CD: Daft Punk, Human After All


LCD Soundsystem's recent single Daft Punk Is Playing at My House was witty confirmation of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's unique hipster cachet. But LCD Soundsystem may wish they'd chosen another talisman of cool once they hear Human After All.

Apparently knocked off in just six weeks, Daft Punk's third album sounds like it took six days. Six short days. With long lunches. When these tracks were leaked onto the internet in January, some fans assumed they were bogus, and they do indeed sound like the work of lacklustre imposters. Previous album Discovery had its flaws but at least its ultra-brite MOR homages showed vision. Human After All simply recycles a handful of familiar production tics - vocoders, processed rock guitars, snub-nosed beats - to the point of inanity.

Apart from the title track's euphoric burble-and-grind and The Brainwasher's acid-house villainy, Human After All is a joyless collection of average ideas stretched desperately thin. If Daft Punk played this at your house, you'd chuck them out.


Dorian Lynskey

The GuardianTramp

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