretty good.



Tanya Aldred (earlier) and Rob Smyth (now)

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