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Tory move on vocational choices signals two-tier schools system | Letters
Letters: Local authority schools for the oiks, not suitable for academic education, and academies and free schools for the middle classes


25, Jan, 2016 @6:33 PM

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No 10 failed to declare National Gallery trustee's Tory donations
John Singer has given almost £150,000 to the party in the past five years, prompting concerns of ‘stealth politicisation’ at the gallery

Rajeev Syal

25, Jan, 2016 @5:59 PM

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Government suffers big defeat in Lords as peers vote to keep income-related child poverty measures - Politics live
Rollling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen

Andrew Sparrow

25, Jan, 2016 @5:50 PM

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Alex Salmond pays for supper in Tehran – and triggers constitutional crisis
Foreign Office failure to host meal for former SNP leader and UK embassy staff shows ‘deep politicisation’ of department under Philip Hammond, says Salmond

Ewen MacAskill

25, Jan, 2016 @5:35 PM

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Holding EU vote during migration crisis would be terrible, UK told
Ex-Italian PM says refugee influx will be at a high next summer, so referendum should be held in 2017 to avoid linking two issues

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

25, Jan, 2016 @4:52 PM

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Brexit 'would trigger economic and financial shock' for UK
Credit Suisse analysts predict vote to leave EU would cause snap recession, hit share and house prices and knock up to 2% off GDP

Katie Allen

25, Jan, 2016 @4:01 PM

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Lord Parkinson obituary
Conservative politician who took his place at the forefront of 1980s Thatcherism in several ministerial posts, notably at the Department of Trade and Industry

Stephen Bates

25, Jan, 2016 @3:52 PM

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Scottish Tories study proposals to cut tax for higher earners
Commission set up by Ruth Davidson said Holyrood could take tens of thousands of taxpayers out of 40% income tax bracket

Severin Carrell Scotland editor

25, Jan, 2016 @3:14 PM

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Former Tory minister Cecil Parkinson dies aged 84
Parkinson was regarded as one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest confidants and one of her few real friends

Rowena Mason Political correspondent

25, Jan, 2016 @3:08 PM

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Nicola Sturgeon says EU referendum in June would be a mistake
First minister warns David Cameron that choosing 23 June would show disrespect to Scots, because of Holyrood elections

Andrew Sparrow Political correspondent

25, Jan, 2016 @12:00 AM

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Lynton Crosby’s role in the Tory election victory | Letters
Letters: Don’t give too much praise to the creator of the message: it was the messengers that swung it


24, Jan, 2016 @7:36 PM

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Anger at Lynton Crosby's UK Australian of the Year award over tobacco lobby links
Public Health Association of Australia CEO is ‘flabbergasted’ at Crosby’s honour for role in running Conservative party’s election campaign

Melissa Davey

24, Jan, 2016 @7:16 PM

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