England ease to eight-wicket win over India: first women’s ODI – as it happened

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A sluggish batting display from the tourists helped England knock off their run chase with 15 overs to spare

That’s probably enough from us, in this match from Bristol. The points tally in this multiformat series now sits at 4-2 England’s way, after a drawn Test and this first ODI. There are two more matches in the ODI component, then three T20s. Two points apiece for those remaining matches.

Wednesday is the next match from Taunton at 2pm local time, then Saturday from Worcester at 11am. We’ll bring you both of those matches of course.

Fare well.

“That is something we need to address, and we’ll look to address that the next game,” says Mithali of the dot balls during their batting. “We’ll come prepared next game and show a little more intent in getting those runs. We’ll look at changing the composition for the next match.” Watch out, then.

“I thought the bowlers were outstanding, and to finish it that clinically is a good day at the office,” says Heather Knight.

England win by eight wickets with 15 overs to spare

That’s a paddling. A couple of wickets fell in the first 10 overs after England asked India to bat, and from that point Mithali Raj and Punam Raut added 56 in 15 overs. At once stage Mithali was 23 from 63 balls, while Punam got out for 32 off 61. That ain’t the juice in international cricket anymore, where it may once have been.

Later in the innings Mithali started playing some shots, and some impressive ones too, finding the boundary seven times to finish with 72 from 108. It was a big improvement, but the early problem wasn’t a lack of looking for the fence, it was a lack of looking for ones and twos. That has been an India problem for a long time, and it has to change for them to challenge.

A score of 201 was always going to need a great bowling effort to challenge England, and that wasn’t there consistently enough. There were overs from each of Goswami, Bisht, Pandey and Deepti where the runs dried up and the going got harder, but there were always releases of that pressure. A couple of England wickets fell but Beaumont and Sciver were able to gallop home and pad their averages.

England stroll to victory over India by eight wickets.
England stroll to victory over India by eight wickets. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


35th over: England 202-2 (Beaumont 87, Sciver 74) Singles ahoy, as Harmanpreet bowls, until Beaumont decides she’s had enough. Skips down and launches over long on, a clean swing picking up the ball from just outside off stump, and clearing the catcher on the rope in exactly that spot. Scores are level with one ball to go, and the match finishes with a wide, Harmanpreet losing her line way outside off stump.

34th over: England 192-2 (Beaumont 80, Sciver 72) Goswami is back, and Beaumont doesn’t mind, taking advantage of a wayward line to pull a ball fine for four. Nearly there now, 10 runs to go.

33rd over: England 187-2 (Beaumont 76, Sciver 71) The prospect is all but extinguished as Sciver sweeps another boundary, Harmanpreet this time bowling outside the leg stump with no one back on that boundary. You get the sense that India don’t mind this day getting over with. And the Beaumont century enters the realm of the impossible as Sciver walks down and smacks back over the bowler’s head for six. Power and simplicity, and it’s time to appreciate what Sciver has done instead of thinking about her partner’s score. Just as well again, given she keeps strike once more with a late single. She could go past Beaumont in a minute. 15 to win.

Fifty! Sciver 51 from 60 balls

32nd over: England 176-2 (Beaumont 76, Sciver 60) More runs for Sciver after drinks, Beaumont running hard for a second to get her partner back on strike after the first run raised Sciver’s fifty. Beaumont not too concerned about their relative scores, then. You’d hope she’s not, as Sciver chips Deepti for four over midwicket and follows up with a dragged pull shot along the ground for the same result through square. Then pinches the strike. England need 26 now and Beaumont would want 24, the prospect has grown remote.

Nat Sciver reaches her fifty.
Nat Sciver reaches her fifty. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


31st over: England 165-2 (Beaumont 76, Sciver 49) This match is rolling towards its conclusion now. Sciver gets down low and sweeps two boundaries from Bisht, the line straying outside leg stump and easily sent away. A dozen runs from the over with a couple of other nudges sprinkled in.

Beaumont now needs 24 out of 37 for a century, and England have 114 balls remaining, but it’s also starting to spit a bit with rain so England might be most keen on galloping to the target as soon as possible in any manner so they don’t have to hang around for a restart if there’s a delay.

30th over: England 153-2 (Beaumont 75, Sciver 38) Deepti Sharma into her sixth over keeps going as she began. It takes Sciver four balls to find a single to square leg, then Beaumont defends down the line of off stump. Drives a single at the last. 20 from six overs for Deepti.

29th over: England 151-2 (Beaumont 74, Sciver 37) Flight from Bisht that nearly causes Beaumont a problem, taking her inside edge as she advances, but this isn’t a Test match and there’s no short leg. A similar ball she plays better, tucking for two runs in front of the slow-moving Goswami behind square. But when she sees any width on the line, she comes down the track and goes inside out over cover. Once, clean as a whistle for four, and the other time a mis-hit that skews in the air but just clears mid off for two. Beaumont punches her bat, thinking she’ll be out, but survives.

Can she get 26 of the remaining 51 runs?

28th over: England 141-2 (Beaumont 65, Sciver 36) Pandey can’t keep the good streak going. Gets spanked through mid on but it’s half saved, saving two runs. Oversteps twice in a row for no balls. Then gets belted wider through mid on by Sciver, not quite a drive, not quite a pull, just the whack of a player who has been staying restrained for a bit too long. The bowler regains some pride with a good stop in her follow-through, then a yorker on the stumps that doesn’t yield a run.

61 to win.


27th over: England 132-2 (Beaumont 64, Sciver 30) Ekta Bisht comes back, really giving it some air in this over. Beats the outside edge, nearly gets through onto the pad. Three singles from a good over.

26th over: England 129-2 (Beaumont 62, Sciver 29) Six fielders in the ring for India as Shikha Pandey comes back, blue headband on and blue towel hanging out of her waistband, in her typical sartorial style. And Sciver can’t lay bat on her! Tries to cut off her back foot, tries to push off her front foot, then tries to pull, and misses all three. Done by the bounce with those two back-foot shots, done by the seam with the intervening ball.

Beaten again from the fourth ball, front foot this time, and they’ll go upstairs. Mithali Raj shrugs as if to say, “Why not?” The game is almost gone. And DRS upholds Sue Redfern’s not-out decision, no nick. But four good balls in a row.

Sciver gets bat on the fifth, though! Too full from Pandey, it was the length that brought her success before this. Fuller and Sciver drives straight for four. 73 to win.

25th over: England 125-2 (Beaumont 62, Sciver 25) Vastrakar has tightened things up after her difficult start: two singles from five deliveries to Natalie Sciver is a very good result. But it will take a lot more bowling like this to create any pressure on England.

24th over: England 122-2 (Beaumont 61, Sciver 23) Too easy for Sciver. Gets a full toss at a nice height and whacks it along the ground through midwicket. England only need 3 per over and they’re going at 5.

23rd over: England 115-2 (Beaumont 60, Sciver 17) A Sciver single to start, then excellent save from Deepti at cover keeps Beaumont on strike and denies her a boundary. That allows Vastrakar to hit a good line for the next few balls and cut off any scoring.

22nd over: England 114-2 (Beaumont 60, Sciver 16) Beaumont keeps harvesting runs, opening the face to drive Harmanpreet past point for a couple more. Sciver has been biding her time since those couple of boundaries.

21st over: England 109-2 (Beaumont 57, Sciver 14) Vastrakar back, and Beaumont plays a lovely back-cut to begin with, threading the gap for four. Then utterly nails a pull shot but there’s a deep square leg.

Statement from the ECB just came through that the ICC Match Referee Phil Whitticase has tested positive for COVID. He was doing the England-Sri Lanka men’s T20s.

“Seven other members from the match officials and anti-corruption unit teams were deemed close contacts, including five members due to officiate at the first Royal London ODI on Tuesday, 29 June at Emirates Riverside, Durham.” They will all have to isolate, but the ODI series will be able to proceed with other staff. No players or team officials have been affected.



20th over: England 103-2 (Beaumont 52, Sciver 13) A catch goes down! Harmanpreet comes on to bowl, and she has taken key wickets many a time for India. Bowling her off spin, Sciver sweeps and gets a looping top edge to backward square leg, inside the circle. It’s going over Bisht, who has to turn around and try to catch it moving backwards, but that ball wasn’t all that high or travelling all that fast. It spills through her fingers, the fielder halfway through falling to ground and she tries to complete the take.

Half century! Beaumont 50 from 48 balls

19th over: England 101-2 (Beaumont 51, Sciver 12) At last a boundary from Deepti, as Beaumont gets down low and sweeps hard behind square. She notches her 13th fifty in this format, but has time and scope today to trade it in for a hundred.

Tammy Beaumont reaches her half century.
Tammy Beaumont reaches her half century. Photograph: Ben Hoskins - ECB/ECB/Getty Images


18th over: England 95-2 (Beaumont 46, Sciver 11) Right then, Sciver has used up all her patience points. Gets deep in her crease to lump Bisht over the leg side with a fairly agricultural hit, but gets much more refined with her skip down the pitch and her straight drive. Two boundaries.

17th over: England 86-2 (Beaumont 45, Sciver 2) Four overs conceding 13 runs for Deepti now, with another tidy set. England had plenty of time to look at her bowling during the Test match at this same ground but they’re not willing to take her on today. Sciver the new bat faces out the over, watchfully, only glancing two runs.

16th over: England 84-2 (Beaumont 45, Sciver 0) Just the one ball left in the over for Sciver to block.

WICKET! Knight b Bisht 18, 82-2

Gone! Five balls after drinks, in classic style. Bisht bowls from around the wicket, slanting in. Knight advances and wants to play to the leg side. But the ball straightens sharply, beating the edge of her bat, but not beating the outside of her off stump. A superlative LAO delivery.

Ekta Bisht celebrates the wicket of Heather Knight.
Ekta Bisht celebrates the wicket of Heather Knight. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


15th over: England 82-1 (Beaumont 44, Knight 18) Another tidy over for Deepti, only nudged for a couple of singles. Knight pulls out the reverse sweep and hits it well, but straight at backward point inside the circle. That’s time for drinks.

14th over: England 80-1 (Beaumont 43, Knight 17) Bisht bowling very slowly, and Beaumont plays the lap sweep for a couple. Knight likes the look and tries the same. Both times the lack of pace means there’s no chance for it to roll for four.

13th over: England 74-1 (Beaumont 40, Knight 14) Nice from Deepti, hanging a ball up in the wind and letting the drift carry it past Knight’s edge. Tries flight again and almost finds pad. Knight in her very upright stance, high backlift, skips back and pulls a run very straight down the ground. Beaumont charges, thinks of a slog sweep, doesn’t quite play it. A quiet over.

12th over: England 72-1 (Beaumont 39, Knight 13) Higher risk that time! Beaumont gallops down to Bisht and clubs the off-drive over the fielder in the circle. Had Mithali Raj been the height of a fast bowler that would have been a straightforward catch. Instead it just clears her outstretched hands for four. Hit hard. Emboldened, Beaumont comes down the track a couple more times but doesn’t get the ball to go after.

The clouds look very gloomy and the wind is strong. We would need to have 20 overs in this innings for England to win on Duckworth-Lewis-Stern projections.

11th over: England 68-1 (Beaumont 35, Knight 13) Double spin now, Deepti Sharma with her off-breaks, and like she did earlier Beaumont drives so hard into the ground that it bounces over the bowler and goes for four. Good safe scoring method, that.

England need 130 to win at 3.35 per over.

10th over: England 61-1 (Beaumont 29, Knight 12) Spin time via Ekta Bisht, the left-arm orthodox spinner who cuts between the umpire and the stumps to bowl around the wicket, bowling in a cap, a round-arm delivery almost that spears in towards the leg stump, but she sends her first ball too far wide and it’s an easy sweep for Beaumont for four. Second ball, same delivery, a touch straighter but Beaumont shuffles towards off and plays the same shot, same result. Once Bisht gets her line right, Beaumont steps down and drives a run to long on. It looks easy for her at the moment.

9th over: England 52-1 (Beaumont 20, Knight 12) Goswami returns and bowls a scoreless over to Knight, hitting that good length again and making things awkward. Knight won’t mind just seeing her off, given how far England are ahead of the game.

8th over: England 52-1 (Beaumont 20, Knight 12) Suddenly this match is slipping away from India. Pooja Vastrakar comes on to bowl her medium pace and can’t hit the spot right away. Knight drives her pleasantly through cover for four, then angles a run to get off strike. Beaumont then shows some class. A standing back-foot punch, hard into the pitch right in front of the bat, so that it bounces over the bowler’s head and races for four. Then an overcorrection from Vastrakar, a low full toss with some width, and Beaumont drives it elegantly through deep backward point to the fence as well.

7th over: England 39-1 (Beaumont 12, Knight 7) Heather Knight goes to the same spot on the fence, but in more classical form, striding through the line of Goswami’s wider ball and playing a square drive. Advantage back to the bowler with a thick outside edge after being squared up but Knight gets a run.

6th over: England 32-1 (Beaumont 12, Knight 0) Pandey keeps getting movement in the air, some really sharp bend at times, and when she’s doing this close to the stumps then Beaumont doesn’t know what to do with it. The last two balls of the over though, Pandey bowls wider of the stumps, and Beaumont twice slaps with a diagonal bat through point. Eight runs.

5th over: England 24-1 (Beaumont 4, Knight 0) England’s skipper to the crease, and Goswami nearly snakes a fuller ball onto her pad but there’s an edge.

WICKET! Winfield-Hill c Bhatia b Goswami 16, England 24-1

Goswami again, those long loping strides to the wicket, and as she has done for 20 years she uses her height to get an awkward amount of bounce from a length. Winfield-Hill reaches for it but given the bounce can only spar at it, a thick edge to the keeper, and for the 331st time Goswami takes a wicket for India.

4th over: England 22-0 (Winfield-Hill 15, Beaumont 3) Pandey starting to do the business, including a peach of an inswinger that also cuts away after pitching, taking the outside edge down to deep third for one. That gives Beaumont the strike, and she triples her score with a clip for two off the legs.

3rd over: England 18-0 (Winfield-Hill 14, Beaumont 1) LWH wants to do some clobbering, and gets her chance with an overpitch from Goswami. Banged through cover. Less convincing is the pull shot to a mid-length ball, which is heaved over mid on perilously in a way that must have strained a few abdominal muscles. Gets just enough of it though, and it kicks on for four.

2nd over: England 9-0 (Winfield-Hill 6, Beaumont 0) Shikha Pandey has the ball swinging into Tammy Beaumont, a right-hander. One slips down leg for a wide, and puzzlingly the Indian players choose to take a review for a similar ball that hits pad. It did hit the pad, but was always going to be swinging way down leg side. The better chance for a wicket was via a throw to the non-striker’s end as Beaumont took a leg bye. Would have been out had it hit. Another wide, then a couple of runs off the inside edge. Pandey needs her starting line to be a bit wider.

1st over: England 2-0 (Winfield-Hill 2, Beaumont 0) So we’re back to the future with this opening pair, plus the addition of a post-nuptial hyphen to Lauren Winfield’s former name. They opened together in the 2017 World Cup final and on into the Ashes later that year, then Winfield-Hill was tried in a few other spots in the order before being dropped in 2019. She’s made her way back after a couple of years on the outer, and she has a tough task first up today, India’s tall opening bowler Jhulan Goswami hitting a hard length and moving the ball both ways, in off the seam and away past the edge. LWH survives, with a couple of moments when her eyes opened very wide. Gets two runs fomr the final delivery, off the pads.


Hmmmmm, yes. Thanks Tanya. The Mithali question has been the Mithali question for at least the last few years. Before that, through the bulk of her career, Mithali Raj was so clearly on her own as the best player within her teams that she had to play cautiously. She had to rein herself in, rarely able to do reach her heights with the bat, because if she got out there wasn’t enough left.

More recently, with better players around her, it has felt at times like she hasn’t changed her approach. And in terms of being able to take on bowling, express herself fully, and all of that, she’s no longer in her prime as a player. She’s somewhat circumscribed.

The principal problem is a lack of ability to create singles. MR has a tendency to face out tranches of dot balls, when being able to get off strike more readily would change the scoring profile and effect of her innings without taking any more risks. And her approach is only exacerbated by Punam Raut playing exactly the same way. They were both going at about a run every two balls through their partnership, and over half of India’s innings today was made up of dot balls.

That’s it from me, Geoff Lemon will guide you through England’s innings. Your host, with the most. Enjoy!

The players take lunch, with England dining more happily. I’m torn on Mithali Raj’s 72 - it took India to 200 but sucked the energy out of the innings. Difficult to go full-steam ahead without confidence in her middle order. But should she have had more confidence?

Mithali has had a wonderful career and achieved a lot. That doesn't make her immune from criticism. Arguably the issue comes when people feel afraid to criticise her. #ENGvIND https://t.co/buqouaJ8f9

— Raf Nicholson (@RafNicholson) June 27, 2021

“I think India went on the wrong tempo, they lost the two big guns and didn’t really know where to go from there,” says Charlotte Edwards.

50th over: India 201-8 (Goswami 1, Pandey 3) Ecclestone twirls through the final over. Pandey is dropped by Kate Cross running in at long-on and mistiming her dive. The last ball, aptly, is a dot. India creep over 200 - which is a recovery from where they were sitting at 30 overs. It should be a fairly easy total for England on a nicely-paced pitch. I’d expect a less pedestrian approach from England’s batters, but let’s see.

49th over: India 197-8 (Goswami 0, Pandey 0) Brunt with the penultimate over of the innings , a couple of runs from a Bhatia pull and then the stumping. Bhatia didn’t look entirely convinced by her dismissal - from the sofa the case wasn’t proven, but I hope the third umpire has a larger screen to examine. India go into the last over with two batters on nought.

WICKET! Bhatia stumped Jones b Brunt 7 (India 197-8)

Brilliant bit of work by Jones behind the stumps . Bhatia advances clumsily to take on Brunt’s slower ball, Jones collects and whips off the bails. India review, and they look and look again. It is too close to call, isn’t it? No, the finger is raised.

Out! Bhatia goes for 7 runs.
Out! Bhatia goes for 7 runs. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


48th over: India 195-7 (Bhatia 5, Pandey 0) Nice and tight by Eccestone, who still has an over in her back pocket. Vastrakar’s wicket should prevent India getting much over 200.


WICKET! Vastrakar lbw Ecclestone 17 (India 192-7)

A comedy dismissal as Vastrakar tumbles over trying to reverse-sweep and is hit in front of the stumps. A review more in hope than expectation.

REVIEW! Vastrakar lbw....

47th over: India 181-6 (Bhatia 3, Vastrakar 15) A wide and four fat leg byes, Vastrakar toes ends a couple, the ball deceiving Knight with its bounce, and a sprinking of singles. Ten off the over, with plenty of elbow grease.


46th over: India 181-6 (Bhatia 1, Vastrakar 12) Beautiful bowling from Ecclestone which will have put the breaks on India’s attempts to hit 200.


WICKET! Raj b Ecclestone 72 (India 180-6)

The big one! After 108 balls, mostly of graft but also with the odd sprinkle of pizazz. A lovely ball that hits the summit of off stump.

45th over: India 178-5 (Raj 71, Vastrakar 11) Apologies, the television switched to the motor-racing and I couldn’t find the remote in time, but seven from Sciver’s over.

44th over: India 171-5 (Raj 60, Vastrakar 10) Bang-wham! Vastrakar throws everything at Shrubsole and the ball flies back over the bowler’s head. Raj, inspired, gets a thick outside edge for four, then sends a wide one over fine leg for another. Shrubsole looks pained - the most expensive over of the day.

43rd over: India 156-5 (Raj 55, Vastrakar 5) With a hint of contempt, Vastrakar slams Sciver to the mid-wicket boundary. Raj cuts down to third-man, looks pretty but brings only a single.

42nd over: India 149-5 (Raj 53, Vastrakar 0) We pause while Sue Redfern is re-wired up and the end of an eventful over. Raj reaches fifty with a windscreen swipe over mid-on to the rope; Sharma falls trying to whisk Shrubsole and Vastrakar has to find her feet quickly. She pats back her first three balls.

WICKET! Sharma lbw Shrubsole 30 (India 149-5)

Sharma reviews, but it looks good, and it is! Hit on the front pad by a big fat full one. Just as she was starting to get going.

41st over: India 144-4 (Raj 48, Sharma 30) Ten off the over as India get funky. Sharma sweeps low for a boundary, then finds another through extra cover. About time! Even if the run rate reaches 6, India will still end up with less than 200.

40th over: India 134-4 (Raj 47, Sharma 21) Three more singles to start the forties, before Raj just avoids having her head removed by a Brunt bouncer - even Brunt is having to manufactures some pizazz.

“Suddenly momentum arrives is an intriguing phrase. Can momentum arrive suddenly?” asks Andrew Benton. “Quite the question for a lazy (but still dry, please note!) summer Sunday in Bristol.” I think so! If you’re pushed off a diving board is that not the sudden arrival of momentum (speaking from personal experience.)

39th over: India 131-4 (Raj 46, Sharma 19) There’s a oddly sleepy air to this game, but perhaps India have great plans for the final ten. There is fire power up the order: Taniya Bhatia for one. Just 18 runs off the last five overs.

A very fair point from Abhijato Sensarma: “In all fairness, funny things happen to a team’s ability when their board doesn’t let them play cricket for more than a year, and takes almost double that time to pay them their reward for being T20 WC finalists ...”


38th over: India 128-4 (Raj 45, Sharma 15) Brunt it is, determination easing out of every pore. Raj and Sharma rotate the strike, a pull for a single, a dab for another, a drive with a flourish - but all singles.

Mithali Raj in action.
Mithali Raj in action. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


37th over: India 124-4 (Raj 43, Sharma 15) Glenn tosses the ball from hand to hand, and tosses the ball up, Sharma gets down on one knee to sweep, the ball hits her on the back pad. Glenn appeals with great enthusiasm, but it is not shared by anyone else on the team.

36th over: India 119-4 (Raj 41, Sharma 12) We switch away from spin and back to pace and Brunt. It doesn’t bring a change to India’s tempo.

35th over: India 117-4 (Raj 40, Sharma 12) Glenn tosses it up, generously, confidently, and India tick four singles from the over.

34th over: India 113-4 (Raj 36, Sharma 10) And as I say that Raj, with great delicacy, opens the face of the bat and glides the ball down to the boundary. Four more singles add up to a fruitful over as Ecclestone drops a little short. The camera pans to a woman with some impressive looking knitting.


33rd over: India 105-4 (Raj 32, Sharma 8) Sarah Glenn again. On the radio Snehal Pradhan thinks India will be looking for 220, by the innings close. Much depends on whether those around Raj can find the accelerator, as she holding things together in second.


32nd over: India 102-4 (Raj 30, Sharma 7) A slightly, and uncharacteristically, sloppy over from Ecclestone, a couple of balls fired wide enough to be called wide. Four relatively easy singles too, as the loyal Indian supporters in the crowd celebrate the tardy arrival of three figures.


31st over: India 96-4 (Raj 28, Sharma 5) Raj joins in! Four, up and over, thanks very much! With a couple of singles picked up here and there, suddenly momentum arrives.


30th over: India 90-4 (Raj 23, Sharma 4) It feels like Sharma wants a boundary, she is thwarted as she tries to sweep, uses her feet and here it comes ... off the last ball, a four soaring over mid-off!


29th over: India 85-4 (Raj 22, Sharma 0) Glenn, with matching blond ponytail, is on the money. Chucks in a googly, which beats Sharma. Nice. Perhaps Raj was right to take no risks, she knew what was coming.


28th over: India 84-4 (Raj 21, Sharma 0) A wicket maiden for Ecclestone and India are in rather a deep hole now. Kaur’s grotty run of form continues. Lovely bowling.

WICKET! Kaur c Jones b Ecclestone 1 (India 84-4)

Tries to cut a ball too close to her, aiming to send the ball to backward point, but succeeds only in delivering a gift to Jones behind the stumps.

Amy Jones catches Harmanpreet Kaur for 1.
Amy Jones catches Harmanpreet Kaur for 1. Photograph: Marc Atkins/Getty Images


27th over: India 84-3 (Raj 21, Kaur 0) Nice captaincy, Knight whisks on Sarah Glenn at the fall of the wicket. Just one from the over.


26th over: India 83-3 (Raj 21, Kaur 0) Smart bowling by Cross, and we should see a bit more fire to the ice with the arrival of Kaur. Nice innings by Raut, she’d just started seeing the ball a little more sizeably. Shrubsole dives to prevent a Raj on drive creeping past the infield. A wicket maiden!


WICKET! Raut c Ecclestone b Cross 32 (India 83-3)

The pressure told in the end. Raut tries to repeat her blow against Cross in the previous over and manages only to plonk the ball to mid-off.

25th over: India 83-2 (Raj 21, Raut 32) Raj sweeps and misses at Ecclestone, then pushes through. Raut is surprised by the the last ball, and an inside edge flies wildly and they pick up the single. The trudge continues.

24th over: India 79-2 (Raj 20, Raut 30) And from a silent pool, a huge stone lands, a cross-batted pick up and launch from Raut lands a whisker short of the boundary rope. Great shot for four. And that’s the fifty partnership.

23rd over: India 73-2 (Raj 19, Raut 25) We see Ecclestone again, blue slip of jumper over her shirt. Raut and Raj pluck and push her for four singles.

22nd over: India 69-2 (Raj 17, Raut 23) At last, the rope is breached! A velveteen cover drive by Raj off Cross - that’s what we’re all here for.


21st over: India 65-2 (Raj 13, Raut 23) Spin for the first times today! Ecclestone, pony tail half way down her back, alternates between pushing it through and throwing it up. India thread a few more singles.

20th over: India 62-2 (Raj 12, Raut 22) Cross’s run up is pretty substantial, imagine a sprint half way up the road to the bus top. A fluff in the field by Beaumont brings a second to Raj. India keeping the scoreboard ticking, but refusing to throw the bat. Time will tell whether this is wise, it leaves the latter batters with much to do.

At the current run rate (3.1), India are projected to get 153, but you’d expect that to significantly improve if Harmanpreet gets her eye in.

19th over: India 59-2 (Raj 10, Raut 21) Raj ramps Nat Sciver and picks two off the last ball, otherwise just a wide to add to the pint pot.

18th over: India 56-2 (Raj 8, Raut 21) Cross, as energetic as ever, scampers in. Raj edges her just short and wide of slip and the ball slides down to third man where they pick up a single. Bit more dibbing, bit more dabbing, they pick up a couple more singles. This isn’t a thrill a minute for those who have braved Bristol’s best impression of summer.

17th over: India 53-2 (Raj 6, Raut 20) India trawling through mud here.

If India are to put up totals of 250+ consistently, they cannot afford SRs of 25 in the Powerplay. From anyone. No matter what catching up happens later.

And come the 2022 World Cup, teams around the world WILL need totals of 250+ to win ODIs.

— Snehal Pradhan #MaskUp (@SnehalPradhan) June 27, 2021

16th over: India 51-2 (Raj 6, Raut 19) Teeth picking by India, then, at last, glorious from Raut who leans into Cross and sends her spilling through the covers for four. The vocal India supporters in the crowd cheer happily as fifty ticks onto the scoreboard.

Thunderous skies

A Sunday well spent at @Gloscricket. Hoping the rain holds off! #ENGvIND #GoGlos💛🖤 pic.twitter.com/1x1TsQSOK9

— Barcan+Kirby (@BarcanKirby) June 27, 2021

15th over: India 45-2 (Raj 5, Raut 14) Raj picks up a couple by leaning onto the backfoot and eases the ball through point. Sciver then hits her on the left arm - ooof, that must have hurt - as she awkwardly negotiates a bouncer and then ducks out of the way of another. At the first drinks break, the honours are England’s.

14th over: India 42-2 (Raj 2, Raut 14) Aha - it’s Kate Cross for the first time today, silver necklace bumping against her collar-bone as she runs in. Raj plays out five dots and picks up a single off the sixth. Some interesting chat before the game about whether Raj can continue to keep her place into the World Cup. She’s a slow compiler rather than a blaster - not necessarily what is needed anymore in 2021.

13th over: India 41-2 (Raj 1, Raut 14) Acceleration for India at last, as Sciver strays a little, just overpitching, and Raut top and tails the over with boundaries through the covers.

12th over: India 33-2 (Raj 1, Raut 6) Is Shrubsole going to bowl out? Currently in her sixth disciplined over. Raut picks up a couple with a drive through cover, and another with a square cut, but can’t pierce the field.

11th over: India 30-2 (Raj 1, Raut 3) A change of bowling for the first time this morning as Sciver takes the ball. But more of the same, with India unable to get things really moving. They pick up three singles and someone is going to have to find some omph - they can’t leave it all to Harmanpreet Kaur.

10th over: India 27-2 (Raj 0, Raut 1) A wicket maiden captain? Yes please, Anya. A real chance for England here, with Raj new to the crease and Raut, with one off 19 balls.

WICKET! Mandhana b Shrubsole 10 (India 27-2)

Tries to cut, but with leaden feet, and succeeds only in having her middle stump knocked back.

Out! Anya Shrubsole takes the wicket of Smriti Mandhana.
Out! Anya Shrubsole takes the wicket of Smriti Mandhana. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


9th over: India 27-1 (Mandhana 10, Raut 1) Brunt’s over starts with a wide, free honey for India, but then stays tight. Great stuff from England’s opening pair this morning. Mandhana picks up one with a neat pull and then the wicket/review/not out. Hits Raut just above the knee but the review shows air between the ball and stump.


Missing leg stump

REVIEW! Raut lbw Brunt...

after a few moments hesitation, Sue Redfern raises the finger...

8th over: India 25-1 (Mandhana 9, Raut 1) The dots starting to add up for India, in a scratch that itch kind of way. A handsome drive from Raut, but straight to mid off. Great bowling by Shrubsole and another maiden.

7th over: India 25-1 (Mandhana 9, Raut 1) India look a touch shaken after losing Verma, a maiden followed by a tight over that they can squeeze just two from. Two lbw shouts from Brunt, the second slightly more convincing, but neither gets the nod from Knight.


6th over: India 23-1 (Mandhana 8, Raut 0) A maiden from Shrubsole.


5th over: India 23-1 (Mandhana 8, Raut 0) Verma gets itchy feet and slams Brunt for two consecutive heaves past point and mid-off for four. Seems like the beginning of something but Brunt gets the upper hand, deceiving Verma with a short one, she backs away but can’t get the full bat on ball and miscues.


WICKET! Verma c Shrubsole b Brunt 15 (India 23-1)

Has a huge slog and manages only to send the ball zipping into the stratosphere and into the safe hands of Shrubsole at mid-on. Brunt, not happy about being pinged about at the beginning her over, clenches both fists and roars.

Out! Anya Shrubsole catches the ball and takes the wicket of Shafali Verma.
Out! Anya Shrubsole catches the ball and takes the wicket of Shafali Verma. Photograph: Nigel French/PA


4th over: India 15-0 (Mandhana 8, Verma 7) Beautiful from Mandhana, as she leans onto her back foot and sends Shrubsole speeding past cover. Shrubsole looks unamused after a tight five balls.

Don’t think this is at Bristol, but deserved a mention:

#dogsatcricketgrounds @dogsatcricket pic.twitter.com/RJjB4k3Qky

— Joe Seymour (@joeseymour99) June 27, 2021

3rd over: India 10-0 (Mandhana 4, Verma 6) Ooooh, Brunt tries a short ball and Verma plays an ugly, cramped shot, taking her eyes off the ball and ends up top-edging wildly. Might be worth trying one of those again.

2nd over: India 8-0 (Mandhana 3, Verma 5) Shrubsole charges in, in baby light blue, imagine a matinee jacket knitted by a doting granny. I like it. And the first boundary of the day whizzes past a diving Brunt, clipped off her front leg by Verma.


1st over: India 3-0 (Mandhana 2, Verma 1) The first ball of the day is a big fat juicy full toss which gets patted back.

Smriti Mandhana has made six half-centuries in ten innings, and averages 58.88 against England in ODIs.

Among women to have batted 10+ times against England in the format, this is the second highest average, beaten only by current England coach Lisa Keightely (66.64).#ENGvIND https://t.co/FiYyP5I0j5

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) June 24, 2021


Katherine Brunt hooves out her bowling mark on the grass and will take the first over on what is, thank goodness, a fresh pitch.

The teams line up for the moment of unity and then Verma and Mandhana pull on their gloves and helmets. As one of the commentators touched on earlier, they are one of the most exciting opening partnerships in cricket: right-hand, left-hand, front-foot, back-foot and both insanely talented.


England: Tammy Beaumont, Lauren Winfield-Hill, Heather Knight (c), Nat Sciver, Amy Jones (wicket-keeper), Sophia Dunkley, Katherine Brunt, Sarah Glenn, Sophie Ecclestone, Anya Shrubsole, Kate Cross.

India: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Punam Raut, Mithali Raj (c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Shikha Pandey, Jhulan Goswami, Taniya Bhatia (wicket-keeper), Pooja Vastrakar, Ekta Bisht.

A very good question from Tim Harvey.

@tjaldred another England women’s match played in the South of England. Are the team not allowed to travel north of Birmingham, cos there sure ain’t no matches played up there?

— Tim Harvey (@RedRoseTimmy) June 27, 2021

The England women traditionally play at smaller grounds, which would rule out Trent Bridge, Edgbaston, Old Trafford and Headingley and, I suppose, Chester-le-Street. Pitches are often a problem at out grounds. They do often play at New Road though, which is where the third ODI will take place.

“The most complete bowler of anyone in the women’s game in all three formats.” Charles Dagnall on Sophia Ecclestone. Well said!

Sophie Ecclestone: England’s ace. Photograph: Ashley Allen/Getty Images

Surely TMS have had enough of cakes...

Someone just came into the press box with a huge plate of cakes and said “Are you @bbctms?” And… we were tempted… we really were… 🧁

— CRICKETher 🏏 (@crickether) June 27, 2021

The covers are on but, fingers crossed, whatever rain there is will pass quickly as it is so windy.

Leaden skies: Bristol. Photograph: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

England win the toss and will bowl

Heather Knight says: “the overhead conditions suits our seamers and with a bit of rain around its nice to know what you’re chasing.”

Confirmation that Sophia Dunkley will play, and the weather conditions: blustery!

Nat Sciver presents Sophia Dunkley with her ODI cap here at a blustery Bristol #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/x8gaUDgWin

— CRICKETher 🏏 (@crickether) June 27, 2021

Some cracking stats by hypocaust, showing England’s historic dominance in this country. Intrigued to see how this India do - they did make it to the World Cup final in 2017 - they’re hardly dunces in English conditions.

England v India multi-format series
Test - drawn
Points 2-2

ODI series
27 Jun, Bristol
30 Jun, Taunton
3 Jul, Worcester

Head to head
ENG 37-30 IND

in England
ENG 22-5 IND

ENG/IND series have been won by the home side on all but one occasion (IND 2-1 in England 1999)#ENGvIND

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) June 27, 2021


Good morning! To Bristol again, but this time, after the excitement of the Test, in coloured clothing and clutching a white ball. Today is the first of three ODI games, to be followed by three T20s. Each match is worth two points to the winner; the teams currently stand on two points each after the shared, dramatic, Test.

This is India’s first ODI match in England since they lost the World Cup final by nine runs at a raucously full Lord’s in 2017. They come off the back of a series defeat to South Africa when they were rusty after a year without any games post-Covid. Expect this series to be closer. Shafali Verma, player of the match in in the Test, is expected to make her ODI debut, as is England’s Sophia Dunkley, who made a similar splash.

England left Danni Wyatt out of their ODI squad and brought in leg-spinner Sarah Glenn and seamer Freya Davie. England ODI squad: Heather Knight (Western Storm, capt), Emily Arlott (Central Sparks), Tammy Beaumont (Lightning), Katherine Brunt (Northern Diamonds), Kate Cross (Thunder), Freya Davies (South East Stars), Sophia Dunkley (South East Stars), Sophie Ecclestone (Thunder), Tash Farrant (South East Stars), Sarah Glenn (Central Sparks), Amy Jones (Central Sparks, wk), Nat Sciver (Northern Diamonds, vice-capt), Anya Shrubsole (Western Storm), Mady Villiers (Sunrisers), Fran Wilson (Sunrisers), Lauren Winfield-Hill (Northern Diamonds).

India keep the same squad of players: India ODI squad:Mithali Raj (Captain), Smriti Mandhana, Harmanpreet Kaur (vice-captain), Punam Raut, Priya Punia, Deepti Sharma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Shafali Verma, Sneh Rana, Taniya Bhatia (wicket-keeper), Indrani Roy (wicket-keeper), Jhulan Goswami, Shikha Pandey, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddy, Poonam Yadav, Ekta Bisht, Radha Yadav.

Finally, as Snehal Pradhan points out, it is great to see the BCCI’s immense media resources finally stretching to the women’s team.

Men's @BCCI handle sharing a really well-made video of the @BCCIWomen at training, promoting their game today.

FINALLY, social media game is improving. @BCCIWomen handle has 4 lakh followers@BCCI mens handle has 14 million

A no brainer that I'm glad is finally happening💙👍🏼 https://t.co/BDkqAEb8Da

— Snehal Pradhan #MaskUp (@SnehalPradhan) June 27, 2021


Geoff Lemon and Tanya Aldred

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