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Achoo! Sea sponges sneeze to clear their pores, marine experts say
Study suggests waste disposal system of the creatures, which look like little chimneys, is more complex than thought

Nicola Davis Science correspondent

10, Aug, 2022 @3:00 PM

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Record coral cover on parts of Great Barrier Reef, but global heating could jeopardise recovery
Fast-growing species of branching and plate-like corals push cover up but are also the preferred prey for crown-of-thorns starfish

Graham Readfearn

03, Aug, 2022 @5:30 PM

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Southern Water challenged over request to take more water from River Test
Fish populations in the Hampshire chalk stream would be harmed if EA gives drought permit, says Fish Legal

Sandra Laville

02, Aug, 2022 @4:14 PM

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Woman on Florida boat gored by 100lb sailfish that jumped from water
Katherine Perkins, 73, taken to hospital after attack by sailfish, which moved so fast Perkins did not have time to react

Martin Pengelly

25, Jul, 2022 @6:10 PM

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Wild salmon stocks at ‘crisis point’ with lowest on record in England
Government report calls for urgent action including removing barriers in waterways and better water quality

Helena Horton Environment reporter

25, Jul, 2022 @2:18 PM

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Tyre dust: the ‘stealth pollutant’ that’s becoming a huge threat to ocean life
Plastic in the depths: Scientists spent decades on the trail of a mystery toxin killing salmon en masse. A recent breakthrough revealed the culprit

Karen McVeigh

25, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Specieswatch: why the spiky lesser weaver fish is heading north
Climate change has led to the venomous Echiichthys vipera reaching as far as northern Scotland

Paul Brown

06, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Sex on the beach: a beloved California fish wriggles ashore to spawn
Grunion run has fascinated scientists and locals for decades, but their future is threatened by the climate crisis

Katharine Gammon in Santa Monica

03, Jul, 2022 @5:00 AM

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‘White gold’: why shrimp aquaculture is a solution that caused a huge problem
In the 1980s, farmers in Bangladesh went from paddies to ponds, letting salt water flood their land. Now millions are left counting the cost

Stephen Robert Miller in Gabura

30, Jun, 2022 @5:15 AM

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Animals we’ve lost: the 15 carp species that disappeared from a single lake
Just two species of the freshwater fish still exist in the ancient waters of Lake Lanao in the Philippines after predatory fish were accidentally introduced

Yasmin Tayag

29, Jun, 2022 @9:30 AM

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Breeding at age 73: new details of endangered orange roughy’s life cycle prompt calls to limit fishing
Australian fisheries management says there are regional differences and new data only applies to population in New Zealand

Lisa Cox

24, Jun, 2022 @8:00 PM

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Forget Me Not by Sophie Pavelle review – a fan letter to Britain’s unsung species
From overdressed hares to furious falcons … an impassioned study of wildlife under threat that still manages to inspire hope

Amy-Jane Beer

24, Jun, 2022 @6:30 AM

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