Why I will never forgive Matt Hancock | Brief letters

Hancock’s trespasses | Let down by Keir Starmer | Perfect pee | Celebrating kingfishers

Re Matt Hancock’s I’m a Celebrity stint and his plea for forgiveness (Report, 27 November), surely for him to atone for his sins of giving PPE contracts to mates and putting Covid patients into care homes for the disease to run riot, he has two options. Either give his reported £400,000 fee to the nurses on strike or work in a care home for the rest of his life. My dad died of Covid and I couldn’t say goodbye to him because of people like Hancock. Eating a camel’s penis will not bring forgiveness from me.
Paul Wellings
Sheringham, Norfolk

• It’s so depressing. Just when I’m about to join Labour to do what I can to get the Tories out, Keir Starmer does something to put me off (Keir Starmer rules out return of free movement between Britain and EU, 27 November). Without free movement, this country is locked into a downward spiral of lower skills, lower wages and lower productivity.
Mark Walford

• When drinking this amount of water (Eight glasses of water a day excessive for most people, study suggests, 24 November) was first promulgated by medical, scientific and media fools, the obvious rule, in the absence of a medical condition, was simply PPP: pale pee is perfect.
Dr George Duckworth
Eastleigh, Hampshire

• It was a relief to get to the end of Mya Bambrick’s wonderful account of her kingfisher encounter with both kingfishers alive and well (Country Diary, 28 November). I’m still traumatised by a Country Diary last year (1 February 2021) that had a very different ending for the concerned bird.
James Agnew
Hadfield, Derbyshire

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