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Archaeologists find Pompeii fresco depicting Greek mythological siblings
Phrixus and Helle are depicted in vibrant colours with exquisite artistry in remarkable discovery

Lorenzo Tondo

01, Mar, 2024 @5:31 PM

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Long-buried Atlas statue raised to guard Temple of Zeus in Sicily once more
Eight-metre statue dating from fifth century BC restored and assembled piece-by-piece to be displayed in Valley of the Temples

Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo

29, Feb, 2024 @12:32 PM

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‘Highway to horror’: 14 wrecked slavers’ ships are identified in Bahamas
Largest cluster of sunken vessels from the 18th and 19th centuries have been identified, bearing ‘silent witness’ to the colonial past

Dalya Alberge

25, Feb, 2024 @9:00 AM

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‘A Neolithic miracle’: readers’ favourite ancient UK sites
Our tipsters celebrate our distant ancestors at mystical and atmospheric sites from County Fermanagh to Cornwall

Guardian readers

23, Feb, 2024 @7:00 AM

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‘Very rare’ clay figurine of Mercury discovered at Roman site in Kent
Previously unknown settlement in Small Hythe was once an important infrastructure link

Esther Addley

23, Feb, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Solar storms, ice cores and nuns’ teeth: the new science of history
The long read: Advances in fields such as spectrometry and gene sequencing are unleashing torrents of new data about the ancient world – and could offer answers to questions we never even knew to ask

Jacob Mikanowski

20, Feb, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Ancient faces brought back to life at Scottish museum
Dramatic reconstructions of local people who lived up to 4,000 years ago will go on display thanks to advanced DNA techniques

Dalya Alberge

17, Feb, 2024 @5:06 PM

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David Hawkins obituary
Other lives: Leading scholar of the languages of ancient Turkey

Andrew George

15, Feb, 2024 @7:40 PM

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Stone age wall found at bottom of Baltic Sea ‘may be Europe’s oldest megastructure’
Structure stretches for almost a kilometre off coast of Germany and may have once stood by a lake

Ian Sample Science editor

12, Feb, 2024 @8:00 PM

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Roman egg found in Aylesbury still has contents after 1,700 years
Archaeologists and naturalists astonished to find yolk and albumen that may reveal secrets about the bird that laid it

Steven Morris

12, Feb, 2024 @7:13 PM

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Country diary: This chalky old city gets under your boots | Nicola Chester
Winchester, Hampshire: This is a familiar haunt to me, a place of protest, hill-walking, and views over the River Itchen

Nicola Chester

07, Feb, 2024 @5:30 AM

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AI helps scholars read scroll buried when Vesuvius erupted in AD79
Researchers used AI to read letters on papyrus scroll damaged by the blast of heat, ash and pumice that destroyed Pompeii

Ian Sample Science editor

05, Feb, 2024 @2:07 PM

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