Kwasi Kwarteng

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Whatchamacallit breaks all the rules
Brief letters: Wordiply woes | Hearing aids | Spellchecking Ofsted | Old Testament tattoos | Cheese | Ineptitude for hire

28, Mar, 2023 @5:07 PM

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‘He’s a great guy’: Kwasi Kwarteng told fake firm he could introduce them to Boris Johnson
Former chancellor boasted of his political career in hope of securing £10,000-a-day second job

Aletha Adu Political correspondent

26, Mar, 2023 @6:14 PM

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Top Tory MPs ask for £10,000 a day to work for fake Korean company
Video footage shows Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng discussing pay rates after being duped by campaigners

Jon Ungoed-Thomas

25, Mar, 2023 @6:42 PM

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Poor reception for emergency phone alerts | Brief letters
Brief letters: Early warning system | Shovelling trouble | Library slogan | The other Boris Johnson | Why politicians are like babies

20, Mar, 2023 @5:07 PM

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Kwarteng: Johnson could survive Partygate grilling and lead Tories again
Ally says he would ‘never rule out’ former PM’s return as he prepares to face the privileges committee

Aubrey Allegretti Political correspondent

19, Mar, 2023 @8:37 PM

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Time and again the Tories’ ship of fools takes us for … fools | John Crace
From Liz and Kamikwazi to Rish! on NHS pay, it’s more Britannia unhinged than unchained

John Crace

16, Mar, 2023 @5:27 PM

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Keir Starmer accuses Tories of turning Britain back into ‘sick man of Europe’
Labour leader says government has presided over decade of stagnation and Tory mavericks attack chancellor

Kiran Stacey

15, Mar, 2023 @7:24 PM

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The Guardian view on the budget: no easy fixes for a broken Britain | Editorial
Editorial: Jeremy Hunt has little to offer a country battered by austerity and venal politics


10, Mar, 2023 @6:30 PM

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The ghosts of rotten Tories haunt my routine | Stewart Lee
As the Conservative casualties pile up, thank heavens for Lee Anderson, the no-nonsense MP for Ashfield

Stewart Lee

19, Feb, 2023 @10:00 AM

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How legitimate are the claims in Liz Truss’s 4,000-word Telegraph essay?
The Guardian’s deputy political editor and economics correspondent take a look

Jessica Elgot and Richard Partington

09, Feb, 2023 @3:56 PM

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The 'leftwing economic establishment' did not bring Liz Truss down. Reality did | Polly Toynbee
The former PM’s confidence in her ‘small state’ formula remains undented. And her flailing party is all-too ready to share in the delusion, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee

Polly Toynbee

06, Feb, 2023 @12:31 PM

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Truss and Brexit have sunk Britain’s economy – and the right is in deep denial about both | Martin Kettle
The global economy is hardly booming, but the UK is at the bottom of the pile of developed nations for two clear reasons, says Guardian columnist Martin Kettle

Martin Kettle

01, Feb, 2023 @3:46 PM

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