England beat New Zealand by 123 runs to win second women's ODI – as it happened

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England secured a second emphatic victory to seal the series against New Zealand with a game to spare

Here’s our match report. That’s all from me. Bye!

Tammy Beaumont is the player of the match:

Coming into this season I’ve been getting 50s and getting out, and being frustrated at giving away good starts. We thought we were under par but then the wicket started to deteriorate. A good toss to win I think.

We just want to keep putting in good performances, and keep churning out the runs. New Zealand did start really well today. You have to keep calm, not give it away, and know the best thing is to stay in.

Heather Knight talks:

I thought the pitch would be slightly better, but the groundsman said it was the slow side of the square. Our bowlers, especially the spinners, were outstanding today. I think we were 40 or 50 short. We didn’t bat as well as we could have done. It was a little stop-start. We want to be ruthless with those partnerships, look to push that mark and have one or two batters go on a bit more.

Katie’s still quite raw, she’s going to go for runs, btu she’s also got a lot of wicket-taking balls. She came back well from that first over, picked up a few wickets and that’ll give her a bit of confidence. This summer our bowling’s been really outstanding. We want to be ruthless with those partnerships. Having bigger partnerships will get us to that 280, 300 mark

England win by 123 runs, and win the series!

With one game of the series to go England hold a 2-0 lead, after a second emphatic victory.

WICKET! Huddleston lbw b Ecclestone 12 (New Zealand 118 all out)

And that’s the wicket they’ve been looking for! This one seems to keep low, and gives the umpire an easy decision.

37th over: New Zealand 117-9 (Ebrahim 18, Huddleston 12) Now Elwiss is back, as England’s search for the final wicket continues. Just a single off the over, but still no wicket. Or, indeed, chance of a wicket. This is New Zealand’s second best partnership now.

36th over: New Zealand 116-9 (Ebrahim 17, Huddleston 12) Ecclestone returns, and Huddleston cuts her first delivery away for four, just the second boundary she has conceded. New Zealand’s final partnership is looking very calm, composed and controlled at the moment.

35th over: New Zealand 110-9 (Ebrahim 16, Huddleston 7) The number of times in the last 15 minutes that Sarah Taylor has said “Catch it! … oh.” Lots. Lots of times. Nobody has caught it, or dropped it, or even got near it.

34th over: New Zealand 104-9 (Ebrahim 11, Huddleston 6) George could probably have spent more of the over aiming at the stumps, because she doesn’t really trouble anywone any other way. Ebrahim gets a leading edge from the last, which she tries to turn towards midwicket but ends up flying towards, but dropping well short of, mid-off.


33rd over: New Zealand 101-9 (Ebrahim 9, Huddleston 5) The coup de grace remains elusive, and instead of giving her wicket away Huddlestone produces the best shot we’ve seen for a while, cutting nicely away for four.

32nd over: New Zealand 95-9 (Ebrahim 8, Huddleston 0) Ebrahim hits high over midwicket and the ball is well saved, a foot before the rope. And that is very much the highlight of the over.

31st over: New Zealand 93-9 (Ebrahim 6, Huddleston 0) Kate Ebrahim plays a succession of poorly-controlled shots into the leg side, which she gets away with before eventually hitting straight past the bowler for a single.

30th over: New Zealand 92-9 (Ebrahim 5, Huddleston 0) A boundary! New Zealand’s first for 81 deliveries comes from the first ball of George’s fifth over, which is wide and full, and Tahuhu waves a bat at it and bottom-edges it away for four. It’s destined to be very much the highlight of a brief innings.

WICKET! Tahuhu b George 5 (New Zealand 92-9)

Slow and straight from Katie George, and Tahuhu has completed her stroke well before the ball bounces past her and into middle stump!

29th over: New Zealand 88-8 (Ebrahim 5, Tahuhu 1) A third over for Knight, and this is New Zealand’s best over for a while. Indeed, it’s the most expensive of the last 10 overs. Four runs.

28th over: New Zealand 84-8 (Ebrahim 2, Tahuhu 0) One run from the over – Ecclestone’s six overs have brought two wickets and just seven runs. There might have been more runs here, but New Zealand don’t seem wildly keen on running quickly.

27th over: New Zealand 83-8 (Ebrahim 1, Tahuhu 0) Two wickets and no runs from the captain’s second over, and this is all over bar the shouting, and there’s not likely to be too much of that either.

WICKET! Kasperek c Taylor b Knight 0 (New Zealand 83-8)

And another one! Kasperek goes first ball, which flicks the top edge of her bat as she tries to push to cover and nestles in Taylor’s gloves!

WICKET! Watkin run out 0 (New Zealand 83-7)

Nat Sciver at midwicket fields well but throws poorly, forcing Taylor to collect the ball well wide of the stumps. She’s still got time to swing her arm into the bails before Watkin makes her ground, though!

26th over: New Zealand 83-6 (Ebrahim 1, Watkin 0) It’s hard to see a way back from here for New Zealand, though I’m suddenly feeling quite optimistic about being able to watch some of the semi-final.


WICKET! Kerr b Ecclestone 5 (New Zealand 83-6)

Kerr tries to cut the ball off her back foot, misses it and it hits the top of the stumps!

25th over: New Zealand 81-5 (Kerr 4, Ebrahim 0) Heather Knight gives herself a bowl, and starts with a wide. Matters improve from there, with just a single scored. Halfway through and New Zealand require 6.68 an over from here, with their first five back in the hutch already.


24th over: New Zealand 79-5 (Kerr 3, Ebrahim 0) Ecclestone has a couple of loud lbw appeals against the new batswoman, the second closer than the first but the ball looked to have hit the bat just before the pad. Marsh’s maiden is followed by a wicket maiden from Ecclestone, and New Zealand are in trouble. Kerr’s three runs have come from 17 balls; Broadmore has 0 from 5.


WICKET! Green c Brunt b Ecclestone 20 (New Zealand 79-5)

Er, scratch that! Green takes a risk now, comes down the pitch and lifts the ball to mid off, where Katherine Brunt takes a fine catch, with both hands high above her head!

23rd over: New Zealand 79-4 (Green 20, Kerr 3) A Marsh maiden. I’m not sure how they failed to run a single off the last, which was hit to deep extra cover, but I guess they’re not in the mood for taking risks.

22nd over: New Zealand 79-4 (Green 20, Kerr 3) The last three overs have brought four singles – three of them from the final three deliveries of this one – a lot of dots, and little else.

21st over: New Zealand 76-4 (Green 19, Kerr 1) Another Marsh lbw appeal comes to nought, after Kerr plays across the line. The ball hits her back pad and she glances up at the umpire with the guilty look of a kid caught with its fist in the cookie jar, but no punishment is forthcoming. Five dots, and a single off the last.

20th over: New Zealand 75-4 (Green 19, Kerr 0) Total control from Ecclestone, who bowls a maiden to Green.

19th over: New Zealand 75-4 (Bates 24, Green 19) So we have spin at both ends, with Marsh and Ecclestone bowling in partnership. Marsh has another lbw appeal against Bates, loud and sustained but ignored by the umpire, who’s worked out that the ball was heading down the leg side. Three deliveries later, though, the captain’s gone!


WICKET! Bates b Marsh 24 (New Zealand 75-4)

A big wicket, this! Marsh gets the ball to turn, and the ball misses Bates’ bat and hits the top of middle!

18th over: New Zealand 69-3 (Bates 23, Green 15) Sophie Ecclestone does her first bowling, and after Bates scores a single off the first five dots follow.

17th over: New Zealand 68-3 (Bates 22, Green 15) Marsh continues and Bates goes down on one knee to thump over midwicket, the ball spending a long time in the air but never anywhere near a fielder. It’s a nice stroke but only brings a run. There’s also a wide and a couple of leg byes.

15th over: New Zealand 63-3 (Bates 21, Green 14) New Zealand score a first boundary for six overs and it’s a lovely one, Maddy Green clumping the ball over midwicket, controlled and emphatic.

14th over: New Zealand 53-3 (Bates 19, Green 6) The required run rate at this stage is an eminently achievable 5.5, but it’s rising fast.

13th over: New Zealand 51-3 (Bates 18, Green 5) New Zealand have stabilised after those early wickets, but have stopped scoring after those early runs. Three singles off Marsh’s second over.

12th over: New Zealand 48-3 (Bates 16, Green 4) Elwiss continues, and New Zealand score a couple of singles.

11th over: New Zealand 46-3 (Bates 15, Green 3) The powerplay is over, and Marsh’s spin is immediately called for. Her first delivery spins hard and hits Green’s front pad, but the umpire shakes his head – it looks like it struck her just outside the line. Later Bates top-edges a sweep and gets away with it, the ball looping straight behind her and coming to ground before anyone can get under it.

10th over: New Zealand 43-3 (Bates 14, Green 1) A first bowling change for England, Georgia Elwiss coming on. Bates spends a while frustratingly picking out fielders, but the fifth delivery is beautifully timed past mid-on for four.

9th over: New Zealand 39-3 (Bates 10, Green 1) One delivery goes down leg, just a few inches wide of the stumps but enough to have the umpire extending his arms, and it is otherwise a near-perfect over from Brunt.

8th over: New Zealand 38-3 (Bates 10, Green 1) Much better control there from George, and the over yields an extremely sober four dots and two singles.

7th over: New Zealand 36-3 (Bates 9, Green 0) That’s a wicket maiden from Brunt, who is going at a miserly 2.75 an over (George’s three overs have cost 25 runs between them), and this could hardly have started better for England.


WICKET! Martin lbw b Brunt 9 (New Zealand 36-3)

Another one goes! Martin tries to steer a straight delivery towards square leg but gets nothing on it!

6th over: New Zealand 36-2 (Bates 9, Martin 9) George follows the delicious wicket-taking delivery with another full toss, which allows Katey Martin to get off the mark with a boundary. It’s inconsistent stuff, but if she keeps taking a wicket an over nobody will be complaining. Martin gets another boundary past point, a misfield from Danielle Wyatt who fell over the ball.


WICKET! Satterthwaite b George 1 (New Zealand 26-2)

Now there’s no quibbling with that one! The ball is angled into Satterthwaite, moves very slightly off the seam and clips the top of off stump!

5th over: New Zealand 26-1 (Bates 9, Satterthwaite 1) Another fine over from Brunt ends badly for her, with Bates hitting through the covers for four, the ball travelling slowly enough to encourage a fielder to chase it all the way to the rope, but quickly enough to get to the rope anyway.

4th over: New Zealand 20-1 (Bates 3, Satterthwaite 0) England stick with George, and her first delivery slides across the batsman and is called wide. At that point, given the pasting she took in her first over, the idea of being swallowed up by a massive sinkhole might have had some appeal. But from there the over costs just one run, and though there’s one poor delivery it ends up bringing a wicket, so everyone’s happy.

WICKET! Devine c Jones b George 14 (New Zealand 20-1)

It’s a poor delivery from George, a full toss that Devine tries to spear past point but she takes a hand off the bat, loses control and sends it straight to a fielder!

3rd over: New Zealand 18-0 (Bates 3, Devine 14) Five dot balls from Brunt, and just a single off the over, gets things back on track for England.

2nd over: New Zealand 17-0 (Bates 2, Devine 14) Katie George bowls from the other end, and gets her line wrong once (conceding a wide) and her length wrong most of the rest of the time. Devine hits the first boundary of the innings, worked nicely through midwicket, and immediately the second, pushed wide of mid-off, and from a filthy full toss, the third.

1st over: New Zealand 4-0 (Bates 2, Devine 2) Katherine Brunt bowls the first over, and gets plenty of movement from the start – and almost a reward, as her fourth delivery, to Bates, is chopped down into the turf and just past the stumps.

Right, the players are back out. Suzie Bates has her bat in her hand. Let’s do this.

But this is still a tough ask. New Zealand don’t habitually knock off 240+ to seal ODI victories – indeed, they have only done it three times in the last decade. They’ll need a good start, and then to avoid the kind of wobble that took them from 70-0 to 75-4 in the first ODI the other day.

Hello world! This is intriguing. I imagine England fell well short of the target they set themselves. For a start they failed to bat out their 50 overs – it’s five years since they last failed to get at least into the 50th over when batting first in an ODI, and 14 of their last 15 efforts have gone the distance.


Hope you enjoy the second innings, I leave you in the very capable hands of Simon Burnton.

New Zealand’s ground feeling was a bit sloppy-seconds, but they pulled off a couple of cracking catches. Smart bowling by Watkin, especially, and Huddleston. An impressive second-spell by the nerveless Kerr. England should win this still, but it depends what Bates and Devine had for breakfast. Sugar Puffs or Shredded Wheat? We shall see.

But who knows, it could be enough. On a pitch that was slow and tricky to score off, Beaumont and Sciver showed how you should do it - watchful but aggressive. And, largely, square of the wicket. Driving vertically turned out to be a dangerous game.

48th over: England 241 all out (Elwiss 18 not out). So England are back in the pavilion with two overs to spare. Well that was somewhat of a surprising end. Whimper, not bang.


Wicket! Ecclestone c Bates b Devine 0

A thwack and a first-ball duck, a classy diving catch by Bates at mid-off.

Wicket! George run-out 9

A mix-up which leaves George stranded, run-out by a handful of strides.

47th over: England 237-8 (Elwiss 16, George 8) Kasperek keeps it tight and England hobble towards the finish line. No fireworks here. Still, the sun is shining and they’re keeping it ticking over.

46th over: England 234-8 (Elwiss 15, George 6) Kerr has rediscovered her discipline in this spell, not put off by the tonking she got from the England top-order earlier on. What an smashing temperament, teenager or no teenager. The last ball gets pulled for four by Elwiss.

45th over: England 228-8 (Elwiss 10, George 5) Four to George, leonine hair hanging out of her helmet as Watkin loses her line. Her first four in international cricket! Something to celebrate this evening. England have lost their mojo here.

44th over: England 223-8 (Elwiss 9, George 1) Big lbw appeal against George, turned down, and who hits her first runs in ODI cricket. Elwiss misses out on choice runs when she misses a full toss.

43rd over: England 220-8 (Elwiss 8, George 0) Just reward for Watkin and a brief stay for Marsh.

Wicket! Marsh lbw Watkin 2

Ooops. The ball hit centrally and looked as if it was going to knock out leg.

42nd over: England 216-7 (Elwiss 7, Marsh 0) Shin becomes knee. An important wicket for New Zealand - and Brunt walks off, entertaining but not fulfilled.


Wicket! Brunt c Satterthwaite b Kerr 40

Another super catch! This time by Satterthwaite who came round from deep mid wicket and caught it low as it was dying on her.

41st over: England 216-6 (Brunt 24, Elwiss 7) Elwiss is experimenting, a pull, a reverse sweep, against Kasperek. Brunt’s getting itchy feet again, a one-handed drive to finish the over.

40th over: England 212-6 (Brunt 23, Elwiss 4) Four from Kerr’s seventh over.

39th over: England 208-6 (Brunt 22, Elwiss 1) Still mulling over that fabulous catch which has given New Zealand more than a finger, perhaps a shin, in the door.

Wicket! Sciver c Bates b Kasperek 54

What a catch from Bates, leaping, left-handed and backwards, at mid-off.

Suzie Bates is congratulated by team mates after taking the catch to dismiss Natalie Sciver.
Suzie Bates is congratulated by team mates after taking the catch to dismiss Natalie Sciver. Photograph: David Davies/PA


38th over: England 202-5 ( Sciver 51, Brunt 20) And that’s fifty for Nat Sciver, from 54 balls, her first fifty since the World Cup. A smart innings. And this on top of the player of the match award in the last game - her form, at last, has returned. A very welcome friend. Another classy over from Watkin - England’s batters struggling to give her some welly.

37th over: England 197-5 ( Sciver 47, Brunt 19) Big squeaky appeal from Kasperek against Brunt -her second clever shout of the day - and the second that looks out on replay. Six scampered runs from the rest of the over as England thrash away but fail to reach the boundary.

36th over: England 191-5 ( Sciver 45, Brunt 15) Kerr returns and it is a neater over. Brunt sweeps - for one. Sciver knocks one off her toes for another. And they scamper on.

The sun bakes down. Kerr bowls with a huge hankerchief hanging out of her back pocket.

35th over: England 186-5 ( Sciver 43, Brunt 12) Watkin, who whizzes through her overs like a yo-yo, bowls a tight over - just two off it.

34th over: England 184-5 ( Sciver 42, Brunt 11) “Gemme to the strikers’s end!” yells Brunt. She takes a step down the pitch to Huddleston, has a swipe that beats Amelia Kerr and gets her boundary. Huddlestone delivers a full toss “Yes please!” says Brunt. But a not fully-efficient pull and a super bit of fielding means she only gets two. Sad face.


33rd over: England 175-5 ( Sciver 40, Brunt 4)

32nd over: England 172-5 ( Sciver 39, Brunt 2) Some lumpy fielding again by New Zealand, the sort of over-dive that my sons are expert at when trying to get each other into trouble. And Sciver gets her four. A full toss from Huddleston only gets a single. And Brunt’s off the mark - though not quite with the aplomb that she was looking for.

31st over: England 165-5 ( Sciver 34, Brunt 0) Brunt has got serious ants in her pants this afternoon, looking to jettison the ball up to Belper at every opportunity. Neat over by Watkin, but TMS tell me that’s the eleventh wide of the day.

30th over: England 163-5 ( Sciver 33, Brunt 0) Important wicket that, Wyatt had looked in fine touch. Brunt has a good old-fashioned swipe at a wide one from Tahuhu, and misses. Tahuhu really has struggled with her line today - perhaps the gusty wind Mel Jones was talking about at the start is to blame.

Wicket! Wyatt c Devine b Tahuhu 8

Wyatt seeemed to lose concentration there, a shorter ball that she steered straight to Sophie Devine at backward point.

New Zealand’s Lea Tahuh, centre, celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Danni Wyatt.
New Zealand’s Lea Tahuh, centre, celebrates taking the wicket of England’s Danni Wyatt. Photograph: David Davies/PA


29th over: England 151-4 ( Sciver 30, Wyatt 8) Watkin, owner of the longest, blondest ponytail in cricket, bowls a neat little over. A maiden.

28th over: England 159-4 ( Sciver 30, Wyatt 8) Tahuhu starts as she finished her last spell, with a wide one. Wyatt shovels the next shorter one for two then, eye in, cuts Tahuhu for four. Rescues herself with three fuller balls. Dot, dot, dot...


27th over: England 151-4 ( Sciver 28, Wyatt 2) A crucial wicket for New Zealand as England were starting to rev up the engines and head out of sight. Wyatt off the mark straight away.

Wicket! Beaumont lbw Watkin 67

Some breathing space for New Zealand as Beaumont, briefly reprieved for a possible no-ball, walks off after a cracking little innings.

26th over: England 146-3 (Beaumont 66, Sciver 26) Kerr has been expensive today: five overs for 43.

25th over: England 137-3 (Beaumont 64, Sciver 21) Five singles off Watkin’s first five balls, including an lbw shout against Sciver, rescued by an inside edge onto her pad. And that’s halfway!


24th over: England 132-3 (Beaumont 62, Sciver 16) Nine runs from Amelia Kerr’s over including a most delicate little dabble from Beaumont behind square and down to the boundary. Good placement from both batters to keep the New Zealand fielders running about from here to there and back again.


23rd over: England 123-3 (Beaumont 54, Sciver 15) A maiden! And a rush of blood from Beaumont who misjudges and cross-switches the ball just short of Green at mid on.


22nd over: England 120-3 (Beaumont 53, Sciver 13) And with a slow full-toss that’s Beamont’s fifty. Her 11th in ODIs. Well played! A steady effort, just what England needed, 7 fours, 58 balls.

Tammy Beaumont in action as she reaches her half century.
Tammy Beaumont in action as she reaches her half century. Photograph: David Davies/PA


21st over: England 114-3 (Beaumont 48, Sciver 12) Devine bowls a pedestrian full toss and Beaumont thrashes it through the offside for four, then a thick edge takes her to 48. Beaumont removes her gloves, gets on her knees and rubs her hands on the dusty pitch as if making some shortbread. It’s a hot day out there. And she can smell that fifty.

20th over: England 107-3 (Beaumont 42, Sciver 11) A nice steady over from Huddlestone, three off it. Trees looking beautiful against the blue sky at Derby. Great shapes - cylinders and triangles, like in a child’s drawing.

19th over: England 104-3 (Beaumont 41, Sciver 11) It turns out she’s going to play her attacking game! Shot of the day from Sciver against Kasperek, a cover drive that slows just before the boundary rope and England run three. Then another - gorgeous! -a cut to the cover-boundary.

18th over: England 93-3 (Beaumont 40, Sciver 1) An eventful over: a hobbling Huddlestone falls over in her follow-through Then a no-ball - the free hit is a full-toss which is hit for two by Knight. Then the wicket. New Zealand now on top. Let’s see how Sciver plays.

Wicket! Knight c Martin b Huddlestone 15

Knight looks to cut and gets a nick behind. The end of a slightly awkward-looking innings.

Holly Huddleston celebrates taking the wicket of Heather Knight.
Holly Huddleston celebrates taking the wicket of Heather Knight. Photograph: David Davies/PA


17th over: England 88-2 (Beaumont 39, Knight 13) A very am-dram lbw appeal by Kasperek against Knight, but the umpire is not interested. Later replays on Sky suggest it was out. Beaumont sweeps straight to the fielder on the boundary and England hustle through for a single. And another.

16th over: England 83-2 (Beaumont 37, Knight 11) Four wides rather spoils the analysis of a super little over from Amelia Kerr. And that’s drinks - England will be the happier of the two sides, I guess, though they’re not out of sight yet.

15th over: England 75-2 (Beaumont 36, Knight 9) A tight over from Kasperek, just three runs off it.

14th over: England 72-2 (Beaumont 34, Knight 8) Knight edges Kerr, a thick edge past slip for four. Satherwaite is moved a bit wider and Knight is looking conflicted here - forward/back; defence/attack? Kerr drops short and Beaumont jiggles down the pitch and flat bats her straight for four.

13th over: England 59-2 (Beaumont 28, Knight 1) A chance here for New Zealand to get stuck into this intimidating England line up. Knight edges her first ball just short of slip. A good over from Kasperek.

Wicket! Taylor c Green b Kasperek 8.

Don’t expect to see this from Taylor, an unbalanced shot, back leg dangling, and the ball goes straight to mid-on.

Leigh Kasperek celebrates taking the wicket of Sarah Taylor for eight.
Leigh Kasperek celebrates taking the wicket of Sarah Taylor for eight. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images


12th over: England 57-1 (Beaumont 28, Taylor 8) Young Kerr, who was the best New Zealand bowler in the first ODI, imposes some control.

11th over: England 53-1 (Beaumont 26, Taylor 6) Beaumont has got her eye on Kasperek. She advances down the pitch and clops it, straight back over the bowler’s head for four. Taylor sweeps nicely, just one run but a beautiful sound, coconut shell on coconut shell.

10th over: England 44-1 (Beaumont 19, Taylor 4) Taylor gets off the mark with a edge down past the keeper for four. She dropped her hands but wasn’t so much in control that she didn’t immediately turn to see where the ball had gone.

WICKET! Jones c Tahuhu b Devine 20

Ooh that was an ugly shot. Jones was caught out of position, crab-like, by a wide one, and gave a simple catch to backward point

Sophie Devine celebrates taking the wicket of Amy Jones.
Sophie Devine celebrates taking the wicket of Amy Jones. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images


9th over: England 40-0 (Jones 20, Beaumont 19) Huddlestone is replace by Suzie Bates after four good overs, 0-11. Bates leaks runs straight away as Beaumont gets into her stride, a sweep down to fine-leg, then a wristy pull, more lovelier than the first.


8th over: England 28-0 (Jones 19, Beaumont 8) A low full toss from Devine doesn’t get punished by Beaumont. A strangled appeal for lbw against Jones, impresses no-one not even the bowler. And some great ground fielding at last by New Zealand on the boundary.

7th over: England 28-0 (Jones 19, Beaumont 8) Huddleston continues methodically and eeek that’s a horrible bit of fielding at mid-off, it seemed to go right through her fingers, giving Jones a four. The pony-tailed Huddleston looks really rather cross.

6th over: England 18-0 (Jones 10, Beaumont 7) A bowling change: Devine for the off-target Tahuhu. She’s more on the money immediately. Ah, and that’s an extra-cover drive for four by Amy Jones off the penultimate ball of the over.

5th over: England 18-0 (Jones 10, Beaumont 7) A better over by Huddlestone as the England batswomen/batters/bats/batsmen - I know there is currently debate about this and I’m still not sure of the correct terminology: I’d love your opinions - look frustrated. Then the first dodgy bit of fielding by New Zealand at extra-cover relieves the pressure.

4th over: England 14-0 (Jones 7, Beaumont 6) Tahuhu runs in and delivers a most tasty long-hop. Jones says yes please and tucks in for a boundary. Batting doesn’t look easy on this pitch, but New Zealand aren’t making bowling look easy either.

3rd over: England 8-0 (Jones 2, Beaumont 5 ) Beaumont takes a couple of demi-steps down the pitch to Huddleston, but can’t beat the field. A maiden.

And in other news all members of the football team trapped in the cave in Thailand have been safely rescued. Praise be indeed.


2nd over: England 8-0 (Jones 2, Beaumont 5 ) Tahuhu serves up a soup that is mostly short and wide and without most seasoning. A lovely backward cover drive for four from Beaumont. The pitch is looking not quite the belter it was heralded as.

1st over: England 1-0 (Jones 1, Beaumont 0) A bit of a damp squib of a first over from Huddleston. The first ball faded and didn’t carry through to Katey Martin Then, an inside edge from Jones to get off the mark. Then A very wide non-wide. Then a less wide non-wide. Then two dots.

And England walk out past the little All Stars and the New Zealand huddle.


  • Amy Jones
  • Tammy Beaumont
  • Sarah Taylor(wk)
  • Heather Knight(c)
  • Natalie Sciver
  • Katherine Brunt
  • Danni Wyatt
  • Georgia Elwiss
  • Sophie Ecclestone
  • Laura Marsh
  • Katie George

New Zealand:

  • Suzie Bates(c)
  • Sophie Devine
  • Katey Martin(wk)
  • Amy Satterthwaite
  • Maddy Green
  • Amelia Kerr
  • Jess Watkin
  • Leigh Kasperek
  • Kate Ebrahim
  • Lea Tahuhu
  • Holly Huddleston


Both sides’ fielding fell apart a bit in the sun on Saturday - am curious to see how they fare today. As someone wiser than me observed then, it is the one facet of the game that can definitely be improved with practise, practise and more practise.

This time, England don’t have to battle with a World Cup game, though Wimbledon might yet be causing a few distractions.

The quite marvellous Mel Jones is sussing out the pitch. She says conditions are “almost perfect,” with a gusty wind from the media end that should make captains and batters wary. You heard it from Mel first.

It’s a new strip, says Mel, “still quite thatchy. England will be trying to pepper that 300 mark.”

On the evidence of Saturday, that is very possible.


Hello and welcome to Derby where the women’s cricket waltzer pauses for today. I love Derbyshire, but sometimes the weather does let it down. Not this British summer though - gorgeous weather shining down over the Peak District as England’s women hope to continue their domination over New Zealand, exemplified by the 142-run win at Headingley on Saturday.

This is the second match of the three-games series - New Zealand really do need to get a win on the board having been whitewashed in the T20 series too.

England have won the toss and are going to bat. Heather Knight, “It looks like a pretty decent surface ... we’ll look to make the most of it first-up.”

Dani Wyatt comes back in place of Lauren Winfield, but Katie George retains her place in the continued absence of Anya Shrubsole.

New Zealand are unchanged. In the words of captain Suzie Bates, “We’ve had a hard look at ourselves which is why we’ve come with the same team. We’ve got a really experienced top order, we’ve just got to ask more of ourselves.”



Tanya Aldred (first innings) and Simon Burnton

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England beat West Indies in second women's T20 – as it happened
Sarah Glenn was player of the match as England won by 47 runs to take a 2-0 series lead over the tourists

Tim de Lisle

23, Sep, 2020 @8:47 PM

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England beat Pakistan by 42 runs: Women's Twenty20 World Cup – as it happened
Over-by-over report: Heather Knight’s half-century and some fine spin bowling gave England a crucial but comfortable win over Pakistan

John Ashdown

28, Feb, 2020 @11:08 AM

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England beat New Zealand by 30 runs: first women’s ODI – as it happened
An excellent 89 from Heather Knight and some tight new-ball bowling set England up for a narrow victory at Bristol

Tanya Aldred (earlier) and Rob Smyth (now)

16, Sep, 2021 @7:17 PM

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England thrash New Zealand by 142 runs in first women's ODI – as it happened
Amy Jones and Heather Knight both scored 63 as England posted 290 for five, then bowled New Zealand out for 148 in a dominant victory at Headingley

Nick Miller (earlier) and Tanya Aldred (later)

07, Jul, 2018 @4:50 PM

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England beat West Indies by 44 runs in fourth women's T20 – as it happened
Amy Jones’s impressive half-century helped England take another step towards a series clean sweep

Tanya Aldred

28, Sep, 2020 @8:27 PM

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England beat West Indies by 92 runs at Women's World Cup – as it happened
England sauntered to victory over West Indies on a cold grey day at Bristol, as Heather Knight and Nat Sciver both impressed

Jonathan Howcroft (now) Vithushan Ehantharajah (earlier)

15, Jul, 2017 @4:13 PM

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Australia beat England by seven wickets: Women's Ashes, second T20 – as it happened
The tourists cruised to another victory in the penultimate match of their dominant series

Adam Collins

28, Jul, 2019 @3:41 PM

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England beat West Indies by 47 runs in first women's T20 – as it happened
Tammy Beaumont’s 62 helped England set the Windies a daunting target and they fell a long way short despite Deandra Dottin’s big hitting

Niall McVeigh (now) and Adam Collins (earlier)

21, Sep, 2020 @8:13 PM

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England beat New Zealand by 54 runs in T20 tri-series – as it happened
Sophie Ecclestone took four wickets and Nat Sciver top-scored with 59 as England bounced back from their earlier defeat to South Africa

Adam Collins at Taunton

23, Jun, 2018 @7:22 PM