COP 15: Copenhagen climate change conference 2009

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UK power stations' electricity output lowest since 1994
Energy efficiency and changing economy cut generation by 1% in 2018 as renewables supplied 33% of electricity

Adam Vaughan

03, Jan, 2019 @12:01 AM

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If we’re to win the climate struggle, we must remain in Europe | Caroline Lucas and John Ashton
Concerted EU diplomacy helped secure a landmark agreement at the Paris climate change summit. We should not leave the field just as the battle is turning

Caroline Lucas and John Ashton

12, Jun, 2016 @3:02 PM

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We print money to bail out banks. Why can’t we do it to solve climate change?
We need an estimated $1tn per year to stay below a global temperature rise of 2C. Creating new money might be the only way to meet this financial challenge

Matthias Kroll

30, Jan, 2016 @10:00 AM

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10 tests to find out if Paris’s climate change deal is a success | Adil Najam
The summit looks set to clinch a most welcome global accord, but here’s a guide to whether it will be meaningful

Adil Najam

07, Dec, 2015 @6:08 PM

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Kevin Rudd: 'Jury is out' on Malcolm Turnbull at Paris climate talks
Talking to Guardian Australia, the former PM reflects on Copenhagen accord and an ‘180-degree’ shift in China’s position on globally binding agreement

Lenore Taylor in Paris

01, Dec, 2015 @9:38 PM

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I’ve seen 21 years of COP failures. Paris needs to deliver action, not talk | Adil Najam
Climate change is having a profound impact on my country, Pakistan, but talk of binding agreements at COP 21 is dismissed as ‘unrealistic’

Adil Najam

30, Nov, 2015 @12:47 PM

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Paris climate summit: the climate circus comes to town | Suzanne Goldenberg
The long read: The soap opera of global climate talks has been playing for 20 years. As it comes to Paris on Monday, Suzanne Goldenberg reviews the tears, the bloodshed and the unspeakable catering

Suzanne Goldenberg

26, Nov, 2015 @12:05 PM

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Yes, the Paris climate change conference can save the planet | Ed Miliband
Earth’s temperature is heading towards its highest for three million years. We must move to zero emissions – and it can be done without closing down our economy

Ed Miliband

22, Nov, 2015 @5:00 PM

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Paris climate talks: ‘Six years on, climate change is killing fish, flooding our fields’
On the eve of the 2009 Copenhagen summit, we reported on families threatened by climate change around the world. Now, as the Paris summit nears, many of their worst fears are being realised

Robin McKie Science editor

22, Nov, 2015 @12:04 AM

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Everything you need to know about the Paris climate summit and UN talks
As UN climate negotiations resume in Bonn, we look at why the crunch Paris climate conference from 30 November to 11 December is so important

Fiona Harvey

20, Nov, 2015 @10:38 AM

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Paris climate summit: 'sprint needed' to secure emissions deal in December
Observers say draft text shows countries close to consensus after Bonn talks to hammer out final details of global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

23, Oct, 2015 @5:42 PM

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The protest movement is failing: it's fighting the same old battles with the same poor results
Activists’ tendency to turn every issue into a fight against government or big business won’t create long term change

Deborah Doane

24, Aug, 2015 @4:17 PM

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