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Grain trader Cargill faces legal challenge in US over Brazilian soya supply chain
World’s biggest grain trader accused of ‘shoddy due diligence’ on deforestation and alleged rights violations

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

04, May, 2023 @4:01 AM

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UK company mining gold in Amazon on disputed land
London-listed Serabi Gold extracting gold without approval of Brazilian land registry and Indigenous communities

Fernanda Wenzel and Jonathan Watts

18, Apr, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Brazilian meat firm’s A- sustainability rating has campaigners up in arms
Environmentalists question high grade given to JBS and accuse it of deforestation in the Amazon and under-reporting emissions

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

30, Mar, 2023 @9:07 PM

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World ‘population bomb’ may never go off as feared, finds study
Population likely to peak sooner and lower than expected with beneficial results – but environment is priority

Jonathan Watts

27, Mar, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Horrifying, uplifting, surreal: my mate Dom Phillips joins the rainforest martyrs
At a Brazil memorial for murdered US activist and nun Dorothy Stang, there are two more people symbolically present

Jonathan Watts in Anapu

16, Mar, 2023 @10:44 AM

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Scientists prove clear link between deforestation and local drop in rainfall
Study adds to fears Amazon is approaching tipping point after which it will not be able to generate its own rainfall

Jonathan Watts

01, Mar, 2023 @6:01 PM

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The ‘silent victim’: Ukraine counts war’s cost for nature
Investigations are under way in the hope this is the first conflict in which a full reckoning is made of environmental crimes

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

20, Feb, 2023 @3:39 PM

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Investigate Bolsonaro for genocide, says Brazil’s Marina Silva
Exclusive: Environment minister calls for ex-president to be held to account as she prepares to tackle illegal gold miners

Jonathan Watts in Brasilia

06, Feb, 2023 @3:46 PM

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‘Brazil was asleep’: as the rains come, hope reawakens for the Amazon
While the honeymoon mood created by the new government will run up against political reality, the euphoria is not blind

Jonathan Watts in Altamira

27, Jan, 2023 @1:13 PM

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Human activity and drought ‘degrading more than a third of Amazon rainforest’
Fires, land conversion, logging and water shortages have weakened resilience of 2.5m sq km of forest, says study

Jonathan Watts in Brazil

26, Jan, 2023 @7:24 PM

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Environmental justice targets needed to cut global inequality, say researchers
Plan unveiled at Davos to find fair limits on impact of climate and other crises, which most affect poorer countries

Jonathan Watts Global environment editor

18, Jan, 2023 @7:24 PM

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Pelé dies aged 82: tributes paid to a football great
The Brazil legend’s death in São Paulo has prompted an outpouring of tributes from the football world and beyond.

Michael Butler and Jonathan Howcroft

30, Dec, 2022 @2:00 AM

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