England’s women beat India by 18 runs (on DLS)– as it happened

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  • After an exhilarating first innings, rain stopped play during India’s reply
  • Nat Sciver set up the win with England’s fastest T20 half-century

A sodden end, but what a first innings. Let’s celebrate that. Sciver’s hitting; Jones’ enterprise. Radha’s ground fielding in the power play. Harmanpreet’s diving catch. Sneh Rana’s attack on the ball. And leaving the best to last... Harleen Deol’s worldly. Fantastic cricket. England go 1-0 up in the T20s and lead 8-4 in the multiformat points series. For India to square the ledger, they will need to win at both Hove on Sunday and Chelmsford on Wednesday. Until then... bye!


It was going to take too long to clean up the ground even if the rain stopped, we’re told. So that’s it.

No news, I suspect, is bad news. We wait.

What a picture 📷

Scorecard & Videos: https://t.co/oG3JwmemFp#ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/HtHtZU2qGa

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) July 9, 2021

The weather is so bad, the Sky team have had to leave the pod. Ah well.

Oh, and the cut-off time is 10:25pm. I hope they do get back on. On the basis of that wondrous first innings, this game deserves to not only go the distance, but for it to also include a few twists.


What a truly outstanding catch this was from Harleen Deol! 🤯

Watch it and soak it in! 👌

📺 Watch #ENGvIND 👉 https://t.co/bT0CP9Q8No
💻 YouTube 👉 https://t.co/jrtp32iHHv
📱 Live blog 👉 https://t.co/gqoXyF3uXt pic.twitter.com/kYmIX3AbN1

— Sky Sports Cricket (@SkyCricket) July 9, 2021

We start losing overs at 9:31pm, I’m told. The big covers are on.

General view as rain delays play.
Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters


Want to see something nice? Here was my baby girl this morning. On this (early!) evidence, a left-arm spinner coming your way soon.

“I’ll come left-arm around, please. Yup, approaching between the umpire and the stumps. Ta.” pic.twitter.com/NtQDoL4qBU

— Adam Collins (@collinsadam) July 9, 2021

I'm sorry to report that the rain has stopped play

It felt inevitable. England are 18 runs ahead on DLS.

8th over: India 51-3 (Deol 16, Deepti 2) It’s raining at Northampton, but not enough to take them from the field. A good start from Villiers, her first over of the series, going for just four runs. It looks... pretty heavy wet out there on the coverage but they’ll play on.

DEEPTI NOT OUT... JUST. Upstairs we went when Jones got the bails off in a flash after Maddy Villiers beat the left-hander outside the off-stump, but her toe was down with a fraction of a second to spare.

7th over: India 47-3 (Deol 14, Deepti 0) A reminder that Sarah Glenn, in her 19th T20i as England’s main leggie, has 28 wickets at 12. As for Harmanpreet, her run of form since the 2017 World Cup has gone under the radar a bit on the basis of what she was able to achieve in that tournament, but not with my man Hypocaust it hasn’t.

Harmanpreet Kaur in T20Is since the start of 2019:

21 innings
301 runs
Ave 17.70
SR 94.95

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) July 9, 2021

WICKET! Harmanpreet c Ecclestone b Glenn 1 (India 47-3)

Sarah Glenn loves taking wickets. Big wickets. Harmanpreet, after coming down the track, was done in flight, miscuing straight to Ecclestone on the circle at mid-off. They’re in strife now, especially with (dare I say it) a little bit of weather around at Northampton.

England’s Sophie Ecclestone celebrate the wicket of India’s Harmanpreet Kaur with teammates.
England’s Sophie Ecclestone celebrate the wicket of India’s Harmanpreet Kaur with her teammates. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters


WICKET! Mandhana c Ecclestone b Sciver 29 (India 44-2)

An explosive end to the power play, sealed with Mandhana’s wicket! Sciver went short time and again, the left-hander going hard with her pull shot at the last ball but directing it straight to Ecclestone at backward square! Coming as it did after back-to-back boundaries for the superstar opener - flicked then tucked - that’ll really sting.

Nat Sciver of England celebrates taking the wicket of Smriti Mandhana of India.
Nat Sciver of England celebrates taking the wicket of Smriti Mandhana of India. Photograph: Ben Hoskins/ECB/Getty Images

6th over: India 44-2 (Deol 12)

@collinsadam wonderful game of cricket so far. Great intent in the chase so far, especially after losing Verma so quickly, and nice to hear good support for the Indian team coming through loud and clear from the crowd

— Obstinate Refuser (@lutraline) July 9, 2021

Well said. This deserves a bold chase and a grandstand finish.


5th over: India 35-1 (Mandhana 21, Deol 11) Ecclestone in the power play - positive cricket from Knight. Will Deol take on the best bowler in the world? No, even when a full toss arrives. What about Mandhana? She’s careful too, advancing but to drive along the ground for a couple through cover. Ohh, I take it back: the left-hander, despite the two fielders out on the legside, sweeps with force and placement, bisecting them for a boundary. Classssss.

A general view during India’s innings.
A general view during India’s innings. Photograph: Zac Goodwin/PA


4th over: India 28-1 (Mandhana 15, Deol 10) Davies starts well with two accurate yorkers but Deol backs herself to go over midwicket from the next, flicking with confidence for her first boundary. That’s the spirit. One becomes two when Villiers’ direct hit runs away for an overthrow but Knight stops four in the covers from the penultimate delivery, the captain diving away to her left. Another yorker to finish, dug out to deep third - Deol retains the strike.

And here’s the Verma dismissal.


Verma (0) backs away, perhaps expecting a short ball, and has her bails hit by a straight one - India 0-1 chasing 178 #ENGvIND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇳

📺 Watch 👉 https://t.co/bT0CP9Q8No
💻 YouTube 👉 https://t.co/jrtp32iHHv
📱 Blog 👉 https://t.co/gqoXyF3uXt pic.twitter.com/AAiKpeYEGw

— Sky Sports Cricket (@SkyCricket) July 9, 2021

3rd over: India 21-1 (Mandhana 15, Deol 3) Mandhana in top form here, steering Brunt past backward point - superb timing. And a very similar shot to follow, a fraction squarer, in the gap again, four more! When on-song, she has what’s needed to chase down a target like this, but she’ll need someone to go with her. Deol now, who tries to go over mid-on but miscues high in the air, not quite going to hand.

2nd over: India 10-1 (Mandhana 6, Deol 2) A bit going on so far tonight but it’s quite significant that Shrubsole has been left out of England’s XI tonight, Nat Sciver instead given the new ball. This is a role she knows well, of course, opening the bowling throughout the 2018 World Cup when Brunt went home injured. But I wonder what this means for Shrubsole in the shortest format? Watch this space, I suppose, with Freya Davies the third seamer tonight. And nearly a chance here off a top edge, Mandhana beaten by a slower one, flying hiiiigh over the wicketkeeper Jones’ head. Safe. Earlier in the over she was far more convincing, flatbatting over mid-off for four.

1st over: India 3-1 (Mandhana 0, Deol 1) A few laughs after the failed review - it’s not often that Brunt doesn’t want the chance for a second look, but Knight was overexcited. Great start for England.

“Hi Adam.” Evening, Graeme Thorn. “Deol’s catch stands because she first touched it whilst touching the ground inside the boundary, is that correct - If she hadn’t, and jumped straight in to catch it from outside the rope, would it have been a six?”

Yep, that’s right - touching it in-play first opened up the do-si-dos before the secondary dive. Sure, they practice that all the time (believe me, as someone who attends a lot of international training) but it’s a whole different thing pulling it off it in a situation like that.

HAS MANDHANA EDGED BRUNT? She’s given not out and the quick, in the end, doesn’t want a review but Knight has sent it up. It did plenty that’s for sure. But no, NOT OUT - a huge gap. Bad review.

WICKET! Verma b Brunt 0 (India 0-1)

Brunt defeats Verma again! For a duck! And not the first time, she’s been picked up by the veteran when backing away - leg stump, bang. “She was so far legside that the top of leg stump was almost the top of off,” says Mark Butcher on Sky comms. Spot on.

Shafali Verma of India is bowled by Katherine Brunt of England.
Shafali Verma of India is bowled by Katherine Brunt of England. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images
Katherine Brunt of England celebrates after taking the wicket of Shafali Verma of India.
Brunt celebrates taking Verma’s wicket. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images


The players are back on the field. Mandhana and Verma - strap in, I’d say. As for England, it’s Katherine Brunt taking over number one.

Halfway in the Eng v Ind WT20I and what an advert for women's cricket. Stunning examples of all 3 disciplines so far. Stunning catch from Deol proving the women's game is well worth watching. @collinsadam @GeoffLemonSport #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover #thefinalword

— Ian Wolstenholme (@wolsty69) July 9, 2021

Okay, exhale. That 24-ball half-century from Nat Sciver was the quickest for England in the format, by the way. But we knew she could do that. Did we necessarily appreciate the extent to which Amy Jones could really damage an attack towards the death? She’s taking the next step, dominating domestic cricket and bossing it tonight. India, meanwhile, for all of their brilliant fielding need to break their chasing record if they are to win from here. What fun!

INDIA REQUIRE 179 FOR VICTORY (WICKET! Brunt run out [Deepti] 2)

A run out from the final ball, fittingly via another slick piece of fielding - that’s Deepti’s second run out in her follow-through tonight. From the penultimate delivery, Ecclestone boshed the off-spinner over midwicket for SIX - the final blow of the innings, 11 from the final set. A pulsating 20 overs comes to an end.

20th over: England 177-7 (Ecclestone 9*)

And here’s that Harleen Deol catch... drink it in.


That is just stunning from Harleen Deol! Amy Jones has to go after an absolute worldie in the deep! #ENGvIND🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇳

📺 Watch 👉 https://t.co/bT0CP9Q8No
💻 YouTube 👉 https://t.co/jrtp32iHHv
📱 Live blog 👉 https://t.co/gqoXyF3uXt pic.twitter.com/1GDyenl3lU

— Sky Sports Cricket (@SkyCricket) July 9, 2021

WICKET! Dunkley st Richa b Pandey 1 (England 166-6)

Three wickets in the over; two in two balls! So clever from Richa, taking the bails off after Dunkley loses balance when missing Pandey’s delivery well outside the off-stump. Three wickets and seven runs from the over. I can’t say it enough: this is some of the finest fielding you will see, the best I’ve seen from India’s women.

19th over: England 166-6 (Brunt 0)

WICKET! Jones c Deol b Pandey 43 (England 167-5)

OH MY! That’s one of the best catches I’ve seen! Deol, playing her first game on tour, has so much work to do inches in from the rope above her head. She takes it - just - but realises it’ll be in vain if she doesn’t throw the ball up, which she does, completing a diving second-part when returning to the field of play. Maaaagnificent!!!! And that’s the end of Amy Jones, for 43 off 27. Both set players have fallen in this Pandey over. Fabulous cricket, from start to end.

India’s Harleen Deol catches the ball.
India’s Harleen Deol catches the ball. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters


WICKET! Sciver c Harmanpreet b Pandey 55 off 27 (England 163-4)

What a catch! India are copping plenty of tap but they have been first rate in the field, their captain here sprinting in from long-on before diving forward to just get under Sciver’s onside slap. The end of a superb innings, undone by some fine work by Harmanpreet.

India’s Harmanpreet Kaur catches out England’s Nat Sciver.
India’s Harmanpreet Kaur catches out England’s Nat Sciver. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters


Sciver to 50!

18th over: England 159-3 (Sciver 51, Jones 42) For the tenth time, Sciver has a T20I half-century, coming here in 24 deliveries - as you do. Back to Jones who clears the rope again after advancing at Poonam, flatbatted over long-on. What a dominant shot. But all told, in context, ten off the over probably isn’t a bad outcome for India.

17th over: England 149-3 (Sciver 49, Jones 34) Sneh Rana does everything right diving at long-on to save a couple of runs after Jones slaps Deepti in that direction, but there’s no stopping the next shot, an inside-out gem through extra cover after dancing down the track. This pair, who know each other so well having lived in the same sharehouse in Loughborough for a number of years, are putting on a clinic. And now over long on for SIX! Sneh Rana, once again, did everything she could when jumping as high as she could, but it clips her outstretched right hand and lands over the rope. Sneh Rana is in the game again to finish on the midwicket circle, saving four more. Nevertheless, 13 form the over making 45 from the last three. Jones is up to 34 from 20 balls. And back to you, Nat.

16th over: England 136-3 (Sciver 49, Jones 21) The blend between conventional and unorthodox continues, Sciver jumping across her stumps to scoop Reddy, getting her over Richa’s head for a couple. What follows is the sort of moment you hate as a bowler, hammered back at her, no chance of cutting it off, four from the moment it was hit. “It was clubbed,” says Mark Butcher. “A one iron.” She keeps going, all over a slower ball, lacing it through extra cover off the front foot with a horizontal bat. Sweet. Ohhhh, and back over her head again to finish, that’s hit even harder! Deary me, some innings this: she’s 49 from 23 balls with four overs to keep going and going.

15th over: England 120-3 (Sciver 34, Jones 20) Radha is back with her left-arm orthodox and Jones is up for it, immediately jumping into her reverse posture and nailing it over short third - a calculated risk at the right time, well played. An even better shot to follow, jumping all the way over to the off-side to open up backward square leg, clearing the fielder inside the circle for back-to-back boundaries to start the over. Your move, India. And a move to over the wicket nearly does the trick, Jones miscuing across the line into the air, for the second time in two overs not quite going to hand. She’s back to where she needs to be to finish though, hammering conventionally off the back foot into the gap through cover point for a third four. That makes 16 from the over; England’s best yet with five to come.

14th over: England 104-3 (Sciver 33, Jones 5) Poonam returns - I like this, positive captaincy from Harmanpreet when needing to force a mistake from Sciver from somewhere. But she resists, happy to take the singles to the sweepers at this stage. Not so Jones, who tries to slog-sweep high and handsome, but she doesn’t get all of it and is lucky not to hole out. Five singles off it - the push/pull continues.

13th over: England 99-3 (Sciver 31, Jones 2) “Power, placement and class from Nat Sciver.” Nicely summed up by Nick Knight when England’s all-rounder uses her feet before thumping Rana back past her boots, the second boundary of the over. The first was also after coming down the track before adjusting, muscling into the gap at midwicket. What a strong and gifted cricketer she is. 12 off the over.

12th over: England 87-3 (Sciver 20, Jones 1) Jones off the mark down the ground, where she’s most at ease against spin, then Sciver pulls to midwicket to retain the strike. This is a high-quality game.

Here’s that Sciver six from a couple of overs ago. Goodness me.

Glorious 😍

Scorecard & Videos: https://t.co/I5w5iwsDXu#ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/aRftrcsEm5

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) July 9, 2021

WICKET! Knight run out [Deepti] 6 (England 85-3)

Outstanding from Deepti in her follow through! Knight pushed into the onside and thought she had beaten the spinner but that wasn’t the case after a perfect diving stop, with enough time to throw down the stumps at the England captain’s end. Brilliant cricket. Game on.

Heather Knight of England looks dejected after being run out by Deepti Sharma of India.
Heather Knight of England looks dejected after being run out by Deepti Sharma of India. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images


11th over: England 84-2 (Sciver 18, Knight 6) Sneh Rana is into the attack and goes for just two singles - just what India needed. She might be my favourite find of 2021, coming back after five years in the international wilderness to earn this tour. Indeed, she’s dedicated this comeback to her late father, who passed away earlier this year. I spoke to her on the Sky coverage during the Test Match and she was so passionate and impressive. Go you good thing.

10th over: England 82-2 (Sciver 17, Knight 5) Whoa, that is some shot from Sciver to end Radha’s over, down the track then inside-out with the most majestic lofted cover drive for SIX! Find a telly, or pop the youtube stream on (below), Nat is on fire at Wantage Road.

WICKET! Beaumont c Mandhana b Poonam 18 (England 71-2)

Beaumont dances and tries to go over long-on but doesn’t get enough of it, taken comfortably by Mandhana running in off the rope. And it was Mandhana who, two balls before, cut off a Sciver bullet to ensure that the opener was back on strike - good cricket.

India’s Poonam Yadav and Radha Yadav celebrate the wicket of England’s Tammy Beaumont.
India’s Poonam Yadav and Radha Yadav celebrate the wicket of England’s Tammy Beaumont. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

9th over: England 71-2 (Sciver 5) Earlier in the successful over, Sciver jumped back to pull Poonam for four - she thumps it so hard, the boundary riders have almost no chance. She’s the key wicket here.


8th over: England 62-1 (Beaumont 16, Sciver 5) Fantastic shot first ball from Sciver, rocking back to carve Radha behind point for four. Perfect placement and execution from England’s vice-captain, who is in wonderful form at the moment. “She picks length better than anyone,” says Mel Jones on TV. Even so, a successful over for India.

Up and running first ball.

Scorecard & Videos: https://t.co/I5w5iwsDXu#ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/IlBuU461pI

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) July 9, 2021

WICKET! Wyatt c Richa b Radha 31 (England 56-1)

Yep, there’s a nice edge on that - Wyatt is gone. Once again, it is the lack of pace prompting the false stroke. India are up and about.

Richa Ghosh of India takes a catch to dismiss Danni Wyatt of England off the bowling of Radha Yadav.
Richa Ghosh of India takes a catch to dismiss Danni Wyatt of England off the bowling of Radha Yadav. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images


IS WYATT CAUGHT BEHIND TRYING TO REVERSE SWEEP RADHA YADAV? She’s given not out but Harmanpreet sends it upstairs.

7th over: England 56-0 (Beaumont 15, Wyatt 31) With the field out, here comes the pint-sized Poonam Yadav for her slow but beguiling leg breaks and googlies. Oooh, and she beats Wyatt outside the off-stump to begin, at 34mph - you love to see it. Beaumont’s turn now, on the sweep right away, adding a couple to bring up the 50-run partnership. Wyatt runs down the track later in the over at what turns out to be a full toss, called a no-ball. Hang on, how has the umpire arrived at that decision with Wyatt metres out of her crease at the point of contact? Sky pick up on this too: had the opener been in her crease, that was almost certainly dipping down to thigh/pad height. Anyway, the free hit isn’t capitalised on, so no major harm done. Eventful as always when Poonam is at the bowling crease.

6th over: England 48-0 (Beaumont 11, Wyatt 28) It’s not been easy going for England but they’ve ended their power play well from the off-spin of Deepti, Wyatt nailing a sweep into the gap for four then adding another boundary over cover, which just goes the distance. The TV umpire checks the replay about 20 times to confirm that Reddy didn’t drag it back in time, but the right decision is made.

5th over: England 37-0 (Beaumont 10, Wyatt 18) That’s a more fluent version of Wyatt, slapping over square leg from the middle of her bat, nearly going all the way for six. Pandey bounces back well, prompting a premeditated scoop from Beaumont, but she misses it and so does Richa behind the stumps - that’s four byes. What did we say before the game about leaving Bhatia out of the XI? Hmmm.

4th over: England 28-0 (Beaumont 10, Wyatt 13) At last, Beaumont finds a gap at midwicket to get England’s first boundary. Wyatt nearly makes it a second from the final Reddy ball, top-edging over point, but there’s nobody out there inside the power play. Better for the hosts, nine runs coming there. Oh, and I neglected to mention that Radha saved another four diving away at backward point. I dislike doing the men’s comparison thing, but in order to give you a sense of how she goes about it, think of Glenn Maxwell. A star.

England’s Tammy Beaumont in action.
England’s Tammy Beaumont in action. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters


3rd over: England 19-0 (Beaumont 5, Wyatt 9) Good energy from India, Sneh Rana galloping in from short fine, nearly creating a run-out chance. England are equal to this though, Wyatt taking another quick single to cover - it’s been an innings of scampering so far, without finding the rope. Beaumont launches into a cover drive, her most well-struck shot so far, but Harmanpreet’s turn to make a great stop on the edge of the circle, saving three. And Rahda saves two more, diving away at point again. Really good scrap, this.

At age 21, Radha Yadav is already just about the best infielder in the entire women's game. She's saved seven runs in three overs. #ENGvIND

— Adam Collins (@collinsadam) July 9, 2021

2nd over: England 13-0 (Beaumont 2, Wyatt 7) Reddy, the right-arm seamer, gets her first chance of the series and it nearly brings a wicket second ball when Wyatt’s top edge sails down to deep third... landing between three fielders! They come back for three, the boundary saved through a committed dive by Radha, who is one of the best in the world throwing herself around. This isn’t a convincing start from Wyatt, just beating Rahda - that fielder again - at point, diving away athletically. Two overs down, no boundaries.

1st over: England 7-0 (Beaumont 1, Wyatt 2) Pandey slips well down the legside to begin, too wide for Richa too, a couple of wides to begin. Wyatt gets the first runs off the bat, a quick single to midwicket - confident running from a pair who know each other well. Pandey gets her hooping inducker on target by the middle of the over before Wyatt steers a second single. A half-hearted shout for leg before to finish, but going down leg - no review required.

The players are on the field. They begin the series with the moment of unity, England’s players wearing the anti-discrimination t-shirts we’ve seen from both men and women through the summer of 2021. Danni Wyatt and Tammy Beaumont are on the way for the home side, with Shikha Pandey taking the new ball for India. PLAY!

Harmanpreet Kaur of India takes to the pitch.
Harmanpreet Kaur of India takes to the pitch. Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images


Great segment on Sky about Poonam Yadav. She presents, shall we say, a unique challenge: 4’10” in old money, legbreaks at an average of 36mph (often down to 33mph), lands it in a shoebox and has a perfectly-disguised googly. She’s a throwback and a treasure.

Another big selection call: Taniya Bhatia is out. She had a magnificent ODI series (and Test Match) behind the stumps, but the assessment must be that Richa Ghosh will give more with the bat.

Early prediction: we are going to miss Taniya Bhatia behind the stumps.#ENGvIND

— Yash Lahoti (@YvLahoti) July 9, 2021

This game is also streaming on Sky Cricket’s YouTube Channel. They’ve enjoyed a significant spike in viewership for this series so far. I’m told that the ODIs were watched by more people than any women’s series broadcast in England before. A separate data set shows that over half a million people tuned in who didn’t watch any women’s cricket in 2019 or 2020. Tremendously exciting times.


Anya Shrubsole has been left out. That’s a big call from England, Freya Davies given the chance to open up with Katherine Brunt.

England as named: Danni Wyatt, Tammy Beaumont, Natalie Sciver, Heather Knight (c), Amy Jones (wk), Sophia Dunkley, Katherine Brunt, Sophie Ecclestone, Sarah Glenn, Mady Villiers, Freya Davies.

India include Harleen Deol, who showed plenty against South Africa earlier in the year, and Sneh Rana plays her first T20I for five years. Her story is a wonderful one, I’ll tell you more through the night.

India as named: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Harleen Deol, Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Deepti Sharma, Richa Ghosh (wk), Sneh Rana, Arundhati Reddy, Shikha Pandey, Radha Yadav, Poonam Yadav.

Harmanpreet has won the toss, India are bowling

“In the short format, it is always good chasing.” The skipper adds that the young players in her squad are bringing plenty of energy to the camp. Heather Knight says had she won the toss, England would have bowled as well. Danni Wyatt, she confirms, is back in the XI.


A week ago, India looked every chance to be beaten three-zip in the ODIs, putting England into a position where they could not be defeated in this multi-format points clash. Indeed, with ten overs to go in the visitors’ chase on Saturday, that still looked the case.

But when Mithali Raj (and Sneh Rana) stuck the landing at New Rd, it moved them up to four points - two behind the hosts, with three T20s to come. To the best of my recollection, this is the first time we’ve enjoyed a 6-4 scoreline coming into the short-form games, which means quite a lot rides on this the first of these T20s.

Of course, the change of format means a change of leadership for India, with Harmanpreet Kaur in charge after Mithali retired from the bash-and-crash stuff after the 2018 World Cup. Her fellow 38-year-old, Jhulan Goswami, has also finished up in this format.

It gives the Indian side a different, more dynamic complexion. Let’s not forget, they were the beaten T20 finalists at the most recent World Cup at the MCG in the days before the world came to a grinding halt last March. Shafali Verma made an extraordinary mark in that tournament as a 16-year-old, as she did on her Test debut a few weeks ago in Bristol. When she bats, you can’t look away.

As for Heather Knight’s team, it now includes the experienced and explosive Danni Wyatt, who was overlooked for both the Tests and the ODIs, and Essex twirler Maddy Villiers, who is also back. And with Kate Cross released back to domestic cricket, it’s likely that left-arm seamer Tash Farrant will play in her place at Northampton.

I’ll be back for the toss at 6pm local time. Swing by, stay a while. What a brilliant weekend of sport we have ahead of us.

All set for the first IT20! 🙌

A reminder that tonight's @EnglandCricket Women v India Women fixture gets underway at 6:30pm. 🕡

The County Ground is completely sold out for this game, unfortunately there are no tickets available on the gate. pic.twitter.com/L2WXvKHJH6

— Northamptonshire Steelbacks (@NorthantsCCC) July 9, 2021



Adam Collins

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21, Sep, 2020 @8:13 PM

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England beat West Indies by 92 runs at Women's World Cup – as it happened
England sauntered to victory over West Indies on a cold grey day at Bristol, as Heather Knight and Nat Sciver both impressed

Jonathan Howcroft (now) Vithushan Ehantharajah (earlier)

15, Jul, 2017 @4:13 PM

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England beat India by five wickets in second women’s ODI – as it happened
Five wickets for Kate Cross and an unbeaten 73 from Sophia Dunkley ease England to a five-wicket victory at Taunton.

Tim de Lisle (earlier) and Tanya Aldred (later)

30, Jun, 2021 @8:37 PM

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England beat New Zealand by 203 runs to win fifth women’s ODI – as it happened!
New Zealand were set a record target and fell considerably short as England secured a 4-1 series victory

Tim de Lisle (earlier) and Tanya Aldred (later)

26, Sep, 2021 @4:35 PM

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England beat New Zealand by 13 runs (D/L) in second women’s ODI – as it happened!
Charlie Dean took four wickets as England secured a narrow win by 13 runs

Geoff Lemon (earlier) and Tanya Aldred (later)

19, Sep, 2021 @5:28 PM