World Series Game 5: Houston Astros 9-5 Atlanta Braves – as it happened

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So Houston overcome a first inning grand slam from Adam Duvall to take Game 5 with pieced together pitching performances and three RBI’s from an unlikely source: Martin Maldonado.

So there will be no “piece of metal” awarded tonight, but perhaps Tuesday will be different. Join us for our live, rolling coverage of Game 6 in Houston. Until then, wherever you are, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. Here’s the report from Game 5:


Astros 9-5 Braves, Final

Soler chases high heat for strike three and the ball game is over. The Astros win, and the 117th World Series will go to a Game 6.

Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 9th

A line shot to center by Adrianza, but it’s right at Tucker for the second out. It’s up to Soler to extend Game 5.

Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 9th

Last licks in Cobb County for the Braves, who barring some kind of all-time World Series finish, will be heading to Houston for Game 6 at least.

The sold out crowd of car driving suburbanites with no train option to get to the stadium are up as Swanson steps to the plate.

Swanson flies to right, one down. Two more outs for Graveman, and here comes pinch hitting Ehir Adrianza.


Here’s David Athya, who has no idea how clueless I am with actors.

Evening Dave. I’m shocked you don’t know who Eh Helms is. One of the cast of the US version of The Office (both versions are among the best TV series ever.)

Thankfully I’m not in the office tomorrow as lack of sleep and a likely Braves defeat here not the best combination for productivity! Was never going to be done in 5 though was it?!

Astros 9-5 Braves, top 9th

Graveman looks at strike three and we go to the bottom of the ninth, with the Braves needing four to tie. Place your bets.

Astros 9-5 Braves, top 9th

Bregman bounces out to third for the first out. Her’s Maldonado, who is the MVP of this game, thus far: 1-2 with three RBI’s.

He strikes out, two down, and here’s the pitcher Graveman, with a rare plate appearance. He will probably not even swing.

Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 8th

d’Arnaud strikes out, and Graveman survives a leadoff base hit. Inning over.


Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 8th

Now Duvall grounds to third: Bregman has to hurry and he gets the runner by a step.

Riley moves to second and there’s two down for d’Arnaud.


Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 8th

Roario pops out to center where Siri, the new center fielder is. One down. Here’s Duvall.

Astros 9-5 Braves, bottom 8th

Here’s Kendall Graveman who was traded to Houston from Seattle while Seattle were fighting for a playoff spot, nearly causing a revolt in the Mariners clubhouse.

He starts off facing Riley, who slices a base hit to center. That will wake up the crowd as the Braves get a leadoff runner. Now Rosario comes to the plate.

Astros 9-5 Braves, top 8th

Tucker flies out to left, inning over.

Astros 9-5 Braves, top 8th

Gurriel singles to center - he’s 3-5 tonight. Correa moves to second, and here’s Tucker.


Here’s Thomas Coleman, who is a bit upset.

Braves should be embarrassed. Staked to a 4 to nothing lead there is no way a championship caliber team should relinquish that lead at home even if it means bringing in starters or whoever can get get people out...going back to Houston should be something they would want to avoid at ALL costs. They should have played this game like a game 7.

Could have been different if Morton was starting this game though...

RUN! Astros 9-5 Braves, top 8th

Correa, a single to left and that will score Altuve, a manufactured run that adds to their lead. It’s quite quiet in Altanta.

Still just one out and the slumping Alvarez is up with Correa at first.

And Alvarez strikes out.

That means there’s two down for Gurriel.

Astros 8-5 Braves, top 8th

Hard grounder to second and Albies throws to first for the out. That would have been two had Altuve not stolen that bag. Instead, he’s at third with one out.

Astros 8-5 Braves, top 8th

Altuve is ruled safe, which makes sense. Can Brantley send him home?

Astros 8-5 Braves, top 8th

Altuve starts out the inning with seeing eye single up the middle.

Here’s Brantley.

Wait - Altuve is picked off, but Smyly was so slow to first that Altuve stole second anyway. Wow!

So runner in scoring position with nobody out now.

But hang out, the replay folks are looking at’s very close. I don’t think they overturn it.


Astros 8-5 Braves, bottom 7th

Albies is blown away and Stanek gets through a tough part of the Atlanta lineup quite easily.

To the eighth!

Astros 8-5 Braves, bottom 7th

Freddie bounces to first: Gurriel tosses to Stanek who is covering: two down. Albies is next.

Astros 8-5 Braves, bottom 7th

So if the Braves want to celebrate that title at home, they’re going to need to score some runs. Otherwise, we’re right back here on Tuesday night for Game 6.

Ryne Stanek, who has been busy this post-season, faces Soler, who skies one to left where Alvarez is to make an easy play. One down, here’s Freddie Freeman, who at some point hit a home run in this game, although I can’t quite remember when.

Seventh Inning Stretch

I don’t know who Ed Helms is but he’s going to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame for you.

Seventh Inning Stretch

I don’t know who Ed Helms is but he’s going to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame for you.

Astros 8-5 Braves, top 7th

Chas McCormick is pinch-hitting and he takes a big swing through a curveball to even the count at two.

Now he waves at another curve and that’s strike three! A big run in for Houston as we hit the seventh inning stretch.

RUN! Astros 8-5 Braves, top 7th

Maldonado - a line shot past the diving Swanson! Here comes Tucker to score and Maldonado moves to second on the throw home. That’s three RBI for the light hitting catcher and the Astros tack on here in the seventh!

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 7th

Bregman also goes after the first pitch and it’s an infield pop out for the second out.

Big out there for Smyly who can get out of here unscathed if he can get past Maldonado.

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 7th

Drew Smyly, his big sweeping curve, and his ERA of six plus runs is in to face the Astros in the seventh. The 2-3 Guriell is first up and waves at one of those slow curves for strike three. One down, here’s Tucker, who is first ball swinging and he lays into one. Tucker is into the right field corner and that’s a double for the center fielder.

Now Bregman, coming off an excellent defensive play, steps in with a one-out runner in scoring position.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 6th

Pederson pops into foul ground on the left hand side, Bregman is charging, he’s got a long way to run, and he’s got it!

Alex runs into his own dugout wall after making a solid play on a long run to end the mini-threat for the Braves, who are down in their half of the sixth.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 6th

Pederson waves at the first two pitches he sees from Maton. It’s 0-2...

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 6th

Swanson is ahead 3-1 here and this at-bat feels a bit dangerous for Houston.

Meanwhile Stanek warms in the pen.

Next pitch and Swanson swings hard and through a fastball and here’s another full count.

Here it comes and Swanson goes after the high heat, strike three!

Brent Strom comes out to chat with Maton with Joc Pederson stepping in to pinch hit. Big at-bat right here...

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 6th

Now d’Arnaud laces a single to left to wake up the hometown crowd as Swanson heads to the plate with one out and one on. He’s 0-2 so far tonight.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 6th

Maton is back out for more this inning and starts off with the dangerous Duvall. He’s ahead 1-2 before throwing a ball back to the backstop, that was, you guessed it, just a bit outside.

Here’s the 2-2 - boom! A heavy fastball on the corner sinks Duvall. One down.

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 6th

What’s this? A 1-2-3 inning?

Alvarez pops to left: Rosario makes a tidy sliding catch to end this speedy halfinning.

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 6th

Correa grounds out to short. Do these guys have a plane to catch?

Here’s Alvarez. Can he wake up this quiet sixth?

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 6th

Brantley bounces to first for out no1. Here’s Correa, who is 2-3 tonight.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 5th

A harmless comebacker to the pitcher Maton, ending the inning and the threat by the Braves.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 5th

Riley lines a shot to deep left center - that’s going all the way to the wall. Riley cruises into second with a two-out double. Maldanodo heads to the mound to chat with Maton with the dangerous Rosario coming to the plate.


Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 5th

Maton is bringing it - Albies whiffs on the cheese for out no2. Here’s Riley.

Astros 7-5 Braves, bottom 5th

One pitch, one out for new pitcher, the rubber-armed Phil Maton. Freeman lines out to right. Now it’s Albies.

Astros 7-5 Braves, top 5th

Some of us thought it was going to be an eight inning party in Atlanta after Duvall’s grand slam in the first, but that may have been the low hanging fruit.

Top of the lineup now for Altuve, who has runners at first and second with two outs, looking to add onto that Astros lead.

Oh, righty Chris Martin is the new pitcher, which was not the plan. Altuve takes a huge rip on 2-1 and misses. He wanted it all but got nothing.

Here’s the 2-2: low and away, so now the count is full.

The chop is a bit half hearted suddenly, but the crowd awakens as Altuve chases strike three.

Inning over, but it was a big one for Houston, who have their first lead of the night.

RUNS! Astros 7-5 Braves, top 5th

Pinch hitting Marwin Gonzalez misses a barrel but floats a left to center, right in front of Eddie Rosario! Two runs score and the Astros are up!

Snitker is out to get Minter, and this has all gone Pete Tong for Atlanta.

RUN! Astros 5-5 Braves, top 5th

Minter walks the light hitting Maldonado and that means Carlos Correa strolls in to score and tie this game. Wow!

Rick Kranitz is out to talk to Minter and ask him some very hard questions, like, how do you walk Martin Maldonado.


Astros 4-5 Braves, top 5th

Tucker grounds to first - it’s easy for Freeman who steps on the bag for the second out. The runners move over, and now they’re going to intentionally walk Bregman to load the bases, leaving it up to Maldonado.

That makes a lot of sense of course...but you never know.

Astros 4-5 Braves, top 5th

Minter, a little more vulnerable than usual tonight as he allows a base hit to Gurriel - Correa holds at second but the Astros have something cooking here in the fifth. Here’s Tucker with two on and one down.

Astros 4-5 Braves, top 5th

Minter freezes Alvarez on an inside cutter: strike three, Alvarez is done and now 1-14 in this WS. Gurriel is next, one out and one on for the Cuban first baseman.

Astros 4-5 Braves, top 5th

Minter is ahead 0-2 on Correa before the shortstop floats a ball into center field, and that’s a leadoff hit off the Braves reliable reliever.

Here’s Alvarez, who is 1-13 in this series.

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 4th

Full count to Soler who hits a SCREAMER that is just foul! Wow did he rip that ball, the loudest of strikes!

Now what? A foul ball, less loud, bouncing to the left side. Finally he bounces to second: Altuve steps on second for the force out, inning over.

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 4th

Righty Jose Urqidy, a starter, is in for some length presumably, on three days rest. Travis d’Arnaud greets him rudely, with a base hit up the middle.

So the leadoff man is on for Swanson who is first pitch swinging: it’s a fly ball to center, easy for Tucker who puts it away.

It’s even easier, for the catcher Maldonado, who catches a bunt gone wrong off the bat of Minter for the second out.

It’s up to the leadoff man, Jorge Soler.


Astros 4-5 Braves, top 4th

Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight to Mr Brantley. Three pitches, three strikes. Side retired.

And that’s why Snitker saved Minter for tonight.


Here’s “Sir Richard” from afar...

It’s Monday morning here in China and I’m trying very hard to get on with my work. However, it’s become another way to fascinating game. Ah well. Priorities.

Astros 4-5 Braves, top 4th

Ground ball to second: Albies has it, has time, and bounces it to first. Good play by Freeman to dig it out.

It’s the pitcher due up, but instead it’s Zack Greinke, who is a pitcher but now is a pinch-hitter. You follow?

The veteran hurler gets up there and smacks a base hit to right! It’s his second hit of the series, and that means a shared smile between Freeman and the Astros pitcher at first base.

Very nice.

One out, one on for Altuve, who pops out to right. Two outs, and Snitker is out.

Chavez is done and here comes AJ Minter, who will be the third Braves pitcher of the night and who will be expected to get the Braves to the sixth, I’d guess.

He’ll face Brantley when we resume.

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 3rd

A ten pitch war between the new pitcher, righty Yim Garcia and Duvall.

Did I say 10? I meant 11. Another pitch is fouled off.

And after all that, Duvall pops out in the infield: inning over.

We’re flying into the fourth!

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 3rd

The 3-2 pitch is way inside to Rosario and that’s an always dangerous two out walk. It’s especially so when Adam Duvall comes to the plater - he had that grand slam you may recall.

Dusty Baker knows Framber is done and the Houston skipper comes to get his man. Cue the organ...

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 3rd

Riley bounces to shot, easy play for Correa, and there’s two down for Rosario.

Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 3rd

Good lord, I am still getting over that home run - 460 feet, the longest this season for Freddie, so says FOX TV in the United States.

Meanwhile, Albies grounds out to third for the first out of the inning and Riley steps in.

HOME RUN! Astros 4-5 Braves, bottom 3rd

Freddie is up and faces a 3-2 pitch he absolutely crushes and sends to right Pluto. Good grief did he pound that baseball.

The home team is back on top, and so much for the settling in Framber Valdez.

We have ourselves a track meet.

Here’s Albies.


Astros 4-4 Braves, top 3rd

Bregman pops to left: easy out for Rosario, and the side retired. But Houston are alive and well after putting up two consecutive two spots to tie it up.

Buckle up.

Astros 4-4 Braves, top 3rd

It’s another walk: Tucker is on, and Bregman, who had that big RBI double to get Houston going in the second inning, is at the plate with runners a the corners and two out.

RUNS! Astros 4-4 Braves, top 3rd

Chavez, tatted up righty, glasses, threw 2.2 innings of scoreless ball v the Dodgers in the NLCS. He runs the count full to Carlos Correa. The payoff pitch is ripped to left center!

That’ll score Altuve and move Brantley to third. It’s an RBI double for Corrrea, and Houston are within a run!

Then Alvarez quickly flies out to shallow left: it’s not deep enough for Brantley to tag.

But Brantley does come around to score after Gurriel grounds out to short: Houston have come all the way back to tie this game!

Runner on third, two down for Tucker.


Astros 2-4 Braves, top 3rd

The crowd boos after home plate umpire Ted Barrett calls ball three on a pitch that was most definitely low.

Now it’s ball four, and that means Davidson is out. Brian Snitker takes the ball from the rookie and hands it to Chavez, who has some work to do in the third.

First and second, nobody out, for Carlos Correa.


Astros 2-4 Braves, bottom 2nd

Davidson is back out for more but Jesse Chavez is warm in the Braves bullpen should the rookie get into trouble.

Altuve was up 2-0 in the count, but after a swing and a miss on a big curveball it’s 2-2. He fouls off the next pitch and then takes a slider low and in to run the count full.

Davidson up to 47 pitches. Here’s 48, and it’s grounded to short but Swanson can’t handle it! That was a routine ground ball that kind of flew out of his glove as his arm moved upwards.

Houston has the leadoff man on for Brantley as the clock ticks on Davidson.


Andrew from Houston chimes in:

This is the first season that I’ve actually kind of gotten into baseball—even that now-infamous/still-famous-depending-on-who-you-talk-to World Series we won, I just let it all happen in the background and enjoyed the victory. But I have to say, there’s something fun about watching the game (on TV), trying to work out whether the umpire is going to call a missed pitch a ball or a strike, and trying to remember that if an outfielder(?) catches the ball, that’s still an out (which kind of seems unfair for the batter, I mean they could do everything right and just because some chucklehead was in the right place with their glove out, all that effort is for nothing? But then, the game’s been played this way for decades and I just started paying attention in the last week or two, so maybe I should shut up).

The Series so far has certainly been… something. Disappointing? So far, yeah. I want to see at least one Astros win on the board—though, of course, I’d LIKE the trophy. But if we can get at least one win, then no matter what else happens, we have our dignity. And hey, if there’s one thing this year’s ALCS taught me, it’s that you can’t take your eye off the Astros (well, these Astros) for a second, because they’re always ready to turn the game around on you, they just need the chance. That trophy is definitely still up for grabs.

Astros 2-4 Braves, bottom 2nd

Soler grounds out to short, and the Braves go down in order in their second inning. That’s a badly needed scoreless frame from Framber, who didn’t make it to the third inning in Game 1.

Astros 2-4 Braves, bottom 2nd

So now Valdez can step onto the hill knowing that the fire he dumped his team into is no longer as hot, and maybe he can put it together and try to give his club some decent innings.

Swanson, who had a huge home run yesterday in Game 4, is at the platte, and the shortstop takes a 1-2 pitch into the hole at short : Correa ranges to his left, makes the stab, spins and fires, in time to get Swanson!

Fantastic play right there from Correa for the first out of the inning. Now here’s Davidson, who will take his at-bat and strike out swiftly. Two down.

Now here’s Soler, who is a wee bit on sizzling at the moment.

Astros 2-4 Braves, top 2nd

Valdez strikes out looking, but a big inning for the Astros as they slice into the Braves lead. Perhaps more importantly, Bregman put together a good at-bat and drove the ball to the deep part of the park, something that’s been missing from this lineup.

RUN! Astros 2-4 Braves, top 2nd

It’s a 2-2 count to the Astros catcher, who then skies a ball to center that’s deep enough for Tucker to tag. He comes home, while Bregman moves to third.

Two runs in this inning to calm the nerves of Astros fans a touch.

Valdez is next.

RUN! Astros 1-4 Braves, top 2nd

Control is becoming a bit of a factor here as Davidson falls behind 2-0 on Bregman, missing outside. Great hitters count right here, but Bregman lets a slider go by, that’s a strike. This time he’s swinging: foul. So the count is at 2-2.

That looked like a pitch to hit right there, but Bregman missed it.

But Bregman didn’t miss the 2-2! He hits a ball deep into the gap in right-center field! Guriell is coming around to score, while Tucker stops at third!

That’s the biggest hit for Bregman this series. Here comes Maldonado with runners at second and third with one out.


Astros 0-4 Braves, top 2nd

Davidson, wearing his socks pulled high, has himself a 2-2 count after Tucker fouls off a good fastball up in the zone. Now the lefty is inside to the left-handed Tucker and we have a full count.

Tucker deals a slider that’s again inside. So now the Astros have a two on, one out situation with the ice-cold Bregman at the plate. And wouldn’t it feel good for Houston to come right back with something right here?

Astros 0-4 Braves, top 2nd

The Astros have a knock in the form of a line drive base hit to center by Gurriel. Here comes Tucker.

Astros 0-4 Braves, top 2nd

So Houston have 24 outs to figure this all out. Actually, make that 23: Alvarez gives it a ride to left but Rosario has room and puts it away.

Here’s Gurriel.

Astros 0-4 Braves, bottom 1st

So the Cobb County crowd goes bananas as their Bravos jump on top. Meanwhile, d’Arnaud grounds out to end the inning, but that won’t stop the party.

GRAND SLAM! Astros 0-4 Braves, bottom 1st

Duvall lifts it to right and it’s up and over the wall!

The Braves slugger has put the home team up 4-0 in the first inning!


Astros 0-0 Braves, bottom 1st

With first base open, Valdez is being careful with the dangerous Rosario. Very careful: Rosario is walked to load the bases, and now it’s up to Adam Duvall to make Houston pay.

Astros 0-0 Braves, bottom 1st

Braves batters aren’t waiting around for Valdez - he takes the second pitch he sees and slaps it into left field! Albies slides into third while Riley glides into second base!

So it’s second and third with two down and NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario at the plate, trying to put the Braves on top!

Astros 0-0 Braves, bottom 1st

Now it’s Framber’s turn, as the Astros lefty faces the tall, lanky Soler. And Soler lines a screamer towards third and Bregman can’t handle the short hop (who could?).

The Braves are in business with a leadoff single. Freeman steps in, and he swings first pitch, lifting the ball to center where Tucker makes the catch.

So Freeman quickly comes and goes and now Albies is also first pitch swinging: he grounds to short: Correa throws to second for the force but can’t get Albies, who reaches on a fielder’s choice.

Now Riley steps in.

Astros 0-0 Braves, top 1st

Golly: Correa is hitting just .143, and he didn’t quite hit his weight in the ALCS either. And on top of that, he’s down in the count to Davidson, 0-2. Correa gets a fastball that he lines through the legs of Davidson and up to second where Albies makes the stab: he steps on second for one, and then fires to first for the double play!

So the kid faces the minimum in the first, which is music (hopefully not chop music) to Brian Snitker. Side retired - here come the Braves.

Astros 0-0 Braves, top 1st

Davidson runs the count full to Brantley before losing the Astros right fielder to a fastball low and away. That’s a one-out walk, and an opportunity for Carlos Correa to make the kid pay for the free pass.

Astros 0-0 Braves, top 1st

Davidson, wearing a high Spring Training number of 64 in a significantly higher stakes environment, throws a high fastball that Altuve chases and lifts to shortstop - it’s an easy put away for hometown hero Dansby Swanson, and that’s the first out of the night. Michael Brantley is next.

First pitch

And away we go! Tucker Davidson deals a slider over the plate to to Jose Altuve and Game 5 is on!

Script writing

So yesterday I tweeted into this blog about seeing an upper case “E” amongst the lowercase letters on the Braves uniform. Somehow, I had never noticed that before.

In ending this topic once and for all, I have some feedback that I thought I’d leave right here:

Some older models/teaching styles of cursive actually have used a small upper-case cursive “E” as their lower-case “e.” You can also see this form of “e” in the Campbell’s Soup logo (Campbell’s has been around for just a bit longer than the Braves).

— Kate Gladstone (@KateGladstone) October 31, 2021

National Anthem

A local singer/songwriter Lauren Alaina is singing in an acoustic version of the Star Spangled Banner. I am ignoring the acoustic guitar because although I find it super annoying, I’m here to judge Ms Alaina on her rendition. And you know what? She was pretty classy overall, keeping her focus as some military dude skydived onto the field, just at the end of the song. He stole some of the attention, but I’m giving her 7/10.

Atlanta Braves Lineup

Right fielder Joc Pederson is out in favor of Jorge Soler who had the enormous pinch-hit home run last night. Plus, the Cuban is raking.

1. Jorge Soler, RF

2. Freddie Freeman, 1B

3. Ozzie Albies, 2B4. Auston Riley, 3B

5. Eddie Rosario, LF

6. Adam Duvall, CF

7. Travis d’Arnaud, C

8. Dansby Swanson, SS

9. Tucker Davidson, P


Houston Astros Lineup

We have changes: Alex Bregman is dropped to seventh, presumably for hitting like a pitcher, and Correa, who also hasn’t hit much, is moving up to third. So let’s see if this little shakeup helps energize this dormant lineup.

1. Jose Altuve, 2B

2. Michael Brantley, RF

3. Carlos Correa, SS

4. Yordan Alvarez, LF

5. Yuli Gurriel, 1B

6. Kyle Tucker, CF

7. Alex Breegman, 3B

8. Martin Maldonado, C

9. Framer Valdez, P



We have it, from Braves pitching coach Rick Kranitz: he discusses the call to put ice cold armed Tucker Davidson on the mound on what is an enormous occasion for the franchise.

Rick Kranitz explains the decision to turn to Tucker Davidson to start World Series Game 5.@Kelly_Crull catches up with the @Braves pitching coach.#WorldSeries

— Bally Sports South (@BallySportsSO) October 31, 2021

The Starters

So, who is starting for the Braves as they bid for their first World Series title since 1995? No, it’s not Charlie Morton: he would’ve been on the hill if not for fracturing his right fibula in Game 1. So instead, it’s that household name, Tucker Davidson. If you’re wondering who he exactly Tucker is, well, he’s a rookie who hasn’t appeared in the big leagues in 138 days. That’s breaks a record for time not appearing prior to a World Series start set by none other than Kyle Wright, another rookie, who started Game 2 for the Braves: he hadn’t pitched in 126 days. So perhaps the Braves are on to something with cold arms and rookies: Ian Anderson, who started Game 3 is also in his first season of Major League Baseball.

So we’ll se how long Tucker can go tonight. One thing we do know is that AJ Minter should feature for the Braves this game as he did not appear last night.

On the hill for the Astros was Game 1 starter Framber Valdez, who was reasonably awful against the Braves in their first tilt: two innings, five runs allowed. He’ll need that slider working tonight to give Houston that something special they’ll need to win on the road in a hostile environment.

More to come. Stick with us...


And we're off!

Hello folks and welcome to our coverage of Game 5 of the 117th World Series!

We’re extra excited because, as they say, the “piece of metal” is in the house, and that of course means that we could crown a champion tonight. The Braves are up three games to one in this best of seven series, and that means that veteran Houston manager Dusty Baker is on the precipice of an 11th playoff ousting and a second defeat in the Fall Classic. Yet, there is still hope for Houston. The Bravos have to piece together another game out of their bullpen, and if the Astros bats suddenly spring to life, as they are more than capable of doing, and eek out a victory tonight, they’ll be awarded with a trip home for Game 6 and a possible Game 7. A is most definitely possible and so nobody should even think about getting ahead of themselves.

That said, these Braves, despite the uncharacteristic series of mistakes last night, are a steady, solid outfit, with playmakers all over the diamond, and will benefit from their chopping crowd for their last home game of the 2021 season.

And so as we wait for the first pitch we all wonder: will the Braves life the piece of metal tonight? All will be revealed as Game 5 unravels before your pixels. For now, why not get comfortable and prepare by joining our live blog? Tweet me, @LengelDavid. Or, alternatively, why not drop me a line with your thoughts and feelings about anything you like. Yes, you can get your name in the paper quit easily.

We’ll have lineups, and other drops for you shortly. Stick with us!

David will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s how Game 4 played out:

A guy who spent most of the season in the minors kept the Braves in it. Then the offense finally came to life.

Just like that, Atlanta are one win from their first World Series title in 26 years.

Dansby Swanson and pinch-hitter Jorge Soler connected for back-to-back homers in the seventh inning Saturday night, propelling the Braves to a 3-2 victory over the Houston Astros and a commanding 3-1 Series lead.

The Braves can wrap up the championship on their home field, just as they did two stadiums ago when they beat the Cleveland Indians in 1995.

That triumph at the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium remains the franchise’s only World Series crown since moving to the South in 1966.


David Lengel

The GuardianTramp

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World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves 6-2 Houston Astros – as it happened!
Inning-by-inning report: The Atlanta Braves defeated the Astros 6-2 in Houston to take a one-game-to-none lead in the World Series

David Lengel

27, Oct, 2021 @4:22 AM

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World Series Game 4: Houston Astros 2-3 Atlanta Braves – as it happened
Rolling report: The Braves took a three-games-to-one stranglehold on the World Series with a 3-2 win over the Astros in Game 4 at Truist Park

Hunter Felt

31, Oct, 2021 @4:14 AM

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World Series Game 6: Atlanta Braves 7-0 Houston Astros – as it happened
Rolling report: The Braves closed out the World Series with a 7-0 shutout of the Astros in Game 6 at Minute Maid Park to clinch their first title since 1995

Hunter Felt

03, Nov, 2021 @3:56 AM

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Donald Trump chops with Atlanta Braves fans before World Series game
Only months after calling for a boycott of MLB, Donald Trump did the tomahawk chop with Atlanta Braves fans at the World Series on Saturday

Bryan Armen Graham and agencies

31, Oct, 2021 @4:01 AM

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The Atlanta Braves’ World Series victory was built on a summer of desperation
The Braves left behind in a reputation as perennial underachievers in seeing off the Houston Astros to win the fourth championship in the club’s 146-year history

Tom Dart at Minute Maid Park in Houston

03, Nov, 2021 @11:42 AM

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World Series 2021 predictions: will the Astros roar back from their cheating scandal?
It’s Atlanta v Houston in the Fall Classic. Our writer pick the MVP, trends to watch and the championship winners

Melissa Jacobs, Hunter Felt and David Lengel

26, Oct, 2021 @8:00 AM

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World Series Game 2: Washington Nationals 12 Houston Astros 3 - as it happened
Inning-by-inning report: The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros 12-3 in a dominating performance in Game 2 of the 2019 World Series

David Lengel

24, Oct, 2019 @4:14 AM

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World Series Game 4: Houston Astros 8-1 Washington Nationals – as it happened
Inning-by-inning report: The 2017 champions pulled off victory to level the series in DC

Hunter Felt

27, Oct, 2019 @4:10 AM

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World Series Game 5: Houston Astros 7-1 Washington Nationals – as it happened!
Inning-by-inning report: The Astros are just one win from taking their second title in three years after victory on Sunday night in Washington DC

David Lengel

28, Oct, 2019 @3:33 AM