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Country diary: Make hay while the sun shines? That can be tricky in Cumbria
Tebay, Cumbria: Getting the grass cut, baled and stored in the barn is one of the biggest and most important jobs of the year

Andrea Meanwell

01, Jul, 2022 @4:30 AM

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New eradication zone established and 600 hives destroyed as NSW bee industry battles varroa mite
Producers and apiarists remain concerned about future almond harvest and potential for mites to carry deformed wing virus

Natasha May and Australian Associated Press

30, Jun, 2022 @12:14 PM

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Using far less chemical fertiliser still produces high crop yields, study finds
Climate-friendly practices can increase yields while improving ecosystem of farms, scientists say

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

27, Jun, 2022 @3:00 PM

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What is the varroa mite and does it pose a threat? The deadly parasite that sent NSW into bee lockdown
The mite feeds on honeybees, leading to malformation and weakening. If untreated it could cause an entire colony to die

Donna Lu

27, Jun, 2022 @5:47 AM

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Grow your own mussels: the new phenomenon of sea allotments
Instead of a field, hundreds of Danish growers now share patches of the ocean – growing mussels, sea kelp and more. Just don’t tell the greedy eider ducks

Richard Orange in Kerteminde

25, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Farmers turn to soil science technology as soaring fertiliser prices take hit out of bumper crop
Farmers forced to improve efficiency, with reliance on practices such as soil testing, grid sampling and variable mapping

Natasha May

24, Jun, 2022 @8:00 PM

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Our global food supply is at risk when high gas prices limit the creation of fertiliser | Andrew Whitelaw
We need synthetic fertilisers to produce enough food for the world’s population – there are no other alternatives yet

Andrew Whitelaw

24, Jun, 2022 @8:00 PM

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US to proceed with production of biofuels despite global food crisis
Campaigners call to prioritise grain for human consumption over its use as a fuel

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

24, Jun, 2022 @5:16 PM

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Livestock farmers are not the enemy in climate crisis battle | Letter
Letter: Aidan Harrison disagrees with George Monbiot’s assessment of farming’s contribution to global warming


23, Jun, 2022 @5:00 PM

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Australian farmers warn PM not to rush into Biden’s global methane pledge
National Farmers’ Federation says signing up to US push to limit emissions by 30% could be ‘calamitous’ and jeopardise global food security

Katharine Murphy Political editor

23, Jun, 2022 @6:52 AM

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Peecycling: could donating your urine to farmers help feed the world?
Thanks to the war in Ukraine, there is a shortage of agricultural chemicals. As each adult produces enough pee annually to fertilise 145kg of wheat, perhaps bodily waste is the answer

20, Jun, 2022 @1:59 PM

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Government retracts ‘unlawful’ pollution guidance for England’s farms
Advice that allowed farmers to spread manures in a way that risked polluting waters has been changed by Defra

Rachel Salvidge

20, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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