Mo Mowlam

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Women who helped strike Good Friday deal finally recognised – 25 years late
Mo Mowlam and other female participants in talks confronted ‘sexism and scorn’ at the time

Rory Carroll Ireland correspondent

07, Apr, 2023 @9:00 AM

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Agreement review – the high drama of Northern Ireland’s peace talks
Owen McCafferty’s dramatisation of the last days of negotiations leading to the Good Friday Agreement remains accessible while expertly conveying tortuous political tussles

Helen Meany

03, Apr, 2023 @10:24 AM

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John Smith and Mo Mowlam led the original prawn cocktail offensive | Brief letters
Brief letters: Labour and the City | Morrissey’s motorway stop | Vince Cable’s legacy | Silent school dinners | The Year of the Three Kings


27, Oct, 2022 @5:31 PM

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Theatrical dames who set up the actors’ union Equity | Letters
Letters: Former union president Harry Landis on the roles played by Dame May Whitty and Dame Sybil Thiorndike


16, Apr, 2018 @5:16 PM

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Dress mutton up as lamb for the best shepherd’s pie | Brief letters
Brief letters: Mo Mowlam | Gillian Ayres | Felicity Cloake | Bridge puzzle


15, Apr, 2018 @5:00 PM

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Why deny Mo Mowlam, my stepmum, credit for the Good Friday agreement? | Henrietta Norton
Amid this week’s official celebrations her name was barely mentioned. But ordinary people know what she did, says film-maker Henrietta Norton

Henrietta Norton

12, Apr, 2018 @2:40 PM

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What's the ​best way to get written out of history? Be a middle-aged woman | Zoe Williams
The omission of Mo Mowlam from a lineup of the architects of the Good Friday agreement shows how older women are forgotten – even ones who changed the world

Zoe Williams

11, Apr, 2018 @4:56 PM

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Ray Wilkins had clever feet and a clever mind | Brief letters
Brief letters: London’s gang violence | Mo Mowlam | Ray Wilkins | Spring lambs | Easter bunnies | Kakuro


06, Apr, 2018 @3:37 PM

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Bert Ward obituary
Other lives: Lecturer and activist who made a big contribution to the Irish peace process

Andy Croft

02, Sep, 2016 @3:56 PM

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Women MPs must man up. We need more battleaxes, fewer shrinking violets | Melissa Kite

Melissa Kite: Laura Sandys has joined the exodus of female MPs. How much is macho posturing in the Commons to blame?

Melissa Kite

28, Nov, 2013 @8:15 PM

Letters: Blair's pain and passion meets with glib howls of derision

Letters: Commentators and even artists should understand that the Blair of Iraq was also the Blair of Kosovo, Sierra Leone and, above all, Northern Ireland

25, Oct, 2013 @8:00 PM

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ITV's Jeff Pope: 'Crime was my entree into drama'
Maggie Brown: The executive producer of Mrs Biggs reveals the inspiration behind TV drama hits such as Mo and Appropriate Adult

Maggie Brown

02, Sep, 2012 @6:31 PM

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