Marine life

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Plastics spill from Queensland’s Bribie Island could harm wildlife for years, expert warns
CSIRO says 40,000 small discs accidentally discharged from research centre into the ocean are ‘non-toxic’ and ‘highly stable’

Eden Gillespie

21, Sep, 2023 @8:53 AM

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‘We are living in a soup of DNA’: how new technology is helping track eels in UK ponds
Armed with plastic pots, probes and the science of eDNA, researchers in Gloucestershire are searching for evidence of the critically endangered fish

Mark Hillsdon

20, Sep, 2023 @2:00 PM

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Andrew Packard obituary
Other lives: Scientist and naturalist who carried out pioneering work on the the way octopuses change colour

Mary Kaldor

19, Sep, 2023 @6:32 PM

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‘4,700 species’: Portsmouth exhibition celebrates HMS Challenger’s deep-sea discoveries
Worlds Beneath the Waves at the National Museum of the Royal Navy marks 150 years since ship’s remarkable circumnavigation

Steven Morris

17, Sep, 2023 @6:18 PM

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‘Monstrous’ sea lice and jellyfish invasions blighting Scottish salmon farms
Vegan charity and its drones reveal that parasites are infesting fish reared for UK supermarkets

Jon Ungoed-Thomas and James Tapper

16, Sep, 2023 @2:46 PM

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Five amazing ocean sites to make the first protected high seas areas
From the Sargasso Sea to the Costa Rica thermal dome, scientists are identifying key diversity hotspots to safeguard under a new UN treaty

Yvonne Gordon

15, Sep, 2023 @9:26 AM

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Britain’s fish populations are in a ‘deeply troubling state’ – report
Species such as mackerel and North Sea cod have been overfished or have reached critically low populations

Karen McVeigh

13, Sep, 2023 @5:00 AM

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Small island nations take high-emitting countries to court to protect the ocean
Countries threatened by rising sea levels are asking a tribunal to decide on responsibility for pollution of the marine environment

Karen McVeigh

10, Sep, 2023 @10:01 PM

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Sponge v comb jellies: which was evolution’s first trailblazer?
New genetic research has reignited the controversy over which type of creature was the first to branch off the evolutionary tree from the common ancestor of all animals

Michael Marshall

09, Sep, 2023 @12:00 PM

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Shrinking fish drive decline in size of animal and plant species, says study
Analysis of thousands of species finds some invertebrates and plants also getting smaller, while others are increasing in body size

Patrick Greenfield

07, Sep, 2023 @6:00 PM

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Mysterious ‘skin-like’ golden orb found on ocean floor off Alaska coast
Scientists analysing DNA of object that could be an egg from an unknown sea creature or a marine sponge

Hannah Devlin Science correspondent

07, Sep, 2023 @11:46 AM

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Pencils with teeth: meet the tiny cookiecutter shark that attacked a catamaran off Cairns
These parasitic sharks glow in the dark and are known to have a go at anything they come across, despite their small size

Henry Belot

07, Sep, 2023 @5:00 AM

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