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John Adams obituary
Other lives: Professor of geography at UCL who was an expert on risk and the social implications of a hypermobile world

Lynn Foster

26, May, 2024 @4:25 PM

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‘Enormously exciting’ fossils found in NSW opal field suggest Australia had ‘age of monotremes’
Discovery of ‘echidnapus’ and two more species show the furry egg-layers predated marsupials

Graham Readfearn

26, May, 2024 @3:00 PM

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Is systemic racism in medicine putting Black people’s lives at risk?
Across the world, medical tests are being adjusted according to patients’ skin colour – with shocking consequences

Layal Liverpool

25, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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Layal Liverpool: ‘Racism is a public health crisis – and we can do something about it’
The science journalist reveals what inspired her to write her new book about racism in medicine, and what really needs to be done to tackle ethnic health inequalities

Ian Tucker

25, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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Potentially habitable planet size of Earth discovered 40 light years away
Queensland- and Scotland-based PhD students co-lead team celebrating ‘Eureka moment’ spotting Gliese 12b

Tory Shepherd

24, May, 2024 @6:01 AM

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Euclid telescope spies rogue planets floating free in Milky Way
Wandering worlds are seen deep inside Orion nebula, a giant cloud of dust and gas 1,500 light years away

Ian Sample Science editor

23, May, 2024 @10:00 AM

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James Mowbray obituary
Other lives: Doctor who helped to develop a greater understanding of how to prevent organ rejection in transplants

Charles Mowbray

22, May, 2024 @4:41 PM

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Warming climate is turning rivers rusty with toxic metals
Data from Colorado mountain rivers shows concentrations of copper, zinc and sulphate have doubled in 30 years

Kate Ravilious

22, May, 2024 @5:00 AM

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Device aids recovery of people with spinal injuries, trial finds
Improved strength, control and sensation from use of Arc-Ex device described as small but life-changing

Ian Sample Science editor

20, May, 2024 @3:00 PM

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Starwatch: red jewel of Antares meets silvery charm of the moon
Moon will be highly illuminated when it rises in a pas de deux with the brightest star in Scorpius

Stuart Clark

20, May, 2024 @5:00 AM

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First Black astronaut candidate, now 90, reaches space in Blue Origin flight
Ex-air force captain Ed Dwight, passed over by Nasa in 1961, now oldest person to reach edge of space with Jeff Bezo’s space firm

Maya Yang

19, May, 2024 @6:02 PM

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Prof Andrea Mechelli: ‘People who live near green space are less likely to struggle with mental health issues’
The scientist leading a study into how the urban environment affects our wellbeing on the surprising and lasting psychological benefits of even just a small dose of nature

Shaoni Bhattacharya

19, May, 2024 @1:00 PM

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