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‘We want plastic to become taboo’: the rise in reusable water bottles
The climate crisis and recent heatwaves has led to a surge in sales. But why are some of them so big?

Morwenna Ferrier

05, Aug, 2022 @10:00 PM

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‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river
Technology applied to Oude Rijn river helps stop plastic pollution reaching sea

Senay Boztas in Katwijk

05, Aug, 2022 @11:52 AM

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Single servings at low prices: how Unilever’s sachets became an environmental scourge
Plastic in the Depths: Multinational denies dropping plan to recycle plastic sachets – and leaving developing countries with a toxic headache as they end up in landfill or the ocean

Karen McVeigh and Gemma Holliani Cahya in Jakarta

01, Aug, 2022 @6:30 AM

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Undersea nuclear waste dump off Cumbria would imperil marine life, experts warn
UK looking for storage site for world’s biggest stockpile of untreated waste, including 100 tonnes of plutonium

Mattha Busby

29, Jul, 2022 @10:26 AM

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As more space junk falls to Earth, will China clean up its act?
Parts of a 23-tonne piece of rocket will come crashing down – somewhere – in the next few days

Helen Davidson and Chi Hui Lin in Taipei

29, Jul, 2022 @10:24 AM

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‘We like the sound of PVC tubing’: Fulu Miziki, the band who make music out of trash
The ‘Afrofuturist’ collective, who make their instruments out of what they find in Kinshasa’s dumps, play Womad this weekend

Alice McCool

29, Jul, 2022 @6:45 AM

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Rubbish revelations: collectors combine recycling and garbage in some Sydney streets
Canterbury-Bankstown mayor says bin mixing due to ‘problematic locations’, sparking wider reflection on Australia’s waste system

Caitlin Cassidy

28, Jul, 2022 @7:19 AM

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Climate emergency is a legacy of colonialism, says Greenpeace UK
Report says global south has been ‘used as place to dump waste’ and that people of colour are suffering disproportionately

Damien Gayle

21, Jul, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Australians buy almost 15kg of clothes every year and most of it ends up in landfill, report finds
Fashion council reveals more than a billion items arrive in Australia each year and calls for levy on clothing imports to reduce textile waste

Cait Kelly

20, Jul, 2022 @9:44 AM

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‘We haven’t been given the money to get it right’: why so much of the UK is rubbish at recycling
Despite our commitment to sustainable living, domestic recycling is getting worse. Who – or what – is to blame?

Miranda Bryant

16, Jul, 2022 @1:01 PM

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Britons dispose of nearly 100bn pieces of plastic packaging a year, survey finds
UK households recycle just 12% of single-use plastic, says Greenpeace

Sandra Laville Environment correspondent

12, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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What’s worse for the planet than millions of vans delivering shopping? Millions of vans delivering air
Every year oversized packaging leads to five million unnecessary delivery journeys. That’s something else to fume about the next time a packet of washers arrives in a humungous cardboard box

11, Jul, 2022 @2:14 PM

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