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The card that’s a sign of eternal friendship | Brief letters
Brief letters: Birthday greetings | Bridget Phillipson | Women’s football’s nasty turn | Saveloy source | The joy of a post-hangover day

23, Mar, 2023 @6:09 PM

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Want to dance more? Just follow our lead | Letters
Letters: Sue Bingham helps organise a charity event where people of all ages can dance their cares away in a village hall, while Dave Mcglade worries about the loss of spaces for all forms of dance

21, Mar, 2023 @5:42 PM

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A heartwarming tribute to priceless friendships | Letters
Letters: Readers on the longstanding friends who have keep them company through thick and thin

21, Mar, 2023 @5:42 PM

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Celebrating the comfort and joy that old friends bring | Letters
Letters: Readers on the friendships that have endured through the decades

19, Mar, 2023 @4:20 PM

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Handing down the family secrets – one dish at a time
We can trace the course of our lives through the recipes we collect along the way, handed down through generations or shared between friends

Shahnaz Ahsan

19, Mar, 2023 @4:00 PM

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‘I learned to love the bot’: meet the chatbots that want to be your best friend
Thousands of people enjoy relationships of all kinds – companionship, romantic, mental health support – with chatbot apps. Are they helpful, or potentially dangerous?

Laurie Clarke

19, Mar, 2023 @9:00 AM

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I’m lonely, in my 30s and find it very hard to make new friends | Ask Annalisa Barbieri
Social anxiety and a dislike of party culture can create a void of loneliness, but there are ways to beat the fear

Annalisa Barbieri

17, Mar, 2023 @2:30 PM

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Should I confront my toxic friend about her bad behaviour? It’ll cause discomfort within the group | Leading questions
Confrontation comes at a social cost, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. You need to figure out if paying that cost will be a fair deal

Eleanor Gordon-Smith

17, Mar, 2023 @12:40 AM

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The friends gang from the 1960s that is still going strong | Letter
Letter: One remarkable aspect of this friendship is that we get on just as easily as we did when we were at school, says Dr Brigid Purcell

15, Mar, 2023 @4:54 PM

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‘She brought me out of my lonely bubble’: tributes to our other mothers – connected not by blood but love
As the UK prepares to celebrate Mother’s Day, three writers talk about the women who filled a mum-shaped hole in their lives

Junot Díaz, Kerry Hudson and Lemn Sissay

14, Mar, 2023 @10:00 AM

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The joy of a lifelong friendship | Letter
Letter: Anne Haynes on a friendship that has endured from the day she arrived at university in 1968

13, Mar, 2023 @5:08 PM

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I’ve never had a job or close friends. What is wrong with me? | Ask Philippa
If you cannot help having a fantasy about what other people may be thinking about you, make it a good one

Philippa Perry

12, Mar, 2023 @6:00 AM

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