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Thirteen-year-old girl punches shark in Florida to escape attack
Ella Reed was bitten in the stomach, arm, knee and finger after attack from probable bull shark, but plans to return to the water

Victoria Bekiempis

13, May, 2023 @3:01 PM

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Man, 46, missing and believed dead after shark attack in South Australia
The search for the surfer continues after paramedics were called to Walkers Rock Beach near Elliston on Saturday morning

Mostafa Rachwani

13, May, 2023 @4:27 AM

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‘Like a Roman hoard’: calls grow for return of Hampshire shark’s body parts
Historian Dan Snow assembled team to ‘secure the shark for science’ but head, tail and fin were gone

Kevin Rawlinson

20, Mar, 2023 @2:48 PM

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Rare 6ft shark washed up then decapitated on Hampshire beach
Historian Dan Snow pleads for person to come forward who removed head from animal washed up on Lepe beach

Nadeem Badshah

19, Mar, 2023 @7:36 PM

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‘Never seen anything like it’: fisherman’s video captures shark feeding frenzy
Louisiana fisherman stumbles across scene of sharks gorging themselves on large pod of fish

Martin Pengelly in New York

02, Mar, 2023 @2:16 PM

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Family of Sydney man killed in New Caledonia shark attack remember ‘beloved’ husband and father
Chris Davis died after being bitten multiple times by a shark while swimming at Chateau Royal beach south of Nouméa

Rafqa Touma

23, Feb, 2023 @1:56 AM

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‘They became illegal overnight’: Colombia’s shark fishing ban turns locals into criminals
A government decree welcomed for protecting marine life has left artisanal fishers breaking the law to survive

Iñigo Alexander in Guapi. Photography by Fernanda Pineda

16, Feb, 2023 @11:00 AM

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Florida still world’s shark bite capital – but attacks on humans lowest in decade
Across the world there were 57 unprovoked shark bites in 2022, most of which occurred in the US and Australia

Richard Luscombe

07, Feb, 2023 @6:00 AM

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Bull shark likely behind fatal bite on 16-year-old Stella Berry in Perth’s Swan River
Experts urge swimmers to be cautious as more sharks are in the local estuaries at this time of year

Cait Kelly and Eden Gillespie

05, Feb, 2023 @6:55 AM

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This is fauxflake – it’s not ‘shark’ it’s shark! | First Dog on the Moon
Rampant food fraud!

First Dog on the Moon

27, Jan, 2023 @5:02 AM

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Endangered shark sold as flake in South Australia fish and chip shops, study finds
Calls for better food labelling as investigation claims that only around one-third of fish is flake, with served species including rare narrownose smooth-hound

Graham Readfearn

24, Jan, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Sydney shark attack: beaches in north closed after dolphin mauled
Lifeguards close Shelly and Manly beaches after attack by multiple bull sharks

Nino Bucci

21, Jan, 2023 @7:19 AM

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