World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves 6-2 Houston Astros – as it happened!

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Well, the Braves lose an ace but get a key win on the road as their bullpen held the lead, stifling a potent Astros lineup. We’ll see what Braves manager Brian Snitker does to replace Morton on the roster: losing a key piece of the rotation hurts of course, but that loss feels a bit better after a dominant win all around. We’ll have more World Series coverage tomorrow with game two, but for now, wherever you are, good morning, good evening or good night.

Braves 6-2 Astros, Final

Altuve grounds to short: Swanson to Albies for one, then the throw to first is not in time.

Two down now for Brantley, one of the only Astros to hit well tonight. He grounds hard to second: Albies loses it momentarily, picks up the ball, throws it to first, in time and that’s the ballgame!

The Braves take a 1-0 World Series lead.

Braves 6-2 Astros, bottom 9th

Castro grounds to second and Albies throws to short for the out. One down on the FC, and now it’s Altuve with one out and one on.

Braves 6-2 Astros, bottom 9th

Will Smith, not that Will Smith, or that Will Smith, but that Will Smith, is in to close for Atlanta. Aledmys Diaz pinch hits for McCormick and hits a screamer down the left field line that is foul by one seat!

So instead of cutting the Braves lead to three runs, he battles Smith and it’s a 2-2 count. The sixth pitch of the at-bat is inside and the count is full.

Next pitch is outside, even though it looked like a strike, and that’s a lead off walk. Lead off walks are never, ever good.

Here’s Castro.

Braves 6-2 Astros, top 9th

Duvall strikes out and we go to the bottom of the ninth!

Braves 6-2 Astros, top 9th

Rosario grounds out to third. Two down. Here’s Duvall.

Braves 6-2 Astros, top 9th

Austin Riley hits it about 365 feet off Raley to left but it’s just a loud out. One down, here’s Rosario.

@LengelDavid I know I shouldn’t. I really do know. But the Blue Jays swept the season series 6-0 against the Braves and came fourth in the AL East with 91 wins, which is three more than Atlanta. And here I am watching the Braves winning game one of the World Series. Bah.

— Richard #FBPE Woods (@gasheadforever) October 27, 2021

Loved the Jays this year. They were way better than Boston and the Yankees and maybe even the Rays. Instead they didn’t make the playoffs. Bah!

Braves 6-2 Astros, bottom 8th

Guriell pounds a ball off the top of the wall in left - Rosario plays it off thee wall and fires into Albies at second to nail Guriell! Wow! Perfect execution on the relay throw by the Braves who are making plays tonight!

It’s being reviewed but he’s out. That ball just missed being a home run, falling just below the yellow line. FOX TV in the US says it would be a homer in 28 ballparks but not in Houston.

Instead, it’s inning over.

Braves 6-2 Astros, bottom 8th

Tucker, who doesn’t wear batting gloves and probably pees on his hands to toughen them up, is down in the count 0-2 before swinging at a fastball up and away for out no2.

Here’s Guriell with two down and nobody on.

Braves 6-2 Astros, bottom 8th RUN!

Full count to Correa, who is hanging in against the tough lefty.

He chops to second - Albies has it, throws to first for the out while Alvarrez comes around to score. The Braves will take that any day of the week. One down for Tucker.

Braves 6-1 Astros, bottom 8th

So as I listen to my wife clip her toenails in another room, the Astros come to bat trying to trim a five-run lead. Matzek is back to face the enormous Yordan Alvarez.

Alvarez scorches a ball off the wall in center! It’s a leadoff triple for Houston as they try to get something, anything going in the eighth.

Correa is next.

Braves 6-1 Astros, top 8 RUN!

Freeman pops to very shallow right and Swanson is gonna tag! Here comes the throw and Swanson slides just beyond the reach of Castro - safe!

That’s a good tack on run, thanks to good base running this inning from Atlanta.

The inning ends after Albies grounds out on a force to second.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 8

Swanson walks, then Soler has what seems to be an “excuse me” check swing towards second - Stanek comes off the mound, he can’t handle it - Soler is safe and Swanson heads over to third! Yikes!

So now Freeman is up with runners at the corners and one out.

That’ll be all for Stanek and Brooks Raley is heading in to try and keep the Houston deficit at four runs.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 8

As FOX TV in the US talk about the Braves retooling of the outfield for the 700th time tonight, Pederson steps in to face Stanek. He grounds deep into the hole at second, and Altuve makes a good play on the grass to get Pederson just in time.

One down, here’s Swanson.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 7

Wow! Matzek throws a breaking ball that freezes Bregman for strike three and just like that, any hopes for Astros runs in the seventh evaporate.

The Braves are six outs away from getting one on the road in the World Series.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 7

Matzek is the headliner of the Braves bullpen, a dominating lefty, usually at least. Here, Brantley slices a single to left, and so Houston have a two out opportunity with Bregman, 0-3 with two k’s tonight, heading to the plate.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 7

Altuve can’t touch Jackson’s curveball and he’s gone! So is Jackson: Snitker comes in to get him and here comes Matzek. Last time we saw Matzek he was busy eating the faces off the Los Angeles Dodgers in two, late key innings of NLCS game six.

He’ll face Brantley with two outs and nobody on.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 7

Jackson gets the pinch-hitting Jason Castro, in for Maldonado, to ground out softly to first and it’s quite quiet in Houston.

Maybe Jose Altuve can do something about that.

Seventh inning stretch

For your listening pleasure.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 7

d’Arnaud grounds to short - Correa throws to second for one, Altuve throws to first, not in time...for now. Replay shows the Braves catcher was out, so we’ll wait for the confirmation but this inning should be over.

And it is. It’s 6-4-3 on the first dp of this game, and it’s stretch time in Houston.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 7

Duvall walks and now d’Arnaud comes to the plate. He’ll have to wait because Dusty is out to get Maton. Hard throwing righty Ryne Stanek is heading in to try and quash another Braves rally.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 7

Rosario slices a ball into the corner of the opposite field, that bing left, and cruises into second with a one-out double. Not bad for an outfielder non-tendered by the Twins who headed to Atlanta via Cleveland in a deadline salary dump.

Duvall, who crushed a two-run jack earlier, is at the plate looking for more.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 7

Maton (May-tawn) is back for more in the seventh: Riley is first to face the Astros righty and the count runs full before the third baseman waves at a slider away.

One down for Rosario.

How about this fill in the blank.

@LengelDavid guilt over the sign-stealing scandal is perhaps not the prevailing emotion at Minute Maid Park

— Tom Dart (@Tom_Dart) October 27, 2021

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 6

McCormick waves at a slider in the dirt for strike three and the Astros leave their seventh run on base. That has to feel good for Jackson, who walks off after pitching a scoreless sixth inning.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 6

Luke Jackson is on to pitch for the Braves - he was so good this season and struggled so against LA - what about now?

Well, he starts off by getting Correa on a not checked swing strikeout, even though Correa didn’t really check swing.

Then Tucker steps in and immediately singles to center. Jackson checks on him to first before throwibng his first pitch to Gurriel.

Then he deals and it’s a chopper to short - Albies has it and throws to first for the second out.

If Tucker wasn’t running that would’ve been a double play for sure.

Now it’s up to Chas McCormick to get Tucker home from second.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 6

Relief in Houston - Albies bounces out to short, threat over, inning over.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 6

Oh wow - Maton sneaks in a 75mph curveball past Soler, who can’t take his bat off his shoulders. Strike three! What a pitch!

That’s the second out and here’s Freeman who hits a ball deep in the hole at short that Bregman chases, has, jumps, throws on a bounce to first, not in time!

Tough play for Bregman who did the best he could there.

That means the inning continues: it’s two on, two out and here is the speedy Albies, always a tough out.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 6

After Joc Pederson skies out to right before Swanson singles to right and here comes Dusty to get Odorizzi...or will he? The ump comes to break it up and Dusty finally takes the ball from the veteran hurler who walks off after a solid relief outing.

Righty Phil Maton comes in to face Soler at the top of the Braves lineup with one on and one out.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 5

Alvarez pops to center and AJ Minter, bearded, sweating and red faced relieves Morton with a solid 2.2 innings, his longest outing of the year, to bridge the Braves into the sixth inning. He’s the hero right now, at least in the Braves dugout.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 5

Now Bregman is frozen by Minter’s cutter and that’s his third strikeout.

the next batter is Yordan Alvarez, who is quickly in an 0-2 hole...

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 5

And we’re back with AJ Minter, who faces Brantley to start the Astros fifth.

He’s ahead 1-2 on the ex-Guardians outfielder, who manages to check his swing on a ball to even the count.

Now Minter runs the count full and Brantley flies to deep left and Rosario makes the catch after having to briefly doubling back. That’s a loud first out and here is Bregman who is 0-2 tonight.

Braves 5-1 Astros, top 5

Quick inning for Houston as d’Arnaud looks at a pitch on the outside corner for strike three. That’s five k’s for Odorizzi!

Here comes the heart of the Houston lineup...

Charlie Morton update

FOX TV in the US reveals that Morton has a broken right fibula! So he’s out for the series and that is a huge blow to the Braves. Personally I thought there was a chance, albeit a slim chance, that Snitker might have gone three outings with Morton. That was my fantasy anyway.

Well that’s a bummer because he’s a lot of fun to watch pitch, even when he was pitching with a broken right fibula in the World Series, which happened!

We’ll see who Atlanta puts on the roster to replace him.

Meanwhile, Rosario grounded lightly to second for the first out, and now Duvall becomes Odirizzi’s fourth strikeout victim.

Here’s d’Arnaud.


Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 4

Jesse Chavez warms in the Braves bullpen as Minter deals with Maldonado. The catcher lines a shot, but it is just foul down the third base line. That was close!

It’s o-2 and Maldonado fouls off a breaking pitch into the glove of the catcher d’Arnaud - strike three!

So now Altuve heads to the plate with two outs and the entire crowd on its feet - they know it’s a big moment.

Altuve, as usual, is first pitch swinging, and hits a ball in the air that Minter grabs after coming off the mound towards home. Gotta love that patience at the plate!

Inning over - the Astros get just one after Swanson’s error opens the door.

Braves 5-1 Astros, bottom 4 RUN!

McCormick hits it hard to short - Swanson is there but it’s off of Dansby’s hand, which blocked his glove! Strange!

Tucker scores! Gurriel to third and the Astros are in business!

Maldonado heads to the plate after the first Braves error in the entire post-season...can that be right?

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 4

There’s a little cat and mouse game with Tucker as Minter makes that turn to second, no throw move, that always looks a little bit silly.

Now, down in the count, Gurriel lines a curveball over the plate into right field. Tucker has to hold, and it’s second and third with one down for Chas McCormick.


Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 4

Tucker doesn’t wait - he lines his first pitch to right, and takes a turn before heading into second standing up. So a little bit of life in the dome as Gurriel heads to the plate with runner in scoring position.

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 4

Minter is back out for more and gets Correa to bounces out to second. One down. Here’s Tucker.

@LengelDavid Odorizzi in to pitch. Is it true he doesn’t like the nickname ‘Eggs’?

— Dan (@danielDRsmith) October 27, 2021

Just so you know, I actually checked to see if “eggs” was his nickname. Congratulations.


The Braves are rolling in Game 1.

(via @MLB)

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 27, 2021

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 4

Odorizzi runs the count full. The crowd is on their feet. Big pitch coming up. Swing and a miss, side retired! The Astros survive the fourth and will try to chip away in their half of the fourth!

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 4

Now Odorizzi paints a cutter on the outside corner for strike three, a call that Freddie didn’t necessarily agree with.

Here’s Albies, who immediately grounds to first, and Gurriel boots it while fretting about Albies’ speed!

That’s going to be an error on the Cuban and a two out baserunner for Riley.

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 4

Jake Odorizzi enters the game in relief now, presumably to bank some innings as a long man. Odorizzi, who I would call something of an inconsistent hurler, faces Soler at the top of the Braves lineup.

The count runs full on a nine-pitch at-bat before Soler waves at a splitter. One down, here’s Freeman.

Charlie Morton

FOX TV in the US say that come-backer from Gurriel off Morton’s ankle in the bottom of the second is the reason the hurler left the game, with that ankle swelling up. It’s a shame for Braves fans because he was starting to lock in.

Anyway, here’s his line:

2.1IP 1H 0R 0ER 2BB 3K 0HR

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 3

Alvarez goes fishing for a cutter down and away but lands only a boot. Houston strands a runner at second and we head to the fourth!

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 3

Bregman grounds to third, good pick on a short hop by Riley, whop throws to first, in time to get the runner.

So with two outs, it’s up to Alvarez, also a lefty to get that runner in from scoring position.

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 3

Minter faces the lefty Brantley and falls behind 2-1 before lacing a double to right. So with Morton gone, Brantley capitalizes immediately with a one out two-bagger. Here comes Bregman.

The fans, sensing an opportunity, are getting loud in Houston.

@LengelDavid Here’s some copy. Now Morton’s out…

— Tris Kaideka (@Tr1ska1deka) October 27, 2021

Our own personal Elias is Tris.

Charlie Morton

The Braves pitching nearly falls to to the ground after that called strike three and he’s got to come out of this game! Wow, that’s an unfortunate blow for the Morton and the Braves: the righty looked to be settling in and now Brian Snitker has to go to this bullpen.

We’ll let you know as soon as we here what’s ailing Morton, but the talk on FOX TV in the US is that he landed funny on the pitch and may have hurt his hamstring.

Southpaw AJ Minter enters the game: he didn’t allow a hit in four innings v the Dodgers in the NLCS. He’ll have plenty of time to warm up as Morton left tue to injury.

Braves 5-0 Astros, bottom 3

Top of the lineup now for Houston and that means Jose Altuve, who isn’t wearing a buzzer tonight.

With the count 2-2, he looks at a curveball for strike three, the second K of his night.

Framber Valdez

Here’s the line on Valdez, who didn’t have it tonight, in case you didn’t notice.

2IP (he faced two batters in the third) 8H 5R 5ER 1BB 2SO 2HR


Braves 5-0 Astros, top 3

Yimi runs the count full after being up in the count 0-2. Swanson foul tips the ball into the glove of Maldonado for strike three and the Braves are done in the third, but not before more damage.

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 3

The count is even to Pederson who then hits a ball to right, into the hands of Tucker for out no2. Pederson just missed the barrell on that one or it could’ve been 6-0.

Swanson, who is hitting ninth despite 27 home runs, is at the plate.

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 3

Yimi Garcia throws a bullet on the outside corner to get d’Arnaud and that’s the first out of the inning. Now Pederson, the pearl necklace wearing righty steps to the plate and is quickly down in the count 0-2.

Braves 5-0 Astros, top 3 HOME RUN!

Duvall hits a scorcher into the stands in left! And if that ball had dinner service on it, the passengers wouldn’t have time to get through the salad!

That will do it for Valdez. Here comes Garcia. I’d say we can call this a dream start for the Braves.

And now a live look-in at the national audience as the Braves are on the verge of blowing open their game against the Astros. @LengelDavid

— Hunter Felt (@HunterFelt) October 27, 2021

This seems to be every inning...

Braves 3-0 Astros, top 3

It’s a big inning for Valdez - he really needs to bee as economical as possible and shut down the aggressive Braves. Rosario is up first for Atlanta, and he waves at a sweeping curveball to even the count at two.

The next pitch is in the dirt, off the chest of Maldonado, and the count is full.

Rosario swings and grounds a ball through the right side of the infield for a base hit! Seven hits already for the Braves and that’s the third straight inning the Braves have hit in thee leadoff spot.

Sensing trouble, Brent Strom is out to chart with Valdez as the bullpen awakens for Houston: Garcia is up.

Braves 3-0 Astros, bottom 2

Maldonado hits a lined shot to first but Freeman is right there to make the catch. That’s a 1-2-3 inning for Morton.

To the third!

Braves 3-0 Astros, bottom 2

Fabulous breaking pitch over the plate that McCormick can’t handle, that’s strike three, and Morton is navigating the bottom of the Astros lineup quite well.

Two down.

Now the catcher Maldonado is up, who can only seem to hit Morton - he’s got a .533 average against him, somehow.

Maldonado waves at a breaking pitch away to even the count at two...

Braves 3-0 Astros, bottom 2

Gurriel lines a shot off the foot of Morton, right to Freeman at first who steps on the bag for the out.

Morton is ok if you’re wondering.

Braves 3-0 Astros, top 2

The crowd is up as Valdez gets ahead 0-2. Valdez with the hook and Riley swings and misses! Both teams have stranded three their last time up. Lost opportunities right there.

Braves 3-0 Astros, top 2

Ground ball to second and Albies is streaking to first, just beating the throw!

It looked like an inning-ending grounder and instead, Valdez has to face Riley, who already has a double, with the bases loaded. Yikes!

Braves 3-0 Astros, top 2

Valdez approaches 40 pitches as the count goes full to Freeman. Now the first baseman lays off a fastball down and that’s a walk that extends this inning for Albies. This could get ugly right here for Houston.

Braves 3-0 Astros, top 2 RUN!

Soler, who homered in the first, grounds to short: d’Arnaud comes in to score, Pederson is caught in between second and third and is tagged out. That’s an RBI for Soler on the fielder’s choice.

Two outs, Soler at first for Freddie Freeman.

Braves 2-0 Astros, top 2

Swanson hits a deep fly ball to center field, and I mean deep! McCormick goes back, back, grazes the wall, raises his glove and makes the catch! Both runners advance and that’s a loud productive out right there for Atlanta.


Braves 2-0 Astros, top 2

Valdez is ahead on Pederson, who strikes out a ton, but wears a pearl necklace, which makes me very happy.

And the ex-Dodger lines a base hit to left and the Braves are cooking again in the second.

Dansby Swanson heads to the plate.

Braves 2-0 Astros, top 2

d’Arnaud sneaks a base hit through the hole on the right side of the infield and the Braves have a lead-off runner.

@LengelDavid Who am I rooting for? The Trashcan Cheats or the White Flight Tomahawk Choppers? Gamesmanship or racism? It’s Hobson‘a choice. Astros all day long.

— Tris Kaideka (@Tr1ska1deka) October 27, 2021

I prefer easier questions, like “steak or fish?”

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Ground ball deep into the hole on the right side - Albies, ranges to his right, has it on the grass and throws to first for the inning ending out! Great play by Albies as the Braves escape a bases loaded first inning jam!

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Inside ball four! that ball almost hit Correa, who turned his back to get away from th pitch. Rick Kranitz, Braves pitching coach, is out for a chat.

And as it turns out, the official scorer says it did hit Correa.

Bases loaded for Kyle Tucker! There’s a lot of orang waiving at Minute Maid Park, which makes sense.

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Bouncer in the dirt and the ball gets away. The runners advance and now it’s a full count with runners on second and third. A base hit could tie it!

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Correa fouls it off to the right side as this big, early at-bat continues.

Now he lays off a breaking ball away.

The 1-2 pitch is also away, this time it’s a fastball.

2-2 count


Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

He starts off Correa with a lollipop curveball over the plate, and then catches the edge of the outer-half of the plate with a fastball. So Correa is down 0-2...

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Alvarez is ahead 3-0 and it doesn’t look like Morton wants anything to do with Alvarez. But now there’s a 98mph pitch in there for a strike on the inner-half of the zone.

The 3-1 is offering is inside, ball four.

Two on for Carlos Correa.

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

Morton falls behind 3-0, which you don’t want to do with Bregman. A slider on the inside corner to the right handed Bregman makes it 3-1 and a fastball at 96mph over the polat makes it a full count.

Crowd is up in Houston as Bregman fouls one away. Brantley was running on that pitch by the way.

Now Bregman swings and bounces to second - Freeman is there, he tosses to Morton for the out and now there’s two down. Brantley moved to third.

It’s up to ALCS MVP Yordan Alvarez.

Braves 2-0 Astros, bottom 1

So here’s Altuve facing Morton. He’s ahead 0-2 after Jose fouls off the first two offerings.

Meanwhile, FOX TV in the US says Morton has four wins in winner-take-all games. That’s not tonight of course, but he could get three starts in this series.

Morton, with what looks like a back door slider, freezes Altuve and he’s down on strikes.

Brantley is next and he takes the first pitch, past the shift and into right field for a base hit.

A one out baserunner for Alex Bregman...


@LengelDavid It’s gonna be the Astros in 5 and we’ll get a no hitter in one of the games. I hope none of this happens but I fear it will.

— Gareth Neale (@globalgaz) October 27, 2021

Braves 2-0 Astros, top 1

Brent Strom, the Astros pitching coach, came out to chat with Valdez before he faced Rosario and whatever he said worked. After getting Rosario with the hook, Duvall skies out to the corner in deep right, and that’s the inning. A good one for Atlanta, wouldn’t you say?

Here come the Astros.

Braves 2-0 Astros, top 1

So a lot of action early on here, a little too much for Astros fans. Valdez calms their nerves, getting NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario to chase a breaking ball away.

Two outs, runner on second, and here’s Adam Duvall.

Braves 2-0 Astros, top 1 RUN!

Austin Riley smacks a ball into the gap in right filed! Here comes Albies and the Braves, right out of the box take a two run lead.

Yes, they’re taking this World Series thing quite seriously.

Braves 1-0 Astros, top 1

Albies hits a little nubber near the mound, Valdez pounces on it like a cat and makes the throw to first, not in time. Albies is just too speedy up the first base line and beat the throw. Now Atlanta has a one out baserunner for Austin Riley.

Wait...there goes Albies and he’s stolen second! that means everyone in the United States gets a free taco at a certain taco chain (participating restaurants only. Apologies to those ex-USA.

Braves 1-0 Astros, top 1

Now Jose Altuve makes a backhanded stab on a Freddie Freeman ground ball on the grass in short right field, getting the Braves first baseman just in time. What a play by Altuve, whose defense isn’t exactly top notch.

Braves 1-0 Astros, top 1 HOME RUN!

Well if we were wondering how Soler would be after a time on the Covid list, it’s with a home run to left! Wow! And we are defitely under way now! Whoa!

First pitch...

...and game one the 117th World Series in under way! Framber Valdez fires a sinker low and inside at Jorge Soler to get the festivities going!

How will it end?

Tom Dart reporting

Our man in Houston writes:

Because it’s important, I tried to count how many volunteers it took to unfurl, hold and rustle the Stars and Stripes that was on the field for the national anthem. I lost count after getting to 120, though. Either way, the appearance of a flag so large it filled practically the entire outfield has hyped up the crowd and the roof being closed only enhances the decibel level.

I guess we’ll never know the answer to the joke, “how many Houstonians does it take to unfurl a giant flag?”

National Anthem

Jonny Gould, one-time co-host of the UK’s live MLB coverage and now co-host of the Jonny and Josh podcast chimes in on the national anthem, giving it a 7.5/10. I think he cheated Keke personally.


Prediction time

It’s painful, and we know there’s no option for a tie, sadly. So I’m going with the Braves in seven games. If you’re wondering why it doesn’t match with our Guardian preview - that was a little itty-bitty typo.

What say you? Get on the record now! Tweet me your prediction in before it’s too late. First pitch is coming up!

National Anthem

Classic. Straightforward. Very few bells and whistles, which I like! This is what you want, unless you’re going to do something way way out there, which I am also fine with. That’s an 8/10. Well done Keke!

On the field right now...

They are announcing the starting lineup to cheesy big orchestral music. And now it’s time for the national anthem. It’s Emmy award winning actress and singer Keke Palmer - stand by for my official rating!

Astros starter

Framber Valdez was basically the onluy Houston starter that brought any sort of quality, specifically game six, pitching 10.2 innings overall and giving up just three earned runs. Like Morton, he also has a mean curveball, striking out 149 via the breaking pitch the last two seasons, while Morton struck out 151.

And don’t forget, he didn’t start pitching until he was 16, 11 years ago. Now he is starting game one of the World Series. Not bad!

Uncle Charlie

Baseball fans know “Uncle Charlie” is another word(s) for breaking pitches, and the Braves’ starter tonight, Charlie Morton, has plenty of that in his arsenal. I think he has a great chance to shut down his ex-teammates tonight.

For a little preview of the hooks he throws, here’s twitters Pitching Ninja.

Oh come on Hunter, we’re trying to pretend this isn’t the worst possible World Series match-up ever. Get with the program!

Quirky fun Astros

Did you know there is actually something fun about the Astros? I didn’t either until my buddy Erik Janssen brought it to light on our Jonny and Josh Show podcast (little shameless plug there).

It turns out that someone made a polka about Houston’s favorite second baseman, Jose Altuve. Who knew?

Wow! Astros fun!


The American League champion Houston Astros

1. Jose Altuve, 2B

2. Michael Brantley, LF

3. Alex Bregman, 3B

4. Yordan Alvarez, DH

5. Carlos Correa, SS

6. Kyle Tucker, RF

7. Yuli Gurriel, 1B

8. Chas McCormick, CF

9. Martin Maldonado, C

Bregman, Altuve and Brantley really didn’t hit in the ALCS. They’ll need to because Atlanta has better pitching than the Red Sox had.



You want them, we got them.

The National League champion Atlanta Braves

1. Jorge Soler, DH

2. Freddie Freeman, 1B

3. Ozzie Albies, 2B

4. Austin Riley, RF

5. Eddie Rosario, LF

6. Adam Duvall, CF

7. Travis d’Arnaud, C

8. Joc Pederson, LF

9. Dansby Swanson, DH

The key here is that Soler, back from Covid and straight into the DH slot. Sometimes NL teams don’t have a bat that seamlessly fits into the DH, and Atlanta does. Let’s see how quickly he can snap into form.


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Hello folks and welcome to our coverage of the 117th World Series!

It’s the one that nobody seems to have wanted, outside of, say, the Houston area, Cobb County Georgia, and maybe Atlanta. There’s an awful lot of haters out there, this we know, and I understand the disappointment. Many of us would have rejoiced at the prospect of LA’s Joe Kelly throwing at and behind Houston batters on baseball’s grandest stage. But alas, Kelly got injured, the Braves sent the Dodgers packing in the NLCS, and LA’s revenge tour is on hold for now.

All is not lost however: let me pitch you on this World Series.

The Braves are some fabulous underdogs here. Back in July, they lost all-world outfielder Ronald Ocuna to a season ending injury, and before that they lost another all-star outfielder, Marcell Ozuna after he was arrested for domestic violence. Knowing that the NL East was mediocre at best, Atlanta’s EVP Alex Anthopoulos didn’t give up on the season, but rather, got to work rebuilding this outfield. He acquired Adam Duvall, Joc Pederson, and NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario, who became the NLCS MVP. He also acquired Jorge Soler at the last second: he’s on the mend from Covid-19 and could figure in this series.

Alex basically hit on all his trades, which is incredibly rare, and the Braves zipped past their rivals from third place and five games back at the deadline to a division title with just 88 wins. Then they wiped out the 106-win Dodgers, which is quite an achievement.

Atlanta also has an old-school manager in Brian Snitker who meandered around the Braves organization for decades before getting his shot, (his son Troy is a hitting coach on the Astros!) and has a lovable all-star first baseman in Freddie Freeman.

That’s probably a 7.5/10 on the likable chart: not bad!

And Houston? Well, the Astros have Dusty Baker, who is 12th on the all-time manager win list, a group where the 11 in front of him all have rings. So we can all root for Dusty to get his rock, right?

So let’s put all that Braves stadium white flight, and Atlanta’s questionable “chop” and the fact that they had an anti-vaxxer sing the national anthem before game six stuff behind us. And maybe let’s just, for now, forget about that little Astros cheating scandal, the way ownership dealt with it, and that little incident of an employee taunting a female journalist by celebrating a player on their roster charged with domestic violence, and get to this World Series, because it actually has great potential to light up the sport.

Agreed? OK. So, having said all of that, please feel free to join our live blog via tweet or email, with predictions, thoughts, feelings, etc. I’m @lengeldavid on twitter and you can email me by clicking here. Get in the blog - I’ll make you famous!

We’ll have a few light appetizers before first pitch, but for now, wherever you are, pop some corn, grab your seltzer of choice and get ready for the Fall Classic, coming at you soon.

Stick with us!


David will be here shortly. In the meantime, here are our writers’ picks for the series:

Houston’s bats have been on fire this postseason. They’ve scored at least five runs in nine of 10 playoff games and are crushing even the best pitching. And it’s not like the postseason has been an anomaly; the Astros also led the American League in batting average, hits, and runs scored in the regular season. This is a deep powerhouse franchise that is stacked in almost every facet. Astros 4-2 Braves. Melissa Jacobs

Circling back to the first question: in the absence of an obvious “good guy” here, we should be rooting for whatever causes the maximum amount of embarrassment to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. In this case, it would probably be the Astros coming back to win it all so swiftly after the sign-stealing scandal. The Astros also happen to have the more potent hitting lineup – they probably never really needed to cheat in the first place, which made the whole thing more frustratingly pointless – so let’s say they beat the Braves in six. Astros 4-2 Braves. Hunter Felt

The Braves have mojo coming into this Fall Classic. They rebuilt their outfield during the season, hit on their deadline acquisitions, snuck into the playoffs with 88 wins and knocked off the 106-win Dodgers. There’s an old-school manager in Brian Snitker, who gets an old fashioned three World Series starts from Charlie Morton, and the result is Atlanta’s first title since 1995 and thousands of insufferable Braves fans. Braves 4-2 Astros. David Lengel


David Lengel

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