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Has our ‘green’ king gone off the rails? | Brief letters
Brief letters: Charles’s flying visit | Europe edition | Sunak’s racing cert | Bargain buses | Worm-eaten apples

22, Sep, 2023 @4:53 PM

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Manchester’s buses are back under public control: this is how to run local transport | Cat Hobbs
After decades of chaos, what Andy Burnham and campaigners have achieved could be a blueprint for the rest of the UK, says Cat Hobbs, founder of campaign group We Own It

Cat Hobbs

22, Sep, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Bargain bus trips save the pennies and the planet | Letters
It isn’t as good as a Luxembourg-style free pass, but the £2 cap on bus tickets in England and Wales has been a boon for Nicola Baird. Plus letters from Tim Mansfield and Simon Fowler

21, Sep, 2023 @5:04 PM

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The Guardian view on Greater Manchester’s bus revolution: the public at the wheel | Editorial
Editorial: A new franchising system rolled out this week can address the damage done by decades of deregulation


18, Sep, 2023 @6:34 PM

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Greater Manchester jumps onboard the franchise route to better buses
The new Bee Network transport system that launches this month is set to transform people’s lives in the city

Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent

16, Sep, 2023 @3:00 PM

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You can rely on public transport in London, but not out here in the sticks | Letters
Letters: Readers say they’d love to ditch their cars as Stuart Jeffries has, but it’s not easy in rural areas

09, Jun, 2023 @4:04 PM

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Keir Starmer says Labour will prioritise growth which will mean ‘better jobs, public services, holidays and more cash’ – as it happened
Labour leader gives address to BCC conference and outlines mission for UK to have highest sustained growth in G7 in next parliament

Andrew Sparrow

17, May, 2023 @4:38 PM

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Bus fares: £2 cap in England extended to end of October
Scheme will then continue for 13 months at £2.50 for a single journey, on back of £500m funding

Gwyn Topham Transport correspondent

16, May, 2023 @11:01 PM

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Labour vows biggest bus overhaul in 40 years with new powers over operators
Exclusive: party plans to give areas devolved powers to reinstate cancelled routes and set affordable fares

Jessica Elgot Deputy political editor

09, Mar, 2023 @11:53 AM

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Lifeline for bus routes as £2 cap on local fares wins extension
Government announces three-month continuation of fare initially introduced during Covid lockdowns

Jasper Jolly

17, Feb, 2023 @5:53 PM

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Almost one in 10 local bus services axed over last year in Great Britain
Exclusive: Cuts come despite government’s levelling up promise to improve transport connectivity

Michael Goodier and Jedidajah Otte

24, Jan, 2023 @4:36 PM

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Public transport is the best route to levelling up Britain | Letter
Letter: Christian Wolmar on the need for Labour to focus on improving bus and tram services, and Mark Anderson on bus fare capping

12, Jan, 2023 @5:47 PM

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