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Is there a correlation between the answer to Monday’s word wheel in your print edition (egomaniac) and the announcement of the new prime minister? If so, I may look to the puzzle in future for an insight into notable events.
Vanessa Poulton
Glastonbury, Somerset

• Re tips from Helen Dunmore’s The Siege (Letters, 2 September), my clearest memory from that book is the woman finding a small leather purse down the back of her sofa and boiling it for soup as an unexpected treat for her family. As most purses are now made of plastic, we may not be so lucky.
Margaret Harris
Isleworth, London

• Never mind inflation, fuel price rises, higher interest rates and rent rises, my heart really goes out to the poor souls who will have to pay nearly £900 for a set of World Cup football stickers (Inflation pushes average cost of filling Panini 2022 World Cup sticker album to £870, 31 August). Why is the government doing nothing about this outrage?
Martin Stallion
Braintree, Essex

• Our local radio station reported that there will be an increase in charges at a nearby crematorium. This is, they say, due to an increase in the cost of living. Some mistake surely?
Nigel Spencer
Hythe, Kent

• Your marmalade-making readers should also turn to Marguerite Patten (Letters, 2 September) for the best recipe for marmalade, in which the juice of oranges is added at the same time as the sugar, ensuring that the marmalade has a fresh taste.
Aviva Le Prevost
Groombridge, East Sussex

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