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Sniff, sip and swill: a wine afternoon with Jilly Goolden
The woman who helped turn the nation on to wine in the 1980s now runs tasting courses at her home

Carol McDaid

12, Sep, 2015 @6:00 AM

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Greenland in pictures

On a cruise up the wild and empty west coast of Greenland, Carol McDaid discovers high-rise icebergs and tiny Arctic communites

Carol McDaid

18, Jan, 2010 @1:01 PM

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Bergs and brutal beauty in Greenland's magnetic north

You don't have to be a rugged polar explorer to discover Greenland's raw beauty and remote communities

Carol McDaid

17, Jan, 2010 @12:05 AM

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Laurie Anderson: Homeland – review

With the visuals gone, Laurie Anderson's odd narratives and spellbinding voice go back to basics in Homeland, writes Carol McDaid

Carol McDaid

03, May, 2008 @11:08 PM

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Putting the cross into skiing

A cross-country skiing trip in Norway has Carol McDaid swearing with frustration – until someone puts a rifle into her hands

Carol McDaid

03, Feb, 2008 @12:12 PM

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My nights with the maharajahs

Carol McDaid meets the heirs to the royal dynasties of Rajasthan, staying in their extraordinary ancient palaces and fortresses and taking part in village life

Carol McDaid

06, Jan, 2008 @3:24 PM

Womad – review

Womad's 25th anniversary was memorable on many levels, writes Carol McDaid

Carol McDaid

05, Aug, 2007 @10:57 PM

6-Love-6 With John McEnroe; Front Row: Tom Stoppard; Who Breaks a Butterfly On a Wheel; Well Met in Woolton – review

From McEnroe on the phone to McCartney on the day he met Lennon, it was nostalgia all the way, writes Carol McDaid

Carol McDaid

07, Jul, 2007 @11:10 PM

Sting – review

Sting casts the melancholy songs of John Dowland in a surprising new light, writes Carol McDaid

Carol McDaid

08, Oct, 2006 @10:33 AM

Lupe Fiasco; Jet; Beck; Lindsey Buckingham; Chris Garrick & John Etheridge; Estrella Morente

Other pop, jazz and folk CDs: Lupe Fiasco | Jet | Beck | Lindsey Buckingham | Chris Garrick & John Etheridge | Estrella Morente

Kitty Empire, Killian Fox, Katie Toms, Ally Carnwath, Dave Gelly, Carol McDaid

30, Sep, 2006 @11:53 PM

Other pop, jazz and world CDs

This week's other pop, jazz and world CDs.

Kitty Empire, Killian Fox, Lynsey Hanley, Ally Carnwath and Carol McDaid

17, Sep, 2006 @12:05 AM

Other pop, jazz and world CDs: The Roots | Tortoise | Kasabian | Paris | Nucleus ...

Other pop, jazz and world CDs: The Roots | Tortoise | Kasabian | Paris | Nucleus | The Rough Guide to the Music of Iran

Kitty Empire, Lynsey Hanley, Ally Carnwath, Sarah Phillips, Dave Gelly and Carol McDaid

26, Aug, 2006 @11:16 PM

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