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Sally Reid obituary
Other lives: Artist who explored ceramics, needlework and multimedia embroidery

Gordon McGregor Reid

24, Oct, 2021 @6:16 PM

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Long Covid and graded exercise therapy | Letter
Letters: No trials of graded exercise have shown to harm patients, say Dr Alastair Miller, Prof Paul Garner and Prof Peter White, so those with post-Covid fatigue syndrome should not be discouraged from trying it


11, Mar, 2021 @6:08 PM

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‘Many people did something immense, for complete strangers’ – readers’ heroes of 2020
During the pandemic, there have been many unsung heroes – the people who carried on doing essential work for our society. Here are some of them

Introduction by Zoe Williams

25, Dec, 2020 @12:00 PM

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Experience: I help coma survivors fill in the gaps
For Covid patients, it was like waking up in an alien world. One wanted the football on TV, and there was none

Karen James

09, Oct, 2020 @9:00 AM

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Working from bed: how life in lockdown ruined our bodies | Brigid Delaney
I’ve got tennis elbow but I’m meant to be a writing a book! A cosmic joke? A curse? Or ... tennis?

Brigid Delaney

18, Jun, 2020 @5:30 PM

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Sports and exercise medicine helps manage chronic disease. It needs better funding | Nathan Luies for IndigenousX
Keeping people more active can reduce the risks of developing chronic conditions in the first place

Nathan Luies for IndigenousX

28, Apr, 2020 @5:57 AM

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A swallow puts an end to our isolation | Letters
Brief letters: Common pursuits | Lockdown wisdom | Chartered physiotherapists | The Lord of the Rings | Swallow sighting


19, Apr, 2020 @4:55 PM

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Fitness tips: how to treat muscle pain
Applying heat and a little light resistance work will soothe your aching muscles

Robin Higginson

17, Aug, 2019 @5:59 AM

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Opti vibrating foam roller – I’m picking up good vibrations in all the wrong places
The intense rumbling is uncomfortable and difficult to endure – except in one interesting position. I’ll still use it, but not as the manufacturer intended

Rhik Samadder

30, Jul, 2019 @5:59 AM

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Anna Koller Eady obituary
Other lives: Physiotherapist who became a teacher of Medau rhythmic movement

Karin Koller

05, Jul, 2019 @4:48 PM

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Colleagues dismiss me as a 'demi-doc' but my role eases NHS understaffing
Advanced clinical practitioners are experienced healthcare professionals, but the role isn’t widely respected


21, Mar, 2019 @9:48 AM

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Sylvia Michaelides obituary
Other lives: Physiotherapist and nurse awarded for her work in Cyprus

Nicholas Michaelides

25, Feb, 2019 @5:53 PM

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